Late Afternoon Folks!

Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes!

Sooooooo another day, and Cool Beans! Dolla to Make Me Holla!
Seems the purchaser of Ye Olde Flammenwerfer is a “Medical Doctor of Some Repute” and got elbow deep in guts n’such.  My most serious A-polly-olly-ollogies to him for thinking he ghosted.  Apparently, shit where he’s at’s been ‘busy’ which is Democratese for “Fucking War Zone a’la Baghdad 2005”.  I wish him nothing but the best, as much as I can to my benefactor.
And on other fuckin’ strange shit:
Weird Seeds.
I too, believe me or not, have received not one, but THREE packages of weirdness-from-Joe-Chink.
The first set, well, lets just say they were poppy seeds… as in poppy seeds… like as in the type that Ye Olde Intrepide Reporter of Fame and Foulness might be tempted to try his hand at horticulture…  lets face it, the V.A. gave me a Grade “A” monkey on my back, and the first pack of seeds reeked of entrapment… so down the disposal they went.  No need to get hemmed up producing my own opioids, as much as it may sound like fun… My tour in Afghanistan was a real eye opener vis-a-vis the “how to” of Opium Production, to say the least…
Along with the second pack.
And the Third.
Bit of a pattern before the Massmedia caught on and now it’s “don’t plant/open the seeds”
No duh you fucktards.
So, other projects:  Been working on Son-in-Laws fucked up AC on his car… ordered replacement parts… hopefully will be fixed in time for him and Pregger Daughter In Law (step) to G.T.F.O. my house, and let me walk around buck nekkid again… sorry I know… T.M.I…..
The other project tonight was I got some load data for 165 Grain Ballistic Tipped Hollowpoint Rounds for my .308/7.62X51mm….
Seems I get a great hit at 200 Yards, with a fall off with 11.5 Grains of Accurate 2200…  Add on the hush puppy, and I got me a  >quiet< long distance killer…which is perfect for my long term plans.
Loaded 4 rounds.  Tested one.  I know, I know… should test more, but these fuckers -don’t- grow on trees…. both the primers AND the bullets… IMPOSSIBLE to find reloading supplies… not the tools, but the “stuff to make BBs with.”
I mark my ‘subsonic’ rounds with some red modelling paint… once around the neck, not on the round itself, as I’m really careful about loading as-close-to-match as I can.  I know, primitive loading rig… one of y’all offered to help upgrade, but I ain’t got a pot to piss in currently…LOL!
The NEXT project, besides ‘Doctor EeeeeeeeeeeVil’s’ Smaller compact Flammenwerfer is the Panzerfaust as seen on Western Rifle Shooters Association. LINK TO HAPPY FUN TIME FOR YOU PSYCHOS LIKE ME
Thanks to Concerned American… I have another ‘creative boner’ going on right now b/c of you, you magnificent bastard!
Wifey hates you BTW, just saying LOL.
So, for now, I’ll update as we go, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. My favorite part of the daughter out of the house is walking around nekkid, just wish wifey would participate or at least be more appreciative of my nekkidness,lol

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