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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Greatly Appreciate the advice and ideas on Home Security. Got a plan in place now, and we’re good with it. Like I said, and as some commenters has stated, I gave away my Pos between her contest (she’s looking to go to the quarter finals BTW, keep voatin and thank you all!) and ‘other’ stuff from over the past.  Thing is, I’m not hiding.

I’m just maintaining a ‘polite distance’ as one does in a bar.  You want to know my name?  Ask me… get to know me.  My handle is my handle, always has been, leastways since 2003 when it got hung on me.  I know Borepatch and Divemedic, as well as Miguel.  Hell, love to have those guys over the house for a BBQ if I could socially.  I REALLY enjoy Miguel up close and personal… dude has a personality as big as a Semi and a heart three times as big.  Divemedic makes -me- look dumb.  (BTW DM, thanks for the H/T today) Borepatch is one of the most -genuine- people I’ve met in a while, and his wife sweet as can be.

From what I can tell, its just like being in a bar.  You want to get to know some one?  Strike up a conversation.  Get to know them.  I actually have verbal comms with a few of Y’all now, and enjoy it.  Grayman, Doc, and CA… among others.  So it is what it is, and hey, like I’ve said, ain’t my ‘first doxx’.  Or death mark.

‘Cept I’m way prettier.
First doxx was by “Code Pink”
‘Meber them goofy bitches?  Xwife got a couple of harassing calls when I was in Iraq on Tour #1.  First was that I was ‘dead’ which was funny as fuck because when she got the “notification call”, I was literally on a video chat with her.  They tried to make it sound like they were a DotMil phone-notification team or some such shytte, saying I was kil’t.  Other things were they started doing the ‘egging the house’ but they stopped pretty quickly.  Where we were living at the time was no joke, one block down from a BIG Mosque in Quincy Mass.

After 9/11 “The Ace Tomato Company” and ‘other’ vans from ‘various companies’, i.e. surveillance vans from DotCop and DotGov and probably DotMil literally lined the streets on both sides to the point us neighbors started complaining about the lack of parking.

Me being me, I went down and bought a dozen mixed Dunkin’ Donuts and 4 coffees and took ’em up to  the vans.  I mean who the hell did they think they were fooling?  The Imam (who I knew as he lived in the neighborhood) was a good guy and we had regular laughs because out of ALL the Mosques in the New England Area, this was the least-likely to have any radicals in it, and yet BECAUSE it, numerically speaking was one of the biggest, they concentrated all the spy-gear there. 

This first van, (Feds I think) from a “Flower Shop”, didn’t answer my knocks.  The next was a “Grocery Van”, and  The State Police inside did answer, and were annoyed with me.  Told me to GTFA.  But then, one of the DotMil vans, (The plates were G series DotGov Plates but the van itself, no signage on it, but LOTS of antennas) happily took the goodies and the head dude came out and bullshitted with me about how useless and overdone this mission was.  He didn’t give away anything, but when I showed him my retired card, he wasn’t a total dick.

The fact that ALL that surveillance gear was in the street, whelp, seems when Xwife called the cops after the eggs and toilet paper the second time one of the Agencies gave up the camera footage of the perps, AND their license plates.  Dumbasses drove up at 2am,  with uncovered plates, got out wearing the Code Pink stuff in front of my driveway, and then ‘decorated’ the house and car(s) and drove off.  Not sure as to what happened, although X went down and signed the paperwork to press charges, but that was the last of it.  I’d like to think the guys I gave the donuts and coffee to were the ones who did me a solid.

The other time was in Iraq.  Me and Lil Country did a lot of good things for our workers.  We were ostensibly in charge of building the Central Issue Facility (Boots and Boolits) on Camp Victory in Area 51.  Y’all who’ve been there know exactly what building I’m talking about.  Located on the left side of the MWR, two ginormous warehouses that we literally built, from just 4 walls and a shot-through tin roof to a pair of giant air-conditioned warehouses stuffed to the gills with supplies.

 These were taken in 2011, as they were shutting down the CIF permanently.

I and a LOT of others put a HUGE amount of effort in 2004/05 to build that place.  I took these pics on the last day that it was open, before they cut the power and pulled the generators.  No idea what happened to it…

But, because when we were constructing it, we had been authorized to pay way more than the going daily rate for workers.  AIQ didn’t like that.  They tried to intimidate our workers, so we got them armed escorts, and set them up with the Bear Mace I talked about before… they then tried to pull some other shit, like putting out a reward for Me and Lil Country’s head(s).  It got up to about $25K USD, which was a bit higher than the usual 10K that all the other contractors had on them.  We ALL had bounties on us… back then that fag, al-Zarqawi liked making vidyas of us getting our nuggets sawn off.  That ended, along with the bounty from my understanding, in 2006 when the Air Force JDamned his ass to hell.

So, got security coming in place, and staying mellow.
Hope y’all enjoy your Sunday… it’s hot and humid, and a bit gray here.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

T-Wall outside the Engineer Gate, Baghdad, 2011

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  1. Ah Quincy, the Irish Riviera, where my family from south of Broadway ended up, (the fam from north of Broadway ended up in Revere.)

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