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Remember that vidya by.. who was it?  Now I have to google it…Chris Rock… “How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police”  A great bit that one Aye?

So, this’s a pretty straightforward thing.Well, seems out in Seattle (this’s my shocked face!) they done lost what little minds thay have (had?) left.  I have -no idea- how poor Phil from Bustedknuckles can deal with living in an area that is so utterly insane… 


Seems the IG there wants to give ALL the blacks a free pass…  make traffic stops “discontinued for the safety of both officers and the public and for racial fairness.”    The quote that had me laughing was: “Moreover, research has consistently shown that black and Latino experiences during traffic stops are different from those of white persons.”

Ya think?
I dunno… maybe the criminality of those is question should be a bigger issue.

MAYBE that’s the issue?
I mean there are parts of the proposal and statements I -do- agree with… lets face it, the average reason(s) that someone gets pulled over for, for the most part, utter bullshit.  Revenue extraction from the slave class.  And that’s not a color issue, but a ‘we own you all’ issue with the fuzz mulcting us for as much as we can take.

And when you can’t take anymore, or you have nothing left to give, they jail you and literally enslave you for their profits.  “Stops for government-created requirements like car tabs, with nothing but a potential monetary penalty, do not justify the risk to community or to officers.”  THAT I agree with wholeheartedly.  However, with the caveat that making it about race?

Does this portend that only the blacks and hispanics are going to get a ‘pass’ on ‘minor violations’ vis-a-vis traffic stops?  Now, if this gets applied to everyone equally then fucking great!  I sure as fuck grow weary of the fuzz hassling people in general.  They are, for the most part teats on a boar hog.  Now if everyone gets a pass, cool.

BUT:  The revenue needs to come from somewhere and I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to be sticking it to whypeepo.  They always invariably do.

Which is going to just make shit uglier.
Man, they be some seriously high motherfuckers running around out there in charge huh?
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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Cities are dying by the day Brother problem is those fleeing the cities and burbs most bring their shit ideas along with them… Because we can’t do what we need to keep folks like that out of our AOs right now it’s going to be really really messy like wood chipper messy when it all goes sideways later on…

  2. Spot on BCE leftist media here always blabbering on about indigenous incarceration rates and deaths ion custody (lower per capita than whites no less) and my response is always: Well, if the fuckers would stop stealing shit they would not be in jail!

  3. Seattle, aka San Francisco of the Northwest. As a crow flies it’s less than 50 miles from my AO & I would still celebrate any nuclear strike that erased it off the map. “What’s a little fallout, eh?” I had the displeasure of commuting through that festering bowl of dog snot when I’d rotate to a ship out of Everett and spent 15 years off and on watching the decay spread across the city. Nowadays I don’t go anywhere near the fucking place. It’s one giant cesspool of heroin hobos and whaaaaantifa ideology writ large. The inmates literally run the asylum.
    I can go on all day about how fucked up Washington state has become in the past 20+ years and how Seattle is the core of the rot but that’s just the opinion of one curmudgeonly asshole. See for yourself. 3 1/2 hours of your life for a clear vision of a socialist utopia. Coming soon to your town.

    KOMO news There but for the grace of God:

    KOMO news Seattle is Dying:

    KOMO news: The fight for the soul of Seattle:
    (Or here without YouTube sign in):

    As far as revenue goes, never underestimate the power of a communist to drain your wallet. The state made a big push for hybrid & electric vehicles, but when gas tax revenue dropped as a result they created and passed a hybrid tax that gets tacked onto your yearly car tabs. Do you own an RV? Now you have a “junk RV disposal fee” tacked onto your car tabs that supposedly pays for the towing & dismantling of the mobile brothels/drug dens that get impounded…except that they never get dismantled, they get auctioned off & towed right back into the city and put back into business. It’s a scam, but it’s a state sanctioned scam so good luck taking it to court.
    Silver lining? When the shoots starts this is a •very• target rich environment.

    1. haha can relate to celebrating a nuclear strike. With China’s latest threats I hope they launch against our state and federal parliaments. I would dance in the street

  4. Trust me, if I could bail out of here, I’s already be long gone buddy.
    As it is, I’m just waiting for the flag to drop.
    Then we are going to see who is who and what is what.
    I’m thinking there is going to be a whole shit load of very surprised and very dead motherfuckers once it goes weapons free around here.

  5. I’d much prefer the scales tip towards Less Enemies More Ammo but we have to play the hand we’re dealt. My flippant remark was meant more as a “well, at least I don’t be too concerned about target discrimination” and less as a “hooray for being surrounded.”
    Like Phil, if I could have I would have already pulled chocks and rolled out for greener pastures, but in spite of the politics of the area I have my reasons for staying put for now. The Olympic Penninsula isn’t nearly as insane as Sodom on the Puget Sound but that craziness is spreading here thanks to state mandates and new state laws.

    1. Yea I hear you Brother but just a word of advice and that is get someone else perspective because I know talking to my FIL I have changed his perspective where at one time he was staying put just like you and had your exact same thought process and I was able to show him that he did have options that he didn’t think he had and now he can’t thank me enough that I was able to help him see a different path…Phil knows me and he knows everything I say is only to help not to discourage or disdain…

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