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So, my fellow blogger Arthur Sido over at “Dissident Thoughts” has a pretty damned good writeup on “Illiberal Liberals” Link HERE (if the bloody thing works).  The TL;DR take is his perspective (correct IMO) of the liberals of the world have come full circle…

Becoming that which they rail against the most

A stultifying bunch of pseudo intellectual assholes, high on their sense of entitlement and smugness.

In pure redneck-ese: “A bunch’a goddamn worthless pantywaist motherfuckers who need a mudhole stomped in their asses, and roadmarched dry.” 

Now, I agree with Arthur. 

He makes a lot of good points…

And I think I have a new idea of what’s got a lot of these newer, more hateful, younger ‘liberals’ allll bent out of shape.

Now, per Arthur, the liberals of yesteryear came about in the 60’s: 
“Being a liberal used to mean things like concern for workers being exploited by big business, staying out of wars, free speech and expression and of course loosened sexual morals. They were always yammering on and on about stuff, arguing with conservatives and each other. They believed in what they were saying and they wanted to tell you why you were wrong if you didn’t believe the same thing. The hippies and the music counterculture of the 60s and 70s was all about “fighting the man” and struggling against the prevailing culture. Even as recently as the early 90s when I was in college, liberals were still game for an argument.”

Now, what he –doesn’t- mention was a lot of the reason for “fighting the man” was purely motivated by self-preservation.  I’d say 90-95% of the assholes “fighting the man” were the anti-war “I don’t want to get killed because I’m special” highly educated, overblown sense of self worth elitists.  I mean look at all the draft dodgers out there…Trump hid out due to ‘bone purs’ and the current resident used asthma as his excuse.  This despite both assholes being athletic as fuck. Biden being a lifeguard and football player, and Trump doing baseball… out of the two, I’d tend to believe Trump over Biden as bone spurs do happen, especially in that sort of sport, whereas being a lifeguard with asthma?

C’mon man!

Besides, war was for the poor, stupid hicks in flyover country.

Not that I blame them, Nam was a shit show that should have never happened.  Part and parcel of another reason they whacked JFK was he was going to shut down Nam and bring the troops home, thereby shutting down all that filthy defense lucre that Johnson and MacNamara’s contracting buddies wanted…


Anyone with the ability, money or stones out-and-out dodged the draft.  One way to do it was stay in school.  Which a HUGE number of motherfuckers did.  Stay in school for multiple degrees, and in the end, depending on what you got schooled in, begin to teach, when you weren’t protesting to keep the façade up that you were “fighting the man” when in reality, they were hiding and trying to keep their asses alive behind dubious claims that, over time, they began to really believe their own bullshit.  And worse?

They began to teach it.

Indoctrinate.  Infiltrate.  Subvert.

Hell, the fucking Russians openly admit they were behind 80% of the hippy movement.

So, they ended up running the show, and were, and still are, communist back fucking cowards who believe their own cognitive dissonance bullshit, and can’t acknowledge nor admit to their own culpability, as it’s built on a foundation of lies and bullshit.

Fast forward to Generation Z and the tail End of Generation X.

X had, for the most part, joined the DotMil out of the need for college cash, the want of adventure and or pride in being in uniform or pride of serving.  Getting rid of conscription left a volunteer force proud of what they did for a living.  And, if like me, the pure enjoyment of getting to blow shit up occasionally, go to strange countries, bang the hot local broads and get shitfaced 24-7.  Even got to kill some motherfuckers too as a bonus.

And got paid to do it!

Now, same goes for Generation Z.  However, unlike other wars, The troops this time?  


 in the eyes of the public.

They were pure Alpha Males and Females

They had all the kudos, and got laid and free booze wherever they went.

Cut to Emo Joe at the corner bar, majoring in Advanced African Basketweaving, who IF he’s lucky –might– score with that HUUUUGE fat tatted up chick in the dorm if her L.U.G. roommate isn’t home that night…. 

L.U.G. means Lesbian Until Graduation… started in the late nineties.  Chick’d claim to be dykes for the social-cool points, and grades, and the day they leave campus?  BOOM!  Dickstacking by- the-foot on the Cock-Carousel anyone?  

And IF he manages to graduate in 5 years (if he can manage another $20K in student loan debt) he might be able to score a entry-level teachers assistant gig at the University, but he might have to suck off his male PolySci professor to get the recommendation.

In walks former Sergeant Chad Thundercock  

He’s a former Airborne Ranger with more pussy than he knows what to do with, a full New G.I. Bill ride so he’s got cash to spend on, and is driving a paid-off Pimped out giant ass Ford F250 with a lift kit and kicking sound system.

ALL the guys want to be Chad

ALL the girls want to fuck Chad

Hell, even some of the guys want to fuck Chad too.

Emo Joe purely hates Chad and his ilk.

And there’s a lot more of the Emo Joes than Chad out there.

So, because they can’t go toe-to-toe with Chad in any meaningful way, Emo and his kind go the “SJW Swarm Attacks” and try to use their intellect and subversive means to attack Chad obliquely.  However, they can’t do it where they can be identified.  Nonono… Chad has zero fucks to give and if he’s openly mocked or fucked with in the classroom, he’ll bide his time and beat the ever living fuck out of Emo on the downlow later…

Hence the rage and hatred towards ‘Normie Americans’ and their beliefs.  

They are the ones who put Chad up on a pedestal.  

They’re the ones who applaud and stand for the National Anthem.

They are the ones who thank Chad and Becky for their service and honor them

Not Emo or any of they/them. 

Or whatever the fuck they call theyselves Aye?
They hate us, ‘cos they ain’t us

And never will be.

Hence the near nonstop attempts to tear down anything and everything that is adored from a Traditional American POV.  The flag?  Burn it.  The anthem? Kneel for it.  The Country?  Shit on it.  The Military?  Marginalize and subvert it.  The traditional Family? Dissolve it and pervert it.  Normal sexuality?  Pervert it completely.

THAT IMO is why they’re doing it… it’s a bit simplistic


Sometimes the easiest definitions are a short, straight line
So, tell me whatcha think.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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