If Pain is Fear Leaving the Body, then I -must- be a Bulletproof Fearless Motherfucker…

Pained Greetings my Droogs.

Some days it jest don’ pay to go to work. 

Tally for the day is as follows:
1) Smashed left hand pinky finger tip.  Nail is all black… prolly gonna lose it long term… (Dropped a wrecking bar on it when…..).  I -might- not lose it tho ’cause I took my knife and cut _under_ the nail a bit to let it bleed…  we’ll see on that.
2) Right Foot, Big Toe… broken when I moved a Piano, and -one- of the wheels either broke off or fell off.  Fucking itty bitty little caster wheel.  Fucker came off, and the Piano rolled off right onto mah feetsies!!!! Thereby causing aforementioned Wrecking Bar to fall and on its way to the floor, smash my pinky finger… Toenail is all black too and -man- does it fuckin’ hurt.  That fucker is def. GONE in the long term.  Ain’t no biggie.  I’ve lost and re-grown more nails than I can remember.

MUCH  lovely screaming to be heard.  Y’all fuckers in Nevada probably heard me.

3) Then to top is off, the oil pump in my Tahoe is shitting the bed.  So much for the first few weeks pay? $1800 to get that done more’n likely.  Got the oil changed yesterday, and this’s because I was having oil pressure issues… been a while since I could afford to get it done, so I figured the sensor was gunked up.  Now?  Not so much.

But hell… On to todays fucking isue (leastways as I calls it)

First World Problems, INDEED!

Yep.  The Gear Grinder for the day is the ad I caught with NGFF as she -tried- to depressurize my kersmashulated Toenail.  They had a bunch of “Whiter that White” Wypeepo saying “I’m a baller!” over and over as they dropped ball-shaped ice cubes into the glasses.
Pardon the Pun but Whiskey Tango Foxtrox?

Have we become so comfortable as a society that a big selling point  of a new refrigerator is that it makes ice BALLS as opposed to ice CUBES?  Or is it that it can make both?  And calling it “craft ice”… you gotta be fucking shitting me.  Tell you what… brilliant piece of marketing if your choice demographic is tattoo sleeved lumberjacked bearded soyboi fucktois in skinny jeans that think a lugnut is a new term for his junk.
I mean HOLY fucking shit… How does one analyse this?  Is this a major step up or down?
I mean from -my- simpleton level moron-itude… well fuck… googling that shit got me this
I didn’t pay that much for my fucking Chevy Tahoe!!!!

……For a fucking fridge.
Grandma Country used tell me about the icebox.  Literally.  Up until the late 30’s early 40’s, she still utilized an icebox that Grandpappy Country used to have to go and get a big honking block o’ ice and keep it loaded with it… they were poor as fuck back then comparatively speaking… WW2 changed that shit.  Grandpappy Country dropped out of school in the 6th grade, and was a Ditch Digger for the City working for the Municipal Water Works… Turned out to be one hell of a gig later in life… between the union, seniority and the eventual respect that old dudes like got, he did pretty good for hisself.  
Now on researching it, seems this thing has dual ice ability… Cube AND Ball…
Now to a pseudo-eeeeeeeeevil white nationalist (by their definition, not mine.  I personally hate Illinois Nazis…. That right there could be used as one HELL of an accusation of a ‘Dog Whistle’ that the libtards love to accuse anyone on the right of…  You could ask a libtard:
“Well… which ice do you use when you have White guests?  Ball or Cubed?”  
with the follow up:
“And your Black Friends/Allies?  Do you serve Cubed or Ball?”
No matter how they answer, hit them with the following accusations… accuse them of white-ice supremacy.  Accuse them of sanctifying white power in the form of using ice and a racial dog whistle.  That even using  ice is Eurocentric, as Africa doesn’t have ice and therefor completely unacceptable, and that they should, in all fairness –give you– their nice $4000 dollar fridge, just to make things copacetic…  If they argue against giving up the fridge, ask them if, in fact they believe in the proper redistribution of money between the haves and have nots, point out that you don’t have such a nice fridge, and that its their duty to help an underprivileged WyPeepo such as yourself, especially since WyPeepo are currently a minority in many areas.
Win-Win for the Win, if I do say so myself… make smoke come out of their ears… hit them where they can’t defend from.. the logic center… 
Even better if you can pull this off AND are a member of a minority… like if yer black… just saying….
More Later… Jeopardy is on, and I need some tiger balm, beer and relaxation on the couch…
Until then, Keep the Ice Cold (and preferably in normal shapes)
Big Country

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