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Little different subject matter here this A.M.  I creep and crawl all day while working on ye olde intarwhebz to see whuts whut with whut so to speak.  Tracking societal changes and issues is critical for intel gathering.  The more info, the better.  Trends and such whatnot can let you try and stay inside the loop so to speak.  Now, one of the websites I go to is almost purely for entertainment.  I discovered it during the divorce.  It’s a red pill site that poasts a lot of a online dating profiles that teh whammans have poasted, with outrageous demands and whatnot.
Case in Point:

Ok… on Tinder… bad enough
21 years old, not a ugly chick… at least she’s not a bloatapotomus
Because if you look, that line: “Pregnant rn due date in September”
Traaaaaain Wreck inbound.
demanding train wreck… AND you have to be at least 5’11 and be willing to ‘step up’
It’s the reason that this reddit exists… essentially bottom feeder females, demanding the best of the best of the best of men step up and ‘fix’ their fuckups.  Pregnant by Chad?  Check.  Demanding overwhelming sense of entitlement? Check.  “No hook ups”  BWAHAHAHA!  Suuuuuuure baby.

So anyways, point is, I started seeing a huge amount of these young nubiles on there that’re poasting.  And all the usual suspects so to speak, roasting the shit out of them.  The comments are great. 

But It got me to thinking.  Especially since there are so many comments stating that this’s just the tip of a huge Iceberg of Teen Pregnancy.  Apparently there are so many chicks under the age of 25 that’re all knocked up and looking for a White Knight Beta Bucks savior that it’s almost impossible to find a non-preggers broad on the OLD sites (thats Online Dating for y’all who don’t get it).
What if, and maybe I’m reaching, but what if the sheer number of MASS pregnancies seen (despite widespread availability of birth control, abortion and adoption options) in teenaged women indicates something deeper?

The RP (Red Pill) states that basic R/K selection, Chad and monkeybranching, plus AWALT (i.e. ignorant sluts) has much to do with it, plus the inherent inability for teh whammans to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Many commenters on reddit are in line with that theory
What if the current plague of unexpected pregnancies is actually a baseline ‘survival’ mode being activated in the hind-lizard brain of females?

That the near-constant bombardment of media-based doom-porn has switched on the “reproduce or die” part of the instinctual species survival genes?

Could the problem be more metaphysical than behavioral?

It would explain the un-fucking-believable amount of young nubile breeders showing up preggers on all of the OLD websites?
I mean in times of mass die offs and stress to the species, animals, to include us balding monkey, we double down to insure species continuity.  I’d be very curious as to the numbers vis-a-vis teen pregnancy and COVID and the reactions.  Given the imposed social distancing and whatnot, and the theory at least that the lil chickies were NOT able to do the ‘act like a THOT’ during the past 15 months of lockdown, does the current pregnancy boom potentially indicate a far deep reason for the lil darlin’s showing up knocked up?  Theoretically, less interaction should ostensibly mean a decline in teen pregnancy.  But what if is had the opposite reaction?  That the lizard hindbrain kicked on the ‘make babies NOW‘… I by no means am trying to excuse it… I mean there is zero excuse for an unexpected pregnancy otherwise these days… nevermind the whole ‘not putting the baby up for adoption’ thing as well, as the majority of the THOTs seem to be determined to keep the lil buggers… which in turn raises more questions.

Inquiring minds Aye?
Let me know what ya think. Later I’ll be doing one on a near-untouched story of our DotMil occifers who wrote their own letter on the same day that the Frogs sent theirs.
More Later Then, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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    1. The increase in pregnant sluts OLD is a factor of a decrease in available suckers. Pre-covid the “late” girl would have several employed suckers to have a drunken “rubber failure” entrapment and they would most likely not question the child’s origin. Those suckers are busy working doubles to keep up with the folks collecting unemployment or under quarantine now.

      OLD fishing is plan B.

      The same folks doing Covid numbers claim there’s fewer young people pregnant than ever.

  1. I have to admit I read this and had little idea of what you were talking about so I went to the site to see. I couldn’t stop reading out of the horror it caused.

    I am sure we need to nuke the planet from space, just to be sure.

  2. Makes me glad that I’m long past that stage. These idiots never think ahead. What will they do when the fedbux are worthless?

  3. BC, I’m gonna chalk this one up to pure teenage stupidity rather than for continuity of species or some other instinctual survival drive. Covid lockdowns are, I suspect, the main catalyst but for a counter-intuitive reason: many modern parents can’t stand to be around their offspring for an extended period of time under normal circumstances. Now couple that with the stress of lost jobs, unpaid bills, society giving itself a flaming enema for the better part of a year, etc., and at the end of the day a lot of those parents aren’t going to give a damn where their kids are or what they’re doing so long as they’re out of the house and they have a few relatives peaceful moments to themselves. (Maybe to hit the bottle, bong, pop a pill, whatever for good measure.)
    And let’s face it, for many of those parents all the fuck trophy would have to say is “Imma go protest for Floyd yo!” and the useless shitbag of a “parent” would be totally cool with it. Viola! All the unsupervised time a burgeoning young streetwalker needs to have the local burn/loot/murder thugs or pantifa Brony’s run train on her and bukakke her cervix with the most vile milkshake baby you could ever imagine. But as ignorant as the young cum-dumpsters are they’re cunning enough to try and cuck an actual man because they know that the young communists and/or future prison basketball team members who contributed to the mix for said milkshake baby aren’t ever going anywhere in life except back to their cell or into a pine box a few decades ahead of schedule.
    These “women” don’t need or even truly want a man in their life. It’s too late for that. They need a bulk pack box of wire coat hangers and someone to tattoo “I let losers cum in me” on their foreheads.
    /rant off

  4. Good point made. Questions outweigh answers any day. But (there’s always a “but”), does the rate of age-group pregnancy support it?

    We know women are cowardly and dishonest. It’s part of something larger to protect children. The hearth.

    How many Navy ships were crippled in GWOT since Gulf One by pregnancies? I think the fear factor is maybe the belief (irrational feeling) it’s now or never AND (always an “And”) that they’ll be protected.

    The destruction of the public schools is this: “Can’t hurts da chirren“. Divorced baby mommas (no longer mothers) fall right in line. All races. Bad behavior rewarded. Ticket to escape destitution.

    Children & old people are expendable. Nature isn’t otherwise. Gonna be a hard wake-up.

    That “flocking behavior” (birds) or “schooling” (fish) is also evident with the monkey-see, monkey-do retards isn’t any surprise. There isn’t a hidden Facebook page that alerts all shitskins to adapt a behavior NOT promulgated online or