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Took a day off yesterday as Spawn came by with a copy of ‘FallOut 76’.  
Yeah, I’m a nerd, What do you want?  Besides, Have now idea if YOU’VE ever tried it, but ‘FallOut 3’ and ‘FallOut: New Vegas’ kept me happy, entertained and relatively sane in my last three years in Iraq.  They are, IMO, the most entertaining and re-playable long-form adventure FPS post apocalyptic video games out there.  Lots of bugs when it first came out, in fact one of the worst new game releases ever.  But they seem to have ‘fixed’ a lot of shit, it was free, so what the hell.  

So for the rest of the weekend, if poasting is lite, I’m deep in the Appalachian Woods, hunting ghouls.

Metaphorically speaking of course.  But hey, how big a fan am I?  Well on gab, you can see my avatar is the Brootherhood of Steel t-51b Helmet, (currently with Viper shades on)  Yeah, I’m on gab BTW: as, what else? @BigCountryExpat.  Feel free to follow. I mostly throw poast alerts for here, and dank memes there.

Todays subject though:  Food for thought and the title of the poast is aimed at one particular group.  Well, ackchully, quite a few BUT in this case, it’s the “Palestinians” or at least those in the Middle East who think that Israel fucked them out of their homeland.  Reason I tell them right now to ‘just wait’ is the latest news out as of this A.M.
Seems in all, the genius level kids following the Science! are going to have Booster Shot #4 started there.  Link to the story HERE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9959811/Israel-planning-administer-FOURTH-Covid-vaccine-adjusted-fight-new-variants.html

Not for nothing but this’s the chart of the infection rate in Yidsville:

That’s the deaths per million.
Seems that the 3rd jab started the ball rolling… and somewhere I saw a similar chart except instead of deaths, it was infections, and the ‘power curve’ was the same.  Seems being ‘the most (((jabbed up))) country in the world might be showing a bit of the side effects a bit earlier than expected.

Because shit’s gone sideways there.  What genuine news I hear, and from sources have said that they’re screwed.  Long term?  What is this ‘long term’ of which you speak.  Realistically speaking, this jabby-jab has only been really operational in-mass since what? January???  I mean sheesh.  This’s sort of like Xio-bi-Den’s rule… you thought the first 8 months sucked?  You ain’t seen shit yet.

Because there has been Z.E.R.O. long term testing in anything, from mice to monkeys.  Only thing we do know is the last time they tried making a mRNA “vax”, I believe (and correct me if’n I’m wrong) that it done kil’t ALL the test animals, and that’s why we’d stopped rolling down that particular research direction…

And that right there’s the thing.
NO ONE KNOWS what is actually happening, both long term and short term with this crap they’re soooo intent on shooting into everyone.  I mean -why- is it so important for what’s obviously a non-issue.  I mean these are things everyone knows.  And yet that’s the other thing… ever notice that besides the first bungled photo-ops of politicians ‘getting the jab’ that when it got called out because the obvious bullshit nature of said-aforementioned photo op… (my personal favorite one was when they left the safety cover on, and the ‘tech’ made it look like she’d depressed the plunger, and close replay analysis showed that said-pol didn’t actually get any sort of shot IRL.)  Notice how we haven’t seem ‘anyone of consequence’ getting a shot?

The silence from Bill “I want to murder the world” Gates has been somewhat deafening

Wouldn’t doubt that IRL that his wife did the divorce b/c she knows the insane dork-gnome she was married to was planning on killing the world, and she wanted distance, or possibly peace-of-mind, not that’ll help her ugly unfuckable ass when the payback comes.

Since the Hebrews seems to have gone ‘all in’ on vax-a-thon-for-life, well, I’d say it’s a matter of time.  It’s also, if rumors are to be believed that the second-class citizenship of the ay-rabs in that particular Area of Operations might have caught a mulligan on this ‘un here.  All they got to do is wait for the Jews to die off… which I personally think is the plan, not just the Jews, but like -everyone-.  Problem is, I don’t know, can’t know, and until something significant breaks, all I can do is keep on keepin’ on, despite me misgivings.

So yeah, Palestinians biggest problem inside of the next what 24-48 months or whenever the PTB ‘pull the plug’ is going to be cleaning up all the dead in that Area.  Crazy right?  
Maybe not so much these days?
Talk about people owed apologies… “What do you say to your conspiracy theorist friend?”
“Sorry about that Bro.”
No kidding.  

Wish it wasn’t -quite- so accurate, but in closing, we’ll keep going
I got Super Mutants to shewt.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. The wheels are coming off the wagon. With the amount of sheeple here in Amerika who have taken the jab and are now zombified, things will get even more sporty, real soon. My plan is to STFU, stay gray, continue prepping, watch and wait. I am saddened to see my country in such a state. But, as has been posted by tfA-t, there really needs to be a huge culling. I see what he means every time I walk into the local Wal Mart. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

  2. Since they almost killed me in ’17 with a pneumonia “vaccine”, ( got pneumonia within 24 hrs, took 3 months to recover), that the little darlings who gave it to me SWORE it had nothing to do with the “vaccine”, I guess I’ll pass on this one. Same doc also put me on high blood pressure medicine because I was “borderline”. Almost lost my leg. I don’t get no more meds from no docs, unless I already know what it is, and approve. Between Big Pharma and the medicos, they’re racking up quite a number of bodies. Not me, anyway. This has got to stop.

    1. Worst flu of my life was in ’17 also, went backpacking in YellowstoneNP with a guy who brought up a dose of the Miami Cuban flu with him, hit me almost overnight and barely hiked out of the backcountry, was sick for 7 weeks, 3 days I don’t even remember. He snapped out of it in a week, finished his long trip alone.
      Then had flu again several weeks in Feb-March ’20, after my foot surgery. Took some Ivermectin in Jan ’21, before my other foot surgery, all is well since.
      I’m sick of this shit, hoping the immunity thing kicks in.

