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Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes
On loonch break right now… I hate this mid-shift shit to a point… the 10:30 start fucks me ALL up as I want to sleep in, but I can but I can’t.  Waking up isn’t my strong point.  I’m a corpse until the caffeine kicks in, both in pill form and coffee.

 So I’m on the phone today with a nice older lady, and we’re chatting.  She’s in New Yawk, apparently this’s the hell-queue that I work in, as the majority of calls seem to be from there.  As in 80% of the bitches, complaints and general fuckery of all flavors comes from there.  In fact, methinks I’ll start charting it.  Gonna be interesting.  I’ll KISS it  Keep it simple stupid.  Location, general issue and ethnicity (provided its obvious).  Should make for an interesting read later.

So anywho, back to the point.  So NOL (Nice Old Lady) starts asking me where I am, how is shit going on here?  Whats up with COVID and all the other usual questions.

I tell her honestly.  Shit’s done.  Everything is almost back to normal, for the definitions of normal these days.  Don’t believe the hype.  All that normal stuff.  She got really quiet.  Started whispering actually… I had just finished telling her that I felt that hey, it’s up to the individual, not the state to tell us how to live.  Kept it very nonpolitical (as the calls are recorded) but enuff Libertarian-ism to get the point across…. she starts whispering tio me “I feel the same way but I can’t say anything!”

Say fucking what?

So I kinda dick-danced around her… and I get this:  seems that she was calling from the office and her fellow employees apparently are good little Nazis and Alles in Ordnung!  Seig fuckin’ Heil Obergruppenfuhrer DeBlasio!!!!

Apparently, being ‘out of step’ is against the flow and not socially acceptable.  She didn’t say it, but methinks how she was whispering like she was confessing some deep dark secret that her job might have been at risk to utter such asocial mutterings.

I mean Jesus Fucking Christ on a Pogo Stick.  What the fuck is going on here?  She told me how the Standartenfuhrer of Joisy just hyper-extended the saaaaaaafety lockdown for another 30 days…

Got me a hunch some these mo’fo’s ain’t gonna learn a lesson or two until someone takes a serious shot at them  Preferably with a Barrett .50 Cal.  A nice SLAP round’ll do it… lightly armored Limos ain’t nuthin’ but a thing for one of those bad boys…

Yep.  Commercially available at $50 a round…
Hee Hee… a couple of those thru ye olde “Bulletproof” limo would cause many a pair of shorts to “brown the fuck down” LOL!
Lunch is over, back to work… More Later til then, I’m the I.R.
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