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Looooong day today.  Babysat the NewBebe, then drove to the inlaws to pick up some ‘stuff’.  Been on the road all day, and worn the hell out again.  So, haven’t been able to cull and pull the news tonight so far, but it looks like biddness as usual if’n you will.  
Rumors of Wars
and oh yes…. Gas prices?

And yeah, I left one of my stickers behind…

$50 fucking smackers to fill the tank… $3.35 a gallon.  Literally blows my mind.  Am also a bit peeved with meselves at the fact that two days befor it was $3.05… .30 cents in 2 days.  A loss +/- of $5 roughly…  I mean 2 or 3 cents?  I’m not upset… that’s the normal over/under variation, and if you shop around, you can find it in the ‘under’ side… however, a quarter or more?  A sawbuck is a wee bit heavy on expenses long term.  Thankfully THIS tankie should get us around for a spell.  Next time it drops though, I may or may not, depending on finances, buy ANOTHER 5 gallon jug and fill it.

Which in itself is a bitch.  Y’all notice the price of gas cans has like gone stupid?  Like a 5 gallon jug is $30 new at Wally World.  THEN the added expense of getting an actual functional fill pipe, i.e. an aftermarket non-fume-retarding fucking ”saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety” filler tube.

Only the DotGov could take something that’s been successfully in use for one hunnerd years and fuck it up like a drunken monkey trying to fuck a football.  In all honesty, the last new can I bought had one of them ‘fume reducing’ fucking pourer thingies.  I ended up spilling MOR fuel than I ever would have trying to duck-fuck the thing into the lawnmower then if I’d just poured it out of the can, sans funnel.

Goddamned things suck.

And DotMil cans?  IF you can find them?  Oh my aching balls.  Ebay?  Yeah a fucking Scepter 5 Gallon DotMil New issue can, without donkey dick is fucking $140.  Another reason I curse the X… when I left the DotMil, it was riiiiiiight before what Y2K was supposed to be, and when I’d started my for really-reelz prepping IRL.  I was genuinely concerned as A) I was tech illiterate didn’t know any better, and B) a lot of folks were saying shytte was gonna go sideways. 

Me having a 2 year old at the time (Spawn) and his new lil sister (Spawn #2 and was 6 months old) I wasn’t chancing shit.  So, when I got oot of Ye Olde DotMil, a number of items ‘followed me home’… namely among the booty was 5-5gallon brand new Fuel Cans, and 5 brand new water jugs, along with a shitton of ‘other’ gear.  X made me leave it behind when we moved Ye Olde Manse to Flor-reeee-duh! ‘cos she didn’t like the idea of empty fuel cans in the truck.

< Le Sigh >

This’s now also why poor Wifey here has to deal with my shytte.  I folded like a fucking lawn chair so often for the X, I swore never again.  I’ve now completely changed my attitude towards shit like this.  If -I- and -I- feel that we need something, then I brook no shytte and my word is it.  I’m willing to negotiate on -some- stuff… but prepping gear?  Fuck to the Hells to the Nos.  And this ‘un here, as Mikey from Cold Fury said, I gots me a good ‘un.  She digs it… gets butthurt sometimes, but then again, I also told her when, not if, when the shit hits the fucking fan, she’ll be happy as fuck with all the shit I’ve got set up.

Yeah, the garage and house is a mite packed with bullshit, but whatchagonnado El-Tee?

Now, another project I done did.  
American Partisan recently ran an article on Cat Eye tape.  Reading it my Logistician Hindbrain kicked in, and I was like “I got a roll of that shit -somewhere- around here…”  Now, the article?  Fucking awesome.  Link here:

Now, “Cat Eye” Tape is ubiquitous but generally unnoticed in the DotMil.  Unless you’re Infantry or doing “Grunt Stuff”.  The helmet bad we have on ALL the K-Pots throughout the years ALL have the glowie Cat Eye Tape on them.  My helmet from the latter part of my Iraq Days:

Now the black rectangle on the lower right?  I.R. (infra-red) Marking Tape… only can be seen by ‘our folks’ so to speak to mark the good guys from the bad guys… especially handy if’n you’ve called in an Apache for “Danger Close”…  One on the back, and one on the top of the bukkit.  But ALL the helmet bands have the Cat Eyes.  VERY useful in lw light conditions.  “Charged Up” meaning you held a flashlight to it for a good while, will have it last for a few hours, 4-5 give or take.  Once your eyes have done the low light adjust, them suckers positively shine in the dark.

