Its going to be Ugly

Morning to all the fine folks out there in I.R. Land.  Been doing the early morning thing today (as in I got my lazy carcass out of the fartsack before 9AM thanks to the NGFF.

Couldn’t stop myself… she made breakfast and coffee… which ’round this place is a rarity.  -I’m- the designated cook up in this bitch, mainly because as much as I dig her, her cooking skills are for the shit… not the shit… just…. shit.

Its a damned shame.  She tries really hard but I in no way condone the stuff she does to perfectly good food.  Crimes Against Gastronomy.

She made me a cheese quesadilla for this A.M.s repast.  How hard can it be?  She’s made them before and I’ve actually told her that “Hey… at last a meal that you can’t fuck up.”

Except this morning.

She decided to throw a ‘spin’ on it and season it with what I assume was a salt lick.  I’m still dumping water into my shriveled stomach as I -tried- to eat at least half of it.  I mean how’s a broad supposed to improve without positive encouragement?

Yeah.  Not so much.  Told her “Sorry Babe.. that sucked…”  Bummed her out but hey… I gotta be real about it.  Especially since we have a -really- tight food budget ’round here, and every calorie counts.  Can’t have good food go to waste b/c the GF wants to show me that she can cook (she can’t except one or two meals…) and I hate being faced with a stomach churning disaster just to sooth her ego.  Fuck that.  Spade is a Spade and Baby, yer food for the most part…. Ugh…  I’ll leave it at that.

So Checking out my favorite A.M. Blogs, Aesop at Raconteur has a great write up with the Homeless problem here in the FUSA.  RTWT.  He mentions in passing the following: “None of that will ever happen here under the current lunatics running the asylum, so it’s likelier that when the common working-class people have finally had enough, there’ll be a renaissance of Committees of Vigilance, and a Purge.”

The whole article in a nutshell are his common sense (from his experiences) solutions to the Homeless issues in FUSA, and links to a great article from an Academic who she herself has some great observations, albeit in a detached scholarly manner befitting a lifelong Liberal.  His ideas are great.  I LOL’d at many of the frankly hilarious NIMBY attitudes and how to bulldoze them over.

However, the part that stuck with me is the above quoted area.  I don’t know if he’s explored it further (probably has… dude writes more than Bukowski on a Bender)…  but I look at the possibility of a “Purge” a’la those horribly cheesy fucked up movies from Hollyweird… Homeless/Societally Unacceptable/Losers being allowed to be massacred legally for a 24 hour period?  Not sure how that’d fly… as much as Our Elites would -love- to keep the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy alive, I don’t think it’d work out -quite- the way they expect it.

Having seen the “Joker” this week… (SPOILERS AHEAD STOP NOW IF YOU NEED TO)

Wow… talk about a movie that I still wonder “How” and “Why” did the Powers That Be allow this to be made?  Phoenix (I’m not even going to attempt his first name) does an outstanding job as Arthur Fleck, a “Noman” who eventually goes berserk.   A guy who I could sympathize with… most white dudes who’ve been crushed by the system… hell… ANYONE who has been crushed by the system can feel his pain.  It’s a great performance.  That being said however and this’s IMO, it’s going to be a one-trick pony… the Joker that comes ‘out’ in the end isn’t a criminal genius… I think they skipped over or maybe it was left on the cutting room floor… Arthur, as his life dissolves around him gets cut off from the psychotropic meds he’s on to keep him ‘balanced.’

As he comes off of them, you can see and feel his slide into madness, but you miss out on the ‘wakefullness’ that accompanies the removal of drugs like that.  I know of what I speak as at the beginning of my divorce, the VA -loaded- me with that shit, and maaan… I can say its a major reason I couldn’t write for a loooong time….  The brain just didn’t make the connections ya dig?

So anyways… Arthur, now Joker, comes off as a tragicomic anti-hero.  Lost in the sauce is any insight to his brilliance.  He’s not calculating, he’s not highly intelligent… in fact he’s partially handicapped by brain damage incurred by childhood trauma… this’s NOT your Batman’s Arch-Nemesis.   He is a stone cold remorseless killer, and they leave it at that at the end of the movie.

Enough for now… gotta do the usual.  Shit Shower n Shave.
Until Later, I be the Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. I'll wait until the Wifely Unit decides to watch it on the television thingy and I am bored. Pretty much DGAF about it.

  2. My take on the 'Joker' is this movement in Hollyweird to show the 'backstory' of the big-bad and to make the big-bad not so big-bad. Like the witch from 'Sleeping Beauty.' Supposedly just a cold-stone bitch, right? But Disney (hwack-ptooie) makes a 'She's not bad, it's the white guy's fault' movie. Same with the 'Joker.' He's not bad, it's society that's the problem.

    Um. No.

    Maleciwhateverthefuckhernamewas was just a bad evil witch. That's it. Not good, ever. Always bad, always will be.

    The classic Joker was a screwed up but smart criminal from day one. Probably knifed his first victim in pre-school, ran rackets in elementary school, whored out the girls in Junior High, and God knows what in High School. He's a smart, rally smart, crafty smart criminal, who hides behind a joker face for one reason or another. Nicholson did a friggin great Joker in the Tim Burton 'Batman.' Cesar Romero played the perfectly civilized but uncivilized Joker in the TV series from the 60's. Even Heath Ledger did a darned good job of just showing evil is as evil does in his award-winning performance, well, before he slabbed himself.

    The Joker was always the smart, slippery, crafty, 50 different cons running at the same time, master criminal who got other people to do the dirty deeds, except when he wanted to get his hands dirty (usually when whacking some incompetent underling.) That's the Joker.

    Whathisfirstname Phoenix's rendition? De Niro's Taxi Driver without any redeeming aspects.

    Nope. Not gonna spend one dime on that.

    1. Well put bro… esp. running whores in Jr. High… If I knew then what I know now, -THAT'd- be an entrepreneurship I coulda gotten into…

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