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Couple of questions popped up in the comments from the bigcountryexat dot com website, which is the secondary to the blogspot sight. I still haven’t gotten a handle on the design, and I really need to get a full day, sit down and focus on getting it to work mo’ bettera.

That being said, one of said questions was “just curious, is the next phase of this communist takeover going to be the deliberate exfiltration of military hardware to BLM and antifa?”  

Now, as far as exfil of US DotMil equipment?  Tough call.  For the most part, the amount of security involved with the storage, accountability and issuance of weapons, kaboom-boom, and shit that makes hurty stuff is really hard to work around. 

Your basic US DotMil Arms room is really fucking secure.

AND on top of it, literally there are maybe 3 people per unit that have ‘anytime/anywhere’ access.  This keeps the list of who gets in, when they get in, and then, depending on the time that the Arms Room gets opened, it gets inventoried.  Oh how does it get inventoried.  I have literally counted hundreds of thousands of weapons in my time.  It’s really hard to nigh impossible to steal something out of an Arms Room.  Maybe “back in the day” pre-computer tracking, back when the alarm systems were locally wired and didn’t have individual codes and whatnot, never mind some of the newer shit with biometrics.  They know -who- unlocked the Arms Room, -when- it was unlocked, and on the latest and greatest, even the small cages are monitored, making a record when a rifle is pulled from the fucking rack, and when it gets put back. VERY high speed/lo-drag.

Nah… odds of shit like that getting loose is going to come from the ferals snatching it from NG Joe with no mags nor live rounds.  I’m of the “Southern Comfort” school of reserve/ng defense.  Great movie… Divemedic mentioned it in a comment… I’m like uh yeah, totally loved that flick.  For those who don’t know, check it out.  Powers Booth and one of the Carradines in it… Bunch of Reservists in the Bayou of Louisiana piss off the local Cajuns bad enough that they locals start hunting them down and killing them, and the only live rounds they have with them are those that Powers Booth had with him out of being a Nam Vet and overcautious.

Nope, I’d personally say that it’s going to be the ChiComs, who’ve already been infiltrating and pre-po-ing the shit for years.  Leland Yin Yee, of Joe Chink extraction, did 5 years for Arms Trafficking … seems he bought and sold guns that he got from the Muj in the Philippines, and sold them to gangs in L.A.  Leastways thats the official story.  Color me highly sceptical that that’s the real deal.  Joe Chink Yee, Chinkfestivus Maximus, dealing with the Muj?

Nope.  “Anything you say, can and will be doubted in perpetuity” due to you fucking corrupt Fibbies being such unbelievably corrupted pieces of rotten rhinoceros shit.  In fact, my apolly-olly-geez to the Rhinos, they can’t help how foul their scat is, whereas the Federal Bowel Incompetents knowingly and willingly suck more than a $2 whore at a US Navy Port Call in 1954… Black Holes don’t suck near as hard as a Fibbie, hence “Fib” as in “To Lie”.

Yeppers… I’d suggest that the other comment about Prepositioned equipment can’t be far from the truth.  Lord know we had shit stashed ALL over Germany back during the Cold War.  And Poland for that matter, as well as a few other places.  One of my bros from Iraq was in SF in the late 70’s/early 80’s and was actually trained on those W54 Air Jumpable (supposedly) Special Atomic Demolition Weapons (SADM). 

He jumped it once, a near-exact weight simulator, not a live round of course… said it was like jumping with a full garbage can on his gear…  Needles to say, I heard… rumors… when I was stationed in Germany in the early 90’s that there were pre-po sites allllll over the place that the Army had just plain lost track of and were ‘out there’… nothing about lost nukes though… THAT was Ivan’s issue… unofficially, they still got some missing pre-po’d ‘suitcase nukes’ unaccounted for from Former East Germany and the Former Czechoslovakia… never mind the current rumors of the Ukrainians having some leftovers that Ivan missed when he bailed…

So yeah, do I think that Joe Chick has ‘party favors’ stashed far and wide?

Sure do.

I mean what with how many tens of thousands of unaccounted, unopened, uninspected 40 Foot Shipping containers coming in-country daily?  Roughly 19,000 a day according to Da Google.  And inspections?  Very Very Very few.  In fact the dogs are trained to be sniffing for drugs for the most part, not guns and ammo.  How hard really would it be for Joe Chink to have one or two deposited in a secure area, in every. single. major. city in the United States, until they decide to hand out the “fun stuff?”

Trust me, a 40 Connex can hold a Metric Fuckton of weapons and ammunition.  First hand experience there again Aye.
So, that being said,  watch for AKs and ‘other things’  Joe Chink Yee, at the beginning of the investigation (now scrubbed from the web) was actually parceling out grenades and RPGs from initial reports.  Don’t know for sure, but, like I said before… I’ve heard… things… from law enforcement and ‘other sources’ that some of the Bangers out there are hardcore armed… who’s calling the shots tho? 

Not sure, but you can bet it’ll get bloody fast.  Hence why I’m taking out a new line of credit.  Looking at a Nice Rifle to add to the collection, and my thoughts are not IF but WHEN the economy collapses, that thing will be a nice addition to the family.  I just need more team members.  I have enough gear, I just lack people I can trust that are local.  Oh well… we shall see Aye?  Any suggestions for the new bang-stick?  I’m thinking M1A.  I have a real hankering for the 7.62 rifles these days… and shit, I’ve earned it.  

