It’s Coming

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes!

NOW all the AntiFa losers are all freaking out about “fed intervention” and “being snatched off the streets” and whatnot…  Calling Trump a Fascist/Nazi yadda yadda yadda…  To the point these clueless fucktarded Mayors are -demanding- that the feds leave their cities…
“Terror Tactics?”
What the fuck are these people smoking?
Tell you what… the cluelessness…
Because people on the Right…
The sane people in this Country…
They ain’t gonna let this shit keep going.
Just Because they’ve (the Leftist Politicians) have gotten away with allowing these spoiled fucking un-spanked morons running around burning and looting and being general assholes so far seems to have them thinking that we’re going to keep letting them be assholes.
Nuh-uh.  Not much longer.  I’m relatively even-tempered.  When you start infuriating people who are deeply religious, or people with a strong moral center, yer bringing a group of people to the dance, who if THEY decide yer the immoral/godless ones, they you got problems.  You done pissed off the people who, if and when they decide yer ‘Against God’, then they’ll decide to go after you fanatically.

Ask those of us who fought the Muj how fanatics fight.
And yet, you and your Leftist “Parlor Pinks” as they’d have been called in the 40’s,  y’all have been going after the Catholic Church.
Those are the people who did the Crusades you historically ignorant fuckwits!
Keep it up.
You removed God from the Schools…
You removed God from the Town Halls and Civic Arena…
You removed Public Prayer…
You compromised the ‘other’ Churches, and made them ‘Woke’…
You diluted the One True Word, and replaced it with pablum…
You stopped Church Services under questionable circumstances…
You’ve now encouraged Blaspheme and Attacks on sanctuary of the Catholic Church….
You done fucked up.

And no, it’s not going to be the Priests, the Bishops, the Cardinals, not even that Proto-Commie Woke Pope Pretender… it’s going to be the people themselves who start getting angry.  It’s going to be the Elder of the Church, the Lay-Priest…
THOSE are the ones who’re going to decide that “turning the other cheek” is for the fuckwit woke morons, and that it’s time to reverse course vis-a-vis swords and plowshares.  Time to rise up, and go Old Testament mode…  
I, personally, ascribe to no particular religion… my Grandpappy put it best when he said of Organized Religion, was “that it started when the first conman met the first fool.”
Hell, I got my Masters in Comparative Religion and a Doctorate of Divinity… The Right Reverend (if I so choose) Big Country.  I find the study of it to be interesting in that it was/is the foundation of our society at all levels… leastways the foundation of the Civilized Society…
More later, I’ma have a drink or ten.
I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. It won’t be pretty when us people that just want to be left alone, get drawn into this horse crap, and it’s getting closer every day. Seems we agree on organized religion, but I get in trouble for calling them needy. They needy you to donate your time, they needy you to donate your money, but when you run out of time and money and your needy, they don’t needy you anymore. Time of reckoning is coming, keep your powder dry and your head on a swivel.

  2. The only thing that keeps society together is a fear of judgment in this life and the next.

    The retards have gone whole-hog on telling everyone that the only life is the one you got now, and proven there's no way you're gonna get a fair judgment by their Commie-in-a-Robe.

    What the fuck they think's gonna happen when a bunch of people that shoot shit for fun are backed into a corner?

    Beg for forgiveness?

  3. Going medieval on their asses… oh what fun we can have! I say bring back Iron Maidens, stretching racks and all sorts of contraptions.

  4. Brings to mind some sage advise from good ol' Mike Vanderboegh's Grandfather…"Son, let me explain something to you. You don't poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless you want your balls ripped off." — Grandpa Vanderboegh's Rule of Life #32.

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