Lin Wood and Desperation

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Merry New Year!


OK  Probably gonna harsh a couple of y’all mellow here
But the whole “Lin Wood sez” thing
It’s gotta stop.
It reeks of desperation
I mean gang, lets be realistic.  I really really hope I eat my words on this one
So far?  I’m no longer believing in –anything- these fucking grifters are saying
Too much talk, not enough action to paraphrase the King.
“Epstein is alive”
OK… great… Horseshack is still dead motherfucker
That bit of intel is about the only thing that’s right
See.. this is the problem writ large

Too much Hopium and Copium still.
We need to find real leadship
Not these bloviating assholes
In fact, a major disqualifier in my book is if thery’re ‘blue check’ then they shouldn’t be trusted to lead a thirsty camel to a watering hole.  Nevermind talking all that shmack.  It’s wearisome.  It’s typical.  It’s boring and counterproductive
Makes guys like me tune the fuck out.
I mean look at this mook

This guy is one Howard Dean Moment of “YYYEAAAARGH!!!” from complete irrelevancy

I don’t care about his credentials
I don’t care that he’s stumping for Orange Man Bad
He, like even Orange Man Bad doesn’t understand
It’s not about TRUMP
It’s about the process being undercut and fucked with

I do not care who got elected.
What I care about is that it was a fair election.
Americans are all about a square deal
Play fair, and we’ll be cool
Fuck with the system to the extent you have?  Yeah, It’s –go time
I can deal with minor, petty graft and grifting
Hell It’s how I got my job done in the Middle East
The Baksheesh must be paid
If not?
Good luck on getting anything done at all

But to flagrantly fuck with a NATIONAL Election?
Jesus, they fucking fried a bunch of baseball players for throwing the 1919 world series
They went after the Patriots for ‘ball deflation’
They sent 14 FBI “Special Agents” to investigate a fucking garage door pull in NASCAR
But electoral fraud?
Nothing to see here
Add on the FBI agent who recently shot a motherfucker in DC and it’s being covered up?
The Diktats from the FUSA will no longer be accorded nor followed
We need leadership
Real Leadership
We need to discuss our next moves
Make plans
Make life hard for the occupational government, cause this one inbound?
Sure as shit, ain’t Legit.
I need to put that on a T-Shirt and start hawking them.
“Biden/Harris” logo on the front, underneath, “Sure as Shit, Ain’t Legit”
You heard it here first
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. You were never in intel, were you? Woods' BS isn't interesting because it's true, it's interesting to see what sort of crap he wants folks to hear. For example, the "Epstein is alive" stuff. If you were one of Epstein's frequent flyers, when you heard somebody killed him, you were profoundly grateful. Now, you hear he's alive?! Wood saying that crap is interesting because it means he thinks that will spin somebody up, and odds are good you aren't the dude he's trying to panic. So, don't believe a word of it, but think about why he might tell those crazy lies.

  2. Happy New Year, Big Country. Time for the dirt people to have a say this year. I hope you are well. I look forward to talking to you and reading your work this year. Stay motivated! Beast mode! Keep it up! Rakk Hard!

  3. That is Robert Hegyes, he played Juan Epstein on Welcome Back Kotter. Ron Palillo played horshack.

  4. Ditto. IMO, the only positive to Lin's comments is that he hasn't conceded on behalf of Trump like a bunch of other "R's" are doing.

    If you don't know facts in favor of Trump winning, or you 'feel' like all is lost, then STFU. We will all know everything we need to know on the 20th.

  5. Lin Wood is the shyster who made c. 700K of Kyle Rittenhouse' defense fund disappear. Wood

    is – almost – as big a con-artist as Trump. Between 6 January, when the EVs are counted in Congress, the Republican fake-"protests" are voted down, and Biden i.e. Harris and her Hollywood Jew lawyer husband are inaugurated on 20 January, I fear the cog diss among the alt-lite Trumpchumps will drive some to suicide. Good riddance if so.

    1. " On 20 January, I fear the cog diss among the alt-lite Trumpchumps will drive some to suicide. Good riddance if so."
      A heartily enthusiastic Amen to that.
      Just do a quick read of the pathological dumbfuck comments made here by them.

  6. At this stage, you shouldn't consider anyone to be a leader unless you have some sort of personal connection with them. There are useful people who have a broader voice but I assume all of them are at least partly in it for the grift unless I know them personally.

  7. AOC may have beat you on the t-shirts. She's not a capitalist, she's creating t-shirt manufacturing jobs for the people!

  8. At this point all that needs to happen is about 500 people in the DC swamp dragged out into the streets and shot in the head. Do it all in one day, solve a lot of problems. They hung motherfuckers back in Lincoln's day, we need to get back to that sort of public display of justice.

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