Let me know what ya think.
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  1. Hey, I heard those same rumors about Germany.
    I forget where I read it, but I had a book at one point about how we prepped a lot of stay-behind caches and strategic infrastructure traps, like dams with nuclear demolitions underneath them so we could itsy bitsy spider the Russkies away.

    I’ve met a couple East Germans and Russians over the years who told stories about how easy it was to get machine guns and grenades after the war. The East German guy said it used to be you could go under any bridge in Germany and find tons of stuff left over from the war. The Russian guy told me he used to have fun blazing away with a PPSH41 he and his friends found in their apartment block basement.

    I’ve also met a few people over the years who had access to a variety of crazy illegal weapons. There’s tons of the stuff floating around if you know the right people. The remarkable part is how rarely that stuff is actually used.

    While I agree with you the arms room is not a pushover, it sure is an attractive target for people with placement and access. I remember there was a bust at Fort Bragg back in the 90s when a couple guys tried to sell an FBI agent an artillery piece and some other stuff. That’s a bit more creative than the usual pilfering. My arms room once magically lost a case of scopes. They threatened us, tossed the barracks, and put out amnesty boxes, but those scopes never materialized.

    After reading Thomas Chittum’s CW2, I can imagine at some point, the Nasty Guard armories, statie barracks, and police stations are going to be emptied, putting a mountain of hardware out on the streets. Look at Albania in 1997. One weekend the economy collapses and everyone collectively empties out the army bases of everything.

    And I don’t believe the records are 100% accurate, either. I met a guy at DRMO once who bragged his buddy at another base had squirreled away enough parts to build himself a functional 30mm cannon.

    I heard another story once about a unit with a crashed helo. When they totaled up all the gear reported lost on the bird, it collectively weighed more than the helo could physically lift.

    Those are all anecdotal, I know, but from personal experience, I know Big Army is terrible at maintaining control of their toys and ammo. At one of my FOBs in Iraq, they found an unlocked abandoned conex filled with ammo and ordnance. A departing unit abandoned it. The MPs didn’t know for sure how long it had been left there, when it was unlocked, and what might have been taken.

    The transit tents for outgoing soldiers became a real mess with lots of abandoned ammo and other toys left behind, often tossed under the bunks. I don’t know how that was possible-I thought my unit’s strict approach was more or less universal, but we had a huge problem with others leaving all sorts of ammo and toys lying around where locals and TCNs could get them.

    The base had amnesty boxes out, too, but they never actually checked the boxes, which were unlocked, and we had a concern the locals might be stealing the stuff from us to use against us. When the guards did random exit checks, the exit road would be littered with abandoned stolen items.

    All that aside, you paint a scary picture with our unarmed NGs getting jacked for their guns by thugs who aren’t afraid of dudes in uniforms with no ammo. If we’re on the cusp of a Summer of Rage, how many NG troops are likely to go AWOL when it becomes obvious they’re being sacrificed for PC?

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I am not wanting 2b a Pollyanna butt tossing undialed kit to undialed shitbirds isnt real hi on my koncern lyst. Halfing introdueced enuff norms to steel pipe lead projectors, partuv me beleaves a gud porshun uv them wood just nd them selves and fellow travelers.

    The consurn r them marx bois in and from our own ranks. I have met and nown sum of Dems. One such EOD boom boom expert with 8 in out of Catania and lotsa work outside the wire in hawt places in the dark.

  3. The M1A seems to be priced for collectors and people who shoot in competition matches.
    For what I think your intended purposes are, Instead of an M1A, I think you would be better served by getting a FN FAL pattern rifle like the The DSA SA-58.
    Here’s a couple of cool YouTube video for you to watch by Garand Thumb, that I think will cause you to consider the DS Arms SA-58.
    DS Arms SA58 FAL Rifles:
    Of course you will have to stock up on NATO 7.62×51, but my view is that if you are going to be defending you and yours against invading Chinese military or hordes of gang-bangers armed with ChiCom weapons, a more modern 7.62 platform, with the appropriate scopes and magazines and ammo would be better suited to meet that challenge.

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and have found it entertaining! I also like to follow Michael Yon and he has been saying that we are in for a HOT summer of turbulence even going into 2022. There is a weird vibe, feeling that so many have about things just being wrong. I think your point about the Chi-Com equipment coming into country is a good one. I think from a SIGINT point, this should be an outlier that shit is going to get hairy soon.

    A new tack driver is good idea. The 7.62 is hard hitting, the M1A is solid, may want to check out the PTR rifles. I do prefer the latter due to the amount of parts/gear available due to the current deluge of CETME parts/gear.

    Stay frosty!

  5. Lee Child wrote a book (Night School) about those mini-nukes lost in Germany and a dude selling them to Haji… I thought it was pure fiction, guess it’s not “inconceivable” after all.

  6. Good comments all, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Think about feeding the new toy… no point getting a Barret if you can’t find any BMG. I’ve been looking at some of the newer carbines in pistol chambers lately. Be fun to accidentally FA one of those once fertlizer oscilation commences.

  7. Not an expert but, you may be interested in looking into some of the tools produced by the guys over at Interfor. They’re out of Houston and put out some pretty nifty stuff. Not too pricey either (for the quality anyway).

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