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Goooood Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Couple O’Droogs were wondering where I’m getting my intel:

The John Hopkins Hospital Carcass Counter

It’s a bit hinky… like todays update is actually from today, whereas the 31January Updates, well, they just -didn’t-.  I mean I might have missed it but being an unemployed bum gives me ample opportunity to check, check and re-check.  Even then, There’s timeframes that have been missing.
So the Count, as seen above: 1Feb @ 10:00hrs
12024 Infected
259 Dead

And the deaths?  I’m still not believing ‘the offishul reports’…

The OTHER one I like to use is the FlightAware Airplane Flight Tracker

It tracks –all– airborne Civilian Airline Transponders, so it gives you a picture of whats in the air, and what ain’t.  Currently I’m still watching this and saying “What the fuck?”… global assed pandemic and these retards are still jetting and spreading?  Not smart.

Here in Big Country’s Home For Wayward Brain Damaged Veterans (dats me, off-fish-shully now LOL) we’re headed out to start scaling up the preps.  I have a water cooler and about 20 5 gallon jugs, so its time to start filling ’em 4 at a time, and rotate/utilize as needed.

Also, Dollar Store time!  Bleach, cleaners, Antimicrobials (Lysol, the no-name brand) and some ‘other’ supplies like Hand Sanitizer BEFORE it all disappears.

My line of thought has been that if and if we went over 5 here confirmed stateside, I’m rolling up the A.O. to -start- getting ready.  Better a day early than to be dealing with crowds, retards and panic buyers.  I mean I’m -not- worrying about marauding Mad Max Motherfuckers…


So I’ll  let ya know what we find as we roll out today. 
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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