Let ‘Em Burn

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Any wonder why the ‘former support the blue’ folks are now sayin’ “fuck ’em?”  Shit like this:
Crazy Guy goes nuts, starts rampage
Crazy Guy kills cop
Good Guy with a gun drops Crazy Guy, good job Good Guy!

Then….Shitty, worthless cowards with badges show up, Gun down Good Guy…”Sorry, our bad!”

Fuck. Them.
Murder charges for –everyone- to include the trainer of the trigger happy cop.  I. do. not. want. to. hear. “the craziness of the moment.”  There. are. no. excuses. except pure cowardice and bravado.  The details, of course haven’t been released.  Never will be.  You can be damned sure that the tax slaves of Arvada Colorado are going to be paying out the ass over this particular fuckup.  I almost am 100% sure that after the shoot, any bets that Good Guy was standing with his hands up with the weapon on the ground?  According to the family and friends, this guy was highly trained, and a known good guy… good guy being defined as ‘running towards the sound of musketry’, which is just what he did.  An initial witness stated just that, and -somehow- that particular infonugget AND witness have vanished.

Wonder why Aye?

THAT is the type of legislation they need to enact.  Not gun control, Cop control.  A “Personal Liability Law” that IF a cop fucks up willfully, that HE/SHE pays the price, up to and including enslavement of him and his children.  Every. single. dime that they make gets paid out to the victim.  That being said, make them also carry Liability Insurance.  Good Gawd, they want to have every single gun owner carry liability insurance, and let me tell you, THAT itself is purely a grift for the insurance companies.  Insurance is ‘the other mafia’… “buy this or else…”

Yeah, I’m heated reading this.  Could have been me or any of OUR number who peruse this place.
That was then, this’s now.
The fuzz for me have become less, and less and waaay less worthy of -any- help from me.

Fuck ’em in the future.
Unfortunately for them, They’re own their own from now on.  This, as far as I’m concerned, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Why the fuck should -any of us- assist the swine?

The Crips wouldn’t shoot you if you assisted them, Bloods too.
The Old School Mafia was more honest and respectable.

The Cops in the 21st Century?  Paid Thugs and State Sanctioned Praetorian Guards who purely exist to protect their own, extort monies for their Political Masters, and extract as much bribes and grift until they can either falsely claim disability and get 100% retirement, or finish enough years to get the full retirement deck.  I literally refuse to respect nor assist any badged thug any longer.  Ashli Babbitt, say her name.  
His Name Was John Hurley.
His Name Was John Hurley.
His Name Was John Hurley.

Say his name and remember.
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. People will not back you up when the time comes. After seeing how everyone threw Zimmerman under the bus, I made a statement that I will repeat now:
    “I don’t care if I see a guy wearing a goalie mask come out of a neighbor’s house covered in blood and carrying a bloody machete- I am not getting involved, except in defense of my family. Why? Because I know that, push come to shove, they would toss me under the bus to save themselves.”
    There are not many people I would defend.

  2. Remember back in 2016 when a good guy shot a man attacking a Lee County Sheriff’s deputy?
    The pertinent thing about that was when the Sheriff came out afterwards and said that it was “unclear whether they would bring changes” against the good guy, I asked a former Hillsborough Deputy about this and he said that they would probably arrest him, seize his weapon and possibly charge him.
    I mean shite if they are going to give someone the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment for saving a LEOs life, never mind kill them, then of course there’s no way someone should intervene, anyway backing the b!ue kind of went out tue door when the police started arresting people who went to and held church services but ignored the rioting and burning down cities.

    1. “Hillsborough Deputy” explains that.
      ’nuff said.
      That shit won’t go down in Hendry and Glades.

  3. I was going to break up the “How it’s going to happen” story with the examples of Brian Isaack Clyde (September 30, 1996 – June 17, 2019) and the more capable Micah Xavier Johnson both who not only received no following or assistant but are the butt of jokes and opened the standards of leo response to include explosive robots. The novel narrative of successful suppression of tyrants by civilians had better use a lot of reference to Jedi because ‘merica doing so is less plausible.

    Along comes this story. “Good guy gets shot by cops after…..” “Bad guy” wrote a manifesto we will never see. As surely as the shooting of “good guy” will be justified, “bad guy” had legit grievances that petitions to government had been denied redress.

    Say perhaps “Bad guy” was upset with the sexual molestation of grandchildren by a member of said PD? Who should we be rooting for again?

    This is why no one will get involved.

    Remember the “Dirtbags” speech given by the police Union after the Tuttels got killed the “good guys” there are willing to turn Rat now. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/crime/article/harding-street-drug-raid-guilty-plea-steven-bryant-16216369.php#photo-21065062

  4. Got nothing for them. Not gonna get involved. I’ll protect my family and assist the neighbors I like.
    Shoot shovel and shut up.

  5. 4 am and my dog is growling at my front door. “Goddamn coyote is back” I thought. Grabbing my S&W and heading to the door I look out the side windows. I see nothing. Slowly I open the door and my dog back pedals. I should have listen. I didn’t. Cautiously I step one foot out my door and immediately make eye contact with a very large dude standing in the only blind spot on my porch. My laser in his eye stopped him cold. I lead him down the driveway and heard my wife behind me calling the police. At no point in this encounter was I nervous until I saw the red and blue lights come ripping around my street corner. That was when I was actually worried.
    I dropped my 9 and quickly stepped away, yelling to my wife “tell them I’m the guy in his underwear!”

    It worked. I didn’t get shot.

  6. Not all police are bad guys. Here in NH we have Laurie’s Law where police that have trouble telling the truth get to Prove EVERYTHING they say or do in court .

    Some quit or go work in a different state.

    Police Lawyers and Unions are the PROBLEM. Protects the worthless thugs.

    I have several Sherriff and local Police as neighbors. Good folks. I have been called to help around their homes as around midnight my response time is faster than EMS.

    Judge folks by how they behave Not their skin or employment. Every group has assholes and thugs

    1. In Okanogan County, Washington, I wouldn’t trust our Sheriff or any of his Deputies for a moment. I personally witnessed a Sergeant (name withheld) threaten to beat up a defenseless 57 year old woman who is not half his size and did nothing to provoke him. When I tried to get copies of body cam recordings (yes another deputy was present) I found out our Sheriff refuses to issue that inexpensive and readily available technology that would prove how his Deputies treat people.

      If I ever see out Sheriff or any of his Deputies in trouble, I will turn my back on him and walk away.

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