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Got to bed waaaay late last night.  Passed out actually.  We got GranBebe AGAIN this weekend, as the OtherRents are huuuuge sportsball fans, and they’re doing  a Supersportsball Party.  I’m pretty ‘meh’ aboot the whole thing.  I called it a ways back that the Buccaneers were going to be in it, and they are.  I think also that the Bucs are going to win, so’s Brady can go out with ten Supersportball rings and retire, covered in glory and whatnot. 

Of course Wifey was a member of the Pirate Crew for the Bucs last year…This year she couldn’t do it.

So anyways So, todays title LEELE stands for something I think is coming down the road, sooner rather than later.






The news, such as it is these days is showing that people across the nation are beginning to see the cracks, if not outright disintegration of the social compact(s) that keep civilization under control.  The base is no longer there, if in fact it ever was.

Now FedBro thinks I’m anti-police.  Furthest thing from it.  I’m a big believer in policing, however NOT in it’s current form.  The overarching NeoNazi Police Stasi-State has gotten to be a self-perpetuating machine that targets the ‘low hanging fruit’ of society for ‘mulcting’ as Eric Peters refers to it on the reg on his car/libertarian website.  The definition for those not knowing of ‘to mulct’ is to extract money from by means of fines and/or taxation, usually by fraud.

If THAT ain’t the very definition of what the DotGov and Bronze do to us on a near-daily basis, then I don’t know what it is.  The very fact that the Bronze can pull you over, usually under the most specious of rationales, and then, by hook or by crook jail, fine, and even drain every penny of yours, under the color of law, means we are not truly free.  The very fact that the means to extract all of your resources under the color of law insures that ‘The Bronze Fiscal Extraction System’ stays in place, and even encourages bad behavior on the part of the Bronze Agents to further fund their what would normally be illegal endeavors.

The fucking Mafia is more honest, forthright and up-front in their dealings

I’d rather deal with the Mob, given an opportunity. 

THEY at least understand justice and honesty.
So, by my outlook, the LEELE is the fact that they’re going to be rendered ‘null and void’ here in the near future.  As in the way the current Marxists in Power seem to be rolling, the police, in it’s current incarnation, is becoming a Praetorian Guard for the Powers That Be.  Even more so than before.  And the Higher up the Bronze, FedGov levels and such, the deeper the rot, corruption and outright evil that resides in it.

And people have had enough.

COPS in general have had enough.
Case in point the ‘supposed’ Kid Diddler here in Florida.

Never mind anything whether or not he did it, was set up or any other nefarious shit went down, the base line is he decided that the Feds needed to die.  No respect, no hesitance.  Straight up textbook Bushwhack.  Too bad he ‘supposedly’ offed himself, I would have bet dollars to donuts he’d have had some things to say, if he’d lived.  Hell, looking at the house and the setup of the front porch, the Bronze didn’t stand a chance.  Elevated porch, staircase off set from the front door, recessed front door with Ring Camera on the door?  Nowhere to properly ‘stack’ and judging from the reports, there was no stack.  They just stood in front of the front door and hammered on it announcing theyselves, and he replied with a mag-dump though the door.

This is the way.

And it’s going to keep happening.

And the lower down the Bronze levels, at the city-and-local level, they’re calling it quits

A pension ain’t no good if’n yer too dead to spend it or enjoy it.

The LEELE’s going to happen if there’s another BLM inspired massacre like they had in Dallas that one time.  I think I wrote about it to a friend of mine back then… it was really jacked… the whole thing about that shooting was -off-.  The shooter was unemployed, and yet was armed with some seriously expensive weapons and optics… The pictures showed he was running a brand new Saiga Legion in 5.45mm.  Brand new in that the charging handle protective rubber cover wasn’t even removed yet.

How does an unemployed welfare special w/mental health issues get ahold of a $3000.00 rifle with what -appears- to be an Aimpoint Optic?

Inquiring Minds and all that Aye?

So, yeah, another big time big deal shootout and cop-massacre, and 
A) they’ll out law all the guns and 

B) the cops are going to say “Fuck this” and bail in outrageous numbers.  

Hence, the LEELE

Ain’t going to be the people taking out the cops, it’s the cops that’re going to turn their backs on us.
I myself wouldn’t blame them.  GTFO whilst the getting is good Aye?So yeah,  What we need to do is go back to an 1800’s style policing

Might happen if the fall is far and hard enough.

We’ll see

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. Had a bit of thinking, here and there (not very hard, mind you). Was perusing your previous Barney-style write-ups on equipment and the like when a thought crossed my mind:
    If FreeFor happens upon a tank (and the gearheads at the depot left the Halon intact ;-), how would a motley crew of merry amateurs go about operating the thing?

    1. You would have to figure out how to run it from youtube, but you wouldn’t want to. It’s a suicide mission. Tanks require a huge logistical tail. Never mind finding 120mm shells for the main gun. Where do you get more belted .50 BMG for the coax and pintle guns? Do you know how to get AVGAS to fuel it? Do you know how to maintain the treads?

      You can get it and drive it around, get the big gun to go bang a few times, and then they will (justifiably) hellfire you to dust.

