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Uncle Sugar Gives, and Uncle Sugar Taketh Away.  By now, y’all have heard that the majority of tax returns are getting double-special oversight by the IRS for -whatever- reason.  Mine, I did my taxes (painfully) back on the day that I got my last form from my employers.  The return was for a small amount, which I’ll mention because it’s pertinent.  I was supposed to get $522 back.  And I waited. 
And Waited
And Waited
Still Waiting
Then, the news talked about the double-secret probation hand-jamming that the fucking Vultures were doing, and I was all like ‘fuckin’ great.’  Nothing went on until yesterday.

Where I got a thick envelope in the mail from said-Vultures.


Nothing quite matches that sinking feeling when you get a thick envelope with a return Addy of the IRS… I got in and of course, opened it.  Seems I got hit with a bill.  $78 to be exact.  Which really irks the shit out of me.  The excuses were as such (which make no sense to me)

None of this makes sense.  I have no dependents.Essentially, they’re saying that I owe $78 because they didn’t take out enough of the tax.  Payments was $2072… total tax was $2150… OK… $78

But what happened to the $522 that they owed me?

Completely at a loss here.  Add on they also recently had a ‘review’ of my VA Compensation, and decided that because there was a two-year gap in my marital status, that they took my marriage bennie away.  That’s $150 monthly I’m down now…

Now, Maybe you smarter folks out there can figure it out, but I noticed that the $522, and the $78?  That’s a single stimulus payment… the $600 they sent me… are they now saying that wasn’t a freebie?  I don’t remember that being part of the deal?  Maybe it is, maybe it ain’t?  Maybe one of you geniuses out there can figure it out for me, as it’s all fucked up.  As far as I knew, the stimulus was free cash… does that mean that next year I’m going to ‘owe’ them the money they ‘fronted’ to me? 

If so, I would have never cashed those checks

I wonder how many people are having the same issues?  I’m just gonna pay it, as it’s the safer way to go… even though it is a bite that was unexpected, and the $522 I was hoping/counting on?  Dust in the wind apparently…Let me know… 
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  1. I filed my taxes early as usual, this year on March 5th. I normally have my refund direct deposited in about a week. Nothing as of yet. According to my H & R Block Taxcut computer program, the IRS changed the rules a week after I filed. My wife collected COVID unemployment, and the IRS decided to exempt the first $10,200 of unemployment. That skewed our adjusted gross income, and also fucked up my state return. According to H & R Block, I don’t do anything but wait for my larger refund from the IRS because they will correct it automatically. For the state I had to file an amended return. Originally we owed the state $311, but instead we got a refund of $542, and the check is sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be deposited.

  2. Take a second look at the tax form you sent and the instructions. In essence, do it over and see if you get the same result. When I did my taxes, married filing jointly, I had received neither of the first two stimulus checks and my wife had received only one. Usually I owe money every year. But, closely following the instructions, I was able to deduct the non paid stimmy money from tax owed and ended up with a refund. There was no instruction or line on the form to add any stimulus received to our income. In other words, sounds like one of the IRS “diversity hires” who probably can’t do simple math fucked up. You may have to send a letter back with a copy of your tax form refuting each item of their letter and highlighting the pertinent parts of the tax form. As for miscalculating, have a separate sheet showing your work. Had to go thru something like this myself. Took several letters over a year and when they threatened to add penalties, etc. , I filed a taxpayer abuse complaint. Then the issue got fixed fast.

  3. It ain’t just these 2020 returns they are hitting hard. I got hammered for over $7,000.00 in back taxes, interest, and penalties for a perceived error on my 2018 return. This intense scrutiny is just the beginning of the commie leviathan that is growing.

  4. My advice – don’t pay yet. Both your Congressman and your Senator have staff that work with each government agency to help their constituents navigate the gigantic government. These staffers have special liaisons in each agency, whose sole job is to help fix the their constituents problems. IRS, VA, Medicare. OPM etc., your elected official’s staff can assist you. If nothing else they can figure out what the hell your thick envelope of documents actually said! Call one of the branch offices closest to you and open a case. I was one of these staffers for years and I really did help lot’s of people cut through the govt. bs and solve their problems! That’s what the staff is paid to do – constituent service.

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