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Looking around, outside of a few mentions mostly on Fox News, it’s fucking *crickets* about the Mass Murder of Grannies and Kids at a Christmas Parade.  We know that we got 5 dead so far and 40 injured, out of that 40?  18 little kids, 10 of which who’re in Intensive Care

Annnd I called it last night… the nigger in question?
Oh what a sweetheart dis fukkin’ guy is…
“A background check from Wisconsin’s Department of Justice came back with over 50 pages of charges against Brooks stretching back decades.”


He’s a Class Two convicted Pedophile in Nevada.
Plus, he pure hates Whypeepo as shown by his numerous poastings which, BTW are being scrubbed as fast as they can be found by the oh-so-helpful Social media so as to try and provide cover for this fuck.

Add on they haven’t as of yet announced the KIA’d in this incident as I got a hunch that’s only going to incense motherfuckers further into “lynch mob mode” ‘cos a LOT of the pictures I saw of the aftermath?

Lots of lil kid carriers and broken carriages
Like lil lil kids…
Tell ya, there’s only one way to see a guy like this:

Look into the camera fucker.
Smile IF you see the flash.
Any arguments?  Nope?
Didn’t think so.

But even then, the evil haters out there are trying to make excuses for this fuck.
Talking about how he was ‘running from another “situation” which is why he blazed into a crowd of “Dancing Grannies and Kids”… fleeing a stabbing is what the RUMINT is… as if that excuses it at all.  My guess is they’ll spin it that some eeee-vil whypeepo superpreemiecyst was chasing him, and the Poor Dindu Nuffin was fleeing for his life… Any bets?

Nope, I ain’t doin’ no sucker bets here Aye.
Glen Filthie put it pretty well today:

America has a nigger problem.

But don’t let me get in the way of the candle light vigils, the teddy bears,and the hordes of brain dead virtue signalling shitlibs and their thoughts and prayers.
But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, dontchya know!!!
Those kids in the parade were probably all racists.

So there!!!


Got the issue in one there Glen…
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. With no “Evil Black Rifle involved, this will be Easy for the (((media))) to Dismiss and Ignore, particularly since it was done by one of (((their))) beloved Pavement Apes.

  2. And yet, some still wonder why we have “blackexhaustion”. It can’t be because we’re tired of their shit, their whining, their crying, their undeserved ‘equal opportunity’ (which is libtard code for “lower standards because they’re ignorant”), their failed efforts at even trying to assimilate into normal society…
    Nope, it’s because we’re all waaayyycist ‘n shee-it. Right, sure it is. Mom said it best – ” you try and offer them a hand up, and they want to pull you down to their level”.
    nah, nuck figgers.

  3. Commies are subhuman vermin unworthy of the gift of life.
    Take them out with axe, gun, knife.
    We will bathe in their blood and have their eyeless severed heads on mile makers to discourage the rest.

    1. When will (the just want to be left alone) get their George Soros to fund the cleansing missions of the silent few that we can call the “Deep Stake” to go around taking care of business and running heads up on pikes? Hhhmmmmm, sounds like a good book….

  4. Beware the fury of patient men. They know this to be true. And they will continue to taunt and try to rub our noses in their shit.

    Before long, I hope there will be a reckoning. We have all had enough of the scumbags running loose among decent citizens.

  5. DuPage County, Il. Democrat spokes person, claimed the attack was karma for the Rittenhouse verdict. She has since resigned. But she continues to claim the attack was just. They’re not Democrats. They are in fact communists. Act appropriately.

    1. Eight year old boy who was marching with his little league team died in the hospital.
      That Du Page county Dem….err Marxist better hope that there’s no such thing as Kharma. Because if there is, she’s going to be catching it sooner rather than later.

  6. can you only imagine the non-stop screaming from CNN if the color of the folks involved was reversed? If some white man ran over a BLM parade, they would never stop beating people with it, but this doesn’t merit their attention, “white children deserve to die, because raycissm…”

    Shows the news isn’t about news, doesn’t it?

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