      A better plan is to cart out the .50 and 120mm ammo, grab anything that isn’t nailed down, and then dump a jerry can of gasoline into it and throw a burning rag in behind it. The damned things are zippos even when you aren’t trying to light it up. Salvage the stuff you can use and stay in your lane.

      This is almost what a fed would ask to keep us from realizing that our real strength is a deer blind, a space blanket and an accurate rifle.

    2. If the regulations in the Army haven’t changed in regards to vehicles in 12 years, every vehicle should have a -10 manual in it. With that you can start the thing and get it rolling. It also explains maintenance. Most vehicles of a non wheeled nature should also contain an operators manual in the BII in case a standard non user needed to operate it. We had these on our M113’s and AVLB’s.

  2. No.
    Lea won’t quit.
    Pensions and pay are too huge.
    See England and Australia where the Police have gone full Stasi.
    They won’t give up their ‘Power’.
    Power is too addicting.
    It will have to be taken…

    1. Pay and pensions only motivate if you think you’ll live to collect. That was BigCountry’s point. This isn’t England or Australia.

    2. People in Australia & the UK lost their “Priviledge” to own Semi Auto Firearms in the 90’s & their Firearm laws are something Biden would approve of.
      Commonwealth country’s never had a Bill of Rights let alone 2A.

  3. That is an odd choice of weapons, I never knew that before. And yes, why that one when there are plenty of reliable rifles for well under 1k if you are planning on bushwhacking some cops. Presumably when you decide to do that you do so with the thought in your head that you aren’t surviving it no matter how it goes.

    As far as the kid diddler thing goes, as a parent I don’t care what happens to such people, I don’t think there’s anything too cruel or unusual. But, having said that, we can’t believe anything the FBI or any of the alphabet agencies say anymore. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Releases of CIA and others hacking materials, such as the ‘vault 7’ release has shown that .gov has the ability to hack into just about anything and leave code behind that makes it appear it was done by any other foreign nation. So much for the ‘Russian hackers’ thing. We also learned with that release that they can go into your computer and deposit data on it and exit without leaving a trace. This data can be anything, obviously including child porn. How do any of you know there isn’t child porn hiding somewhere in your computer right now? You don’t, and you can’t.

    1. @gator,
      Actually you can find out….go to https://www.glarysoft.com/ download glary utilities 5
      do folder/files analysis on hard drive, it will tell you in very detailed manner what and where the data files are…

      also does a hell of a job on overall clean, right up there w https://www.bleachbit.org/ the rag Skankles used to wipe her server…

      I use it all the time on my smb business servers/pc’s and find all manner of shit, good and some bad that users ave tried to hide…

  4. With respect, you’re wrong.

    You really think the AGW’s will walk away from their high paying jobs due to clown world? Positions of power? Government pension/retirement etc? Ask yourself, how many cops just quit “in protest” because of the very obvious Biden regime election coup? (Hint: very few.)

    Here is what they will do:

    After a short “stand down” period, much like the military is undergoing right now, the vast majority of those remaining (99+%) will be very happy to order you and me into the bus or train at gun point. (Then kill us.) To think otherwise is to exhibit a great deal of naivety.

    Cops aren’t the average Joe’s friend. Ever.

    Cops will do whatever their paymasters order them to do. Period.

    1. I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but I can tell you with 100% certainty there are plenty in the military that don’t agree with any of this and are just hoping to be able to retire before this all goes to shit.

  5. Can’t trust the FBI spin on any story these days. Maybe he was a pedo, maybe it’s going to be SOP going forward whenever they raid some local Joe’s home. Call ‘am a pedo, plant child porn on the pc, off ’em. Mission accomplished with friendly casualties. Part of me is thinking there should be an independent ballistics investigation. May be a good probability of blue on blue negligence. You have to wonder if these agencies have a backup presser when things go to shit. I sort of want to feel bad for these guy’s who got offed, but seeing what the FBI has done in the past & what it’s been doing recently, the pure corruption, I’m thinking, meh, be somewhere else G-man.

  6. Supposedly, the male agent who got shit-hammered was none other than the lead investigator for the kiddie porn part of the Hunter Biden laptop investigation. If true, that would really add some things to ponder.

  7. Haha try living in the Peoples Republic of Victoria. There are normal cops who leave you alone as long as you promise not to make paperwork for them, Highway Patrol leeches who will seek you out and fine you for the slightest thing, Vic Roads heavy vehicle enforcement scum who fine truck drivers for trying to make a living, and some new public safety agency which seems to target small business for covid shit. I wait for the day I see one of those fuckers in a car accident I will be grabbing the marshmallows and watch the fuckers burn

  8. The leo’s in this county are supposedly republicans but they are the money grubbingest codsuckers you could imagine . Especially the sheriff . Working hand in hand with the county prosecutor they all have 5 new cars and trucks and a big new house all paid for by John Q. Public . I’m way too old to participate but will enjoy the festivities when tshtf . Most occifers are unemployable dregs of society that will do anything including kill your kid to keep the money flowing . I come from a “cop” home and what passes for law enforcement in todays world is laughable .

  9. “A) they’ll out law all the guns”
    And use it as the excuse in order to prevent the mass exodus of LEOs thus cancelling out “B”.

    PS, watch for increased “hiring events” by the city and county LE departments despite the defund the police rhetoric.

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