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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
O…..K…… between yesterday and today more the same.  Teh Intarwhebz went completely ballista-shit-fit, what with Fecesbook and all the other attention whoring stupid sites crashing and burning.  Now, that being said, I went on downdetector dot com and found that yesterday, it wasn’t just the social media sites, but like everything everywhere.  Not only that, but it’s ongoing it would seem…

Hmmn.  Lots of speculation as it was Europe and the US that bore the brunt of it.  And yesterdays cascade reminded me of ‘worm’ attacks.  Each major hit went in sequence in groups… like in the above chart I snipped, Xfinity, quickly followed by Fox News and then Cox… like mere minutes apart… and that’s today!

Please please please let this be the Beginning of the End.

I so want whatever “The Plan” these morons have be implemented so that we can just get back to whatever the new normal is going to be.  Be it “Mad Max” “Escape From New York” or something akin to “Alas Babylon”… hell even “Blade Runner”… cyberpunk would be cool but I just want whatever the hell it is to come before I’m in a wheelchair.  

I mean I think that’s the general feeling everywhere.  

It’s like holding your breath for a really long time.  Starts off ok, but then the pressure and need to breath increases exponentially, until you either pass out or exhale violently and panic-inhale…  I feel like we’re at the blue-in-the-face stage… been holding it a while, but not -quite- there yet.  

Like just get it over with already.  Not like there’s that much more that the people who’re initiating alllll dis here bullshit need to have:

They have all the power 
They have all the monies
They have all the everything(s)

What more do they want?  What more do they need?  They’re insane, we know that… that might be the whole issue too.  Sadists and Insane.  Probably want to keep toying with us like a cat does a mouse.  They enjoy the feeling of absolute power.  It’s the first taste of it for a lot of them.  Dictatorial bullshit and we’ve seen the Tyranny grow because of their newly-discovered Power.  People like Oberfuhrer Whitmer.  A governor of a mid-size, relatively unimportant state, she’s been one of the biggest Power-Mad cunts out there.  To the point that the politically weaponized FBI pretty much made up a plot to ‘kidnap’ her out of whole cloth, and it was believed because she’s sooooooooo fucking despised, even by the normies.  No wonder the DotFeds were able to gin up a bogus plot.

I swear, I’m even beginning to believe that the DotFeds are bankrolling the recent rash o’Trolls that’ve been around here and Phil’s place.  Time will tell on that one Aye.  At this point. without the FBI, there’d be zero domestic terrorism in the country.  And that’s provable in real time.

So, today I’m in training again.
Whooo boy…. dis fuckin guy who’s leading the training… every single sentence he ends with a little >coff<  “The infrastructure will be completed on Thursday. >coff<”  “All supervisors need to insure full accountability >coff<“

Like dat.
So I’m gutting it out.  I’ll be back as we go
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Soo.
    I suspect this whole thing is a major depopulation operation, and it’s world wide, wherever the injected are.
    Killing off the CD 8 T Cells means that latent illnesses that the T Cells is defending against will come to the fore front.
    The timeline of the deaths will depend on what a person’s latent issues are, and they may have more than one; and depending on when the first jabs were given, and any boosters were given. Eventually it will become too obvious to hide.

    The injection is also a way to disable the injected, so that they are too sick to burn it all down on the way out.
    But they are afraid that there’s going to be too many uninjecteds, which is why they are going so hyperbolic and totalitarian.

  2. Id say a little bit of prepping the battlespace, maybe a probing attack for the big one come late fall.

    I never was a glass half-full kinda guy, Stockdale was right, optimism kills. Im seeing that all around me, steer clear of those people. But, a string of recent life events along with this shitshow plandemic, reset, 4th turning whatever, have me taking stock. My dog that helped me through PTSD has cancer and aint making it through the week. My Son in the USAF was forced to get jabbed, outcome too early to tell. My girlfriend, working for a major airline was forced to get the killshot and now has breast cancer six months later. I have relatives stroking out weekly due to micro-clots and soon likely dropping like flies. The kicker is they are all getting boosters. Fuck fixing stupid aye? My Daughter former-USAF now a mil spouse is being harassed, harangued and being verbally abused by staff, military and other Karen-type, love every vax spouse at daycare, cause she needs on-base daycare to go to school and they wont stop fucking with her cause she wont vax my grandbaby, and shes about ready to crack and give in. Dealing with the VA and the gov on any issue is a daily fucking stressor that literally raises my blood pressure to hypertensive levels, I test twice a day and it aint getting better. Fucking injuries get more painful everyday, now a 20 minute walk is like a 10k timed ruck in a thunderstorm, 100# pack and full kit, with bleeding feet, over gravel terrain. The TPTB literally steal the joy out of every minute of everyday with everything and lie that they are doing it like everything else they are doing. No sympathy here, just resolution and starting to feel unencumbered so to speak. So, as the things in life that matter get whittled down to nothing, nothing seems soon will matter much, but the future becomes more clear. yep BC you’re spot on again. You get one chip in life, spend it wisely. lets just get this party fucking started already so I can go in peace, one way or another.

  3. BCE, hearing from sources that Larry Vickers was raided by BATF, had his entire firearm collection seized, worth well into seven digits. I wonder if you have heard anything.

  4. If half the population become the shuffling sick masses I’ll be able to walk around with a flammenwerfer disguised as an oxygen pack much easier and I can wear a mask while stalking… Gotta go build some ag tools, catch up with ya’ll later.

  5. J. Smith, I’ve seen the same. Both parents got the clot shots, and one suffered a stroke within a month or two post injection. Of course they refuse to see what caused it, as there’s zero history of stroke on either side of my family. Most lived until becoming ancient and succumbed to minor illnesses on top of heart or cancer issues. Not surprising when you’re 80+ I suppose. But a stroke in mid 60s, that’s not normal. I’ve declined to participate in said science project, although the VA does like to bother me about it via emails and texts. Sorry you’re dealing with so many tough situations at once, stay strong, you’ve got this.

  6. It was weird insofar as the 4G master control center didn’t turn off South Yeehaw Junction yesterday. It was running normally at 300 baud on ARPAnet when necessary.

    And, yeah…feel it…I’m getting pretty tired of just messing up the wet morning paint on the long steel.

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