And just for fun, the rest of my helmet band from back then:

Anything Anywhere Anytime and with my side-mounted Surefire Helmet light.  White, Low Light Blue and I.R.  VERY Handy.  The front of the bukkit has my NVG Mount screwed in and attached.  The gray bands in the back are goggle holders… you thread the goggle ‘headband’ thru thewm to make sure yer goggles don’t fly off… and you need goggles over there a lot… especially in Sandstorm Season or on Convoy when yer in the gunner slot on the roof or in the back of a technical.

My name (slightly offset so’s not to be blocked by the NVGs when I wore ’em, and my blood type.  Pretty cool eh?  And yeah.  Multicams.  I was wearing ’em when you could only get them from Crye Precision.  LOVED the pattern, and since it wasn’t being used by the Army in Iraq when -I- was there, I could wear ’em with impunity.  Of course LOTS of Joes wanted to know what it was and where could they get it?

What can I say?  I’m a trend setter.
First Kid on the Block with a Confirmed Kill 
Wore Multis before wearing Multis was cool.I
‘m so cool, I piss ice cubes.
And yes, that IS a single action Cowboy Pistola in frame for those who noticed.  Dad-in-Law’s pistola.  1962 West German .22 LR 6 Shooter.  The spring on the load gate is broken, so he asked me to fix it.  It’s a JP Sauer Western Marshall.

More on that in a later poast I think.
Back to the glow tape.  So, JC Dodge shows a LOT of good stuff on ‘how to use this stuff’.  And one he showed was something I’d never thought of.  Namely on the front sight post of my M-4 Clones.

Now, JC uses Gorilla Tape to cover over the glow tape.  I have zero experience with Gorilla Tape, so I dunno if it’s good or not.  What I did was I used Loctite Superglue Gel to damned near as I can tell permanently affix that fucker to the front sight.

Then I did the same to the Black Aces Tactical shottie:

Now, is it perfect?  Not by a long shot.  Considering how my NVG savings got blown-the-fuck-away when Wifey snatched Dumbunny, (yeah I financed this fucking ongoing debacle… more the fool sez I Aye?)  Considering that I initially trained in low-light conditions without NVGs, then I’ll be fine.  And yeah, I did the Shottie even with the C600 Surefire mounted on there (another ‘acquisition’ from Iraq).  

Never know if you WANT to necessarily ‘light up the night’… it kinda gives away YOUR poz (position)  faaaar too easily, and when “sneaking and peeking” is the game, as opposed to ye olde “shootin’ lootin’ and scootin'” I figure the Cat Eyes’ll be perfect.

So, maybes some Poly-Tick tomorrow.  I gotta crash.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. The Sportsman’s Guide had used NATO 20 liter cans on sale last week for $29.95. I’ve never had much luck with the auxiliary spout that fits the mouth of these cans. I use a small length of 1/2″ surgical hose and siphon.

  2. I had a Sauer and Sohn .44 Mag that I sold to a buddy. The loading gate spring broke and we thought we’d have to do some creative gunsmithing. Turns out that a Colt spring dropped right in.


    1. Anthony! Good to see you. Here’s the deal fat, this’s your very last poast here ever. This’s my house. So, A) Don’t claim yerself to be anything but a Stalinist Neo-Socialist. Your email gives you away that it’s you, VPN or not. B) My cousin? Works in the “C” Suite at Disney. You done fucked up boy LOL. I reported You, Sara, and all the rest of your troll patrol to both Local, County AND the Feds (interstate harassment and stalking are MAJOR cyber crimes since Phil is in Washington) oh, as well as your boy in New Zealand who I reported to Interpol AND DHS (international laws broken there) and from what I heard, Sara is -toast- already, and YOU fled back to Michigan so’s the County boys can’t arrest you here in Florida. This’s the first and last and ONLY communication we’ll have until they prefer charges and I need to testify. I told my minions to stop talking communicating and/or anything with any of you. Let the badges earn their pay. The reason I’m letting -this- ONE comment through though is to again reiterate to my people, Do Not Feed The Trolls Please. Let them hang theyselves Aye.

      So, good bye Tony, have a nice life.
      You’ll no longer be allowed to poast or comment or well anything here, so go find another place to rant and rave at.
      Bye Felicia.

  4. Don’t know what your home situation is with regards to HOA or other such foolishness but a 55 gallon drum and a hand pump would give some good options. A lot of marinas have 89 octane with no ethanol, which stores a lot better. Would take a few trips to fill it but…

  5. I had a 250 gallon tank on a wagon for refueling an irrigation pump. It got parked with a bit of fuel in it….kinda got forgotten about. It’s now nasty algae, funky smelling…..wonder if I can go Nigerian pipeline plunder backyard refinery? Plastic hydrocracking into diesel?

    Cats eye tape was a fantastic piece of writing. What makes good tape? Can you get different colors?

  6. Diesel will do that. You might be able to suction out or bottom drain the tank and solvent wash it and make it usable

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