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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
We’re definitely in the end zone of Empire.  Without too much info, you all know I’m working a what was a new gig… amazing I’m now six months in… the mind boggles.  The gig is working from home, doing what nominally would be a “Dilbert’s World Gig”

Now, I -used to be- “The Boss”.  Meaning I was the guy in charge as a supervisor of between 30-50 phone monkeys, doing the inbound/outbound calls in a call center.  Now for any of you who’ve ever worked in a call center, it’s a load of shit for the most part.  Actual measurable production is done by a set of ‘performance metrics’, i.e. numbers numbers numbers.  It was all a game.  I was damned good at it too.  My motivation was off the chain, using the attitude I learned in the Army.  Hyped and said and did shit that really bugged the ‘normies’ on the rest of the supervisory team.  My manager, thank GOD was a retired Airborne (82nd) Lt Colonel who thought I was the coolest thing he’d ever come across.  He was one of the greatest bosses I ever had.
Man… if I’d ever hooked up with him on active duty?  He’d either be a General with me as his SMJ, or we’d both eb in Leavenworth.  50/50 on either.  He’s the only reason I stayed gainfully employed.  Gave me a lot of shielding.  So, back to the point. 
I’m now on the phones again, ‘cept from “Fort Livingroom”.  Pay is so-so.  As they say:

And it’s obvious that everyone is pretending.I’ve uncovered so much malfeasance, laziness, and laissez faire attitudes…It’s not a “If” we lose the contract, it’s a “When”And that’s giving me heartburn like a motherfucker.I like this jobIt was a bitch to findAnd the way things are nowadays?

Back in the days of Dilbert’s World, it was hard enough to keep the workers on track and actually working.  Most of the time they did OK, but still, I had to stay up on them, and make sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing.  Work ethics these days sure ain’t what DeadDad taught me though, that’s for damned sure.
Now that everyone works from home?  Hoo boy.  Yeah, productivity IS up.  The numbers show that, but the ‘give a fucks’ is minimal.  They approach seems to be ‘do the bare minimum and to hell with the downrange consequences.’  Really bugs me because I know exactly what needs to be done, what proper pressures need to be brought to bear, and just how many heads we need to remove to set a proper example, but no on else seems to give a shit.

<Le Sigh>

So, I keep trying to keep my head on my shoulders and not have it blow off while I keep doing my best… well actually NOT my best.  It’s bad enough that I know more than 90% of the Managerial Staff, as having been in their positions or better, I’m trying to keep my head down.  Especially since ALL of the managerial team are ALL teh wimmezs and or minorities.  Like ALL chicks and Blacks.  I walk a very fine line to make sure I don’t come off as knowing more than them, which grinds my gears because when they open their mouths during Zoom Chats (I keep my camera off, “Sorry, shit’s broke man!” so they can’t see my face… ) and the stupid comes flowing out, or, even worse… flat out lies, I still keep my job.  It’s sacry as hell that my personal minimum exceeds almost all of my peers and my bosses.  And that’s a big part of it.

During a Town Hall meeting they did the obligatory Q&A.  I asked some really good questions that were highly pointed, and asked about deficient productivity in one department, and what was the plan on rectifying it, as it was affecting both the primary (our Bosses who hired us to do the work), our Customers, as well as the Subcontractors, who we utilize to provide the service to the customers?

The Director of the entire project came up on the line, blew “Happy Smoke” stating that they were unaware of any deficiencies, that the satisfaction rate in the department I had questions about was above standard, and that more than likely, it was failure on the part of our Subcontractors themselves that was the cause of the issue.  Which, in grunt speak was he blew off the fact that OUR contracting team sucks rotten donkey cocks, and is failing on multiple levels, so he blamed the Subs for the issue, saying it was obviously their fault and that our people were blameless.  He then abruptly as fuck ended the call, and -suddenly- I got transferred to another department where my exposure to the fuckups was/is minimal.

So HE thinks

Fucker don’t know who he’s playing with.  See, I may be a Grunt, but I know bureaucratic and Human Resources knife-fighting.  I kept a track on ALL the cases that I found where it was blatantly OUR fault that shit went sideways.  ALL relevant info. Like 19 fucking pages worth of fuckups.  And then, the transfer?

Hoo Boy

I thought our department was fucked up?  This one I’m working in now is even worse.  And yeah, I’m keeping notes.  Lots of notes.  problem is, in my case I’m a ‘bottom feeder’.. low level Grunt.  Mind you, a Grunt with a LOT of leadership experiences, but man, trying to find someone to hear me?  Fat chance.  There’s an Ethics Line that the company has, but somehow I doubt it’s worth it.

Sort of like our Government.  Ain’t no “Redress for Grievances” Ain’t no way to get any real justice… I mean the Courts are there, and they Pretend to administer “Justice”…  Eventually it becomes so blatant, so in-your-face obvious that no one longer gives a shit

A society like that cannot stand.
Much like my company.  What kills me is when the wheels come off, the Upper Levels of Management, who’ve been keeping themselves so ‘willfully ignorant’ of the actual situation are going to be ‘shocked, stunned, and bewildered’ as to how and why this shit came apart.  Then they’ll move on, like the fucking destructive Corporate Locusts they are, and land a similar job, and the same or better pay rate, leaving us proles to get fucked in the ass per usual.

Much like Politicians Aye?
Things to ponder.
Stupid needs to be punished. 
Willful Stupidity should be punished and hurt
It’s almost time to ‘bring the pain’
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Lay low Biggie. Work on the beast from the inside. They’re already watching you. You’re no good to the resistance if you’re broke and unemployed. Keep your eyes and ears open, cover your 6 like you’re doing, and bide your time. Whites of their eyes, and all that. No point being the first to take a musket ball.

  2. I worked at a call center around 07-08 ish. I was a college dropout.
    The company was called APAC
    I worked under the Verizon program. I was pretty good with the user interface for accounts and with customers.
    We would get “coached” from time to time.. that shit drove me nuts… we would improve on what they “say” we were lacking, then they would move the goal post. Basically making it impossible to gain any hourly bonus.

    I was there for ten months until we were all layed off due to “consolidation “ – We at least had a month long warning…

    After that I gave thousand upon thousands of dollars in credits to customers. I didn’t care. I was pissed.
    Before it ended, I’m not proud of this but I also low-key trolled my bitch of an ex, (yeah, I WAS that guy for a slight bit in my early 20s-) via resetting her voicemail passcode- changing her number once- same for her mother- same ex left behind a book of passwords for literally every account… I could have gone to jail for all of it. It’s been well over 7 years so no harm talking about it. I’m in my late 30s now. Not AS dumb.

    Luckily I finally got some poontang after a buck cherry concert shortly after all that and moved on.
    Nothing like a lil weed, alcohol, and pussy to change your opinion on life. My late 20s turned into a party.

    Now- I drive a specialized flatbed semi truck around the country hauling cool shit. Best thing – it gives yourself time to think of your own faults to improve one’s self.

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