It’s Wearysome

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes
Raaaaaather tiresome eh whot?  Fucking people running around loose that by all rights should be either in an asylum, or just flat out stuffed into a 20 foot shipping container (with the appropriate holes cut in the sides and roof) and then dropped into some –really really deep- water.

Seems on Friday Night in Louisville (used to love that town) a Nigger wearing a “Justice for Breon Taylor” shirt rolled up on 3 white dude and without interacting, no nuthin’ whipped out a pistola and shot ’em point fucking blank, DRT.

Said smirking chimp, who was also seem laughing and smiling as he was taken into custody, is a Hardcore BLM Member.  Link to the atrocity HERE

Why is it –so hard- for people to understand that this’s now war.  I mean like for real.  THEY make no bones about it, yet the apologists out there constantly harp on how it’s ‘systemic’, ‘broken homes’, mental illness… anything other than calling a Spade a Spade.  They even TELL us that they’re at “war with whitey!”
If the people of Louisville had any balls, they’d head to the local lockup, frogmarch that nigger straight to the nearest telephone pole, along with his mama and hang ’em both.  
And yeah… don’t forget… if you start, you gotta go Full North Korean, or “Full Nork” as I like to call it.  For the newbies who may or may not have been scared off, I’m a big proponent of the North Korean “3 Generations of Guilt” idea of justice.  Leastways in this type of uncivil war.  

The Kim(s) don’t fuck around.

They knew/know if’n you leave a live enemy at yer feet, when yer back is turned he’ll stand up and stab you in the back, first chance he gets.
To keep them ‘in line’ they either imprison or exterminate 3 full generations of the criminals entire family.
And, so far, it appears to work.
The Kim Dynasty been running that show for a long fucking time.
Case in point of epic failure where a very specific example of this would’ve been a –great idea-
Chesa Boudin, D.A. of now-shithole San Freak-sisco. 

His parents were flat the fuck out traitors and communists

He was RAISED by the red Marxists.
IF and only IF they’d had the stones to do what needed to be done, the world might be a better place.
I’m absolutely sure that if Bill Ayers, his foster father, his foster mom Bernardine Dorhn, and his bio-rents had been fed intoa woodchip like they so richly deserved, Obama would be a non-person, as would lil Chesa, who is overdue for a tour of the aforementioned woodchipper from the inside, and San Fran’d be what it should be, a normal albeit weird lil Northwestern City on the Bay.
NOT the shit-infested commie loving hellhole it’s turned into.
The criminal
His parents
His children
Possibly even his grandparents as well…
Feed ’em all into an industrial woodchipper.

I’ll spring for the first weeks rent…

What say you?
Til Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Gators, hog pens and factory chicken houses. They are some of the best ways to get rid of 'excess biological material.' Unless you have someone in the tissue harvesting industry, but they can only get rid of an extra body or two a month.

    Now, a crematorium? Doesn't take that much more gas to torch 400lbs of meat bag than it takes to torch 200lbs of meat bag.

    Or… A good waste water treatment facility. Friend of mine said all they'd find of a body would be the gold fillings (or medical metal.)

    Though there is a certain group of people who believe in feeding crabs, shrimps or fishes. Floating is an issue with decaying tissue, so, yes, a chipper shredder or a good sized chum grinder would be helpful.

    And, yes, we are at war.

  2. I commented something similar on ,Rawles Survival Blog.

    All aghast and clutching their pearls, responders called me 'taliban'.
    The talibs are wusses, dependent on American tax-dollars for their nifty uniforms while they enslave and murder disarmed folks.

    Say her name — Wilma Hochstetler.
    Say her name — Jessica Doty Whitaker.

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