  3. BCE is McDonalds: I’m Lovin’ It.
    The 3-way IK, EB, DM theory was awesome.
    The Chinese Vaccine article was pretty cool, too.
    I have enjoyed Fallout since Fallout2. I still play 3 and Vegas on my ancient 360.

  4. We know that:
    -The jabs NEVER conferred immunity to infection or transmission.
    -The death rate has been (and continues to be) vastly overstated.
    -Israel’s case rate very closely matches the vaccination rate per age range, and the Palestinian population (of whom about half of one percent have been jabbed) have no significant infections whatsoever.
    -Antibody Dependent Enhancement killed every animal in the prior long-term studies with these medications; every single one.
    -Borderlands is a far superior FPS to Fallout 3

  5. My son caught The Bug last year, came off the quarantine and ran out and got the vaxx. Moderna variant. Laid him back out for a couple of days. Told him he didn’t need it but at the time they were saying natural immunity only lasted 3-6 months and his job took him in and out of Covid wards and ERs. I’m in the medical community but at that time he wasn’t listening to us at all. And I’m out of touch, out of date, and things have changed.

    Just praying that the natural immunity will override the vaxx.

  6. They do have a mRNA vaccine for Dengue Fever that was previously the only type for humans, but yes for coronavirus all the previous animal trials ended in 100 percent mortality due to antibody dependent enhancement when they contacted the wild virus.

  7. Good post – I was laughing as I read along. It is surprising what’s happening in Israel. Gotta wonder about that. It just adds to the cluster-fuck that’s happening all over the world.

    This “plandemic” is going to separate the wheat from the chaff, is it not?

    1. Makes one wonder who’s behind all this, I really thought it was the Chosenites. Appears they’re the worst off today. Maybe the NWO truly are Nazis, getting in the last laugh.

      1. All animals are equal. Some animals are more equal than others. Just look up how the Ashkenazi treat the Sephardim and you can see not all small hats fit equal.
        The folks who make decisions like this have no alliances or loyalty to anything but money and power.

  8. Went to Dollywood Waterpark with the family yesterday. It sucks to see the demise of what was once a proud and independent Mountain People, not all, but most.

  9. My youngest son-in-law , a notorious and committed slacker had to get the jab to keep his job at a local prison . Since day three he has been fainting and having violent seizures almost daily . He’ll do anything to keep that job . He only has to give duties to the cons and he watches them do the work . I hired him in my diesel shop bout 30 years ago . He worked until noon and walked out after telling me that ” no son-of-a-bitch ” has to work this hard for a living . I’m thinking the spawn can get her a good man after he croaks .

  10. Loved video games until something went sideways; I lost my virginity.

    If the Not-Vax is deadly, will people drink the Flavor-Aid and quietly pass, or anger at being tricked? At least a few orgies or frustrated random violence would be expected as reaction to the approach of their demise. People aren’t going to church if that’s any indication.

    There’s a podcast by a extremely liberal guy, “It could happen here”. Initially about the possibility of a civil war (2019~) has become a daily broadcast focused on climate and anticapitalist crap. One valid point made was that the collapse isn’t going to happen all at once but a progression of failures, “The Crumbles”.

    My Great Grandfather was born as the Age of Steam was at it’s peak, veterans of Gettysburg were common, saw the advent of the internal combustion engine/automobile/airplane, the atomic bomb but he died before man went to space. I was born between Apollo landing on the moon and am haunted by the idea that by the time I pass the opposite of my Great Grandfather’s witness will come to be.

      1. The part I really like is the shiny spacecraft just waiting for it’s photo op with the american flag, it should have been covered in a foot of fine dust from the landing. And where’s the hole underneath from the landing jets?
        But we’ll overlook all that, just because we were first!

        1. Yes, notice how they always had the shiny polarized face shields whenever they were on the moon? They couldn’t film the astronauts faces because they were in some sound stage in holly weird. If the astronauts were on the sound stage with their faces showing then they could not have splashed down in the Atlantic when their mission was over to open the spacecraft’s hatch and pop out to be filmed. Can’t be two places at once.

          And does anyone remember that just a few years back some NASA flunkie mistakenly tossed ALL 60-70s space film footage into the dumpster.

          Technology has gotten so advanced that I think with current computer technology people may have been able to view the film footage and could prove it was fake.

          Sorry folks I threw it all in the dumpster by mistake hardy har har.

  11. 1. Let the stupid die. 2. Save what needs saving. 3. When chaos sets in pick a few nukes and send them to known problem areas/cultures… Ahh shit the chinese are already rollin on this. Fallout 2024 it is then. Stupid never changes…

  12. Here is a video called..Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Avenue, What happened today, Aug, 2021.

    It’s 23 minutes long. As I watch it I got the impression it’s like some kind of bomb had gone off and turn these people into zombies. A of weapon had been used.

    And of course that’s pretty much what happened with with the drugs that have been introduced. With fentanyl and carfentanil from China.

    It’s a kind of warfare and it’s very successful.

    Unrestricted Warfare and we’re not even in the fight..

  13. I am NOT getting the jab, at least not without putting up a fight for my life.

    That said, animal studies of mRNA treatments are somewhat misleading, since at the end, all animals are euthanized and autopsied, looking for organ damage, because animals can’t tell you where it hurts.

    So, yeah, they died because of the treatment, but not necessarily of the treatment. You have to dig a lot deeper into the data and the method to know. And often that kind of information doesn’t get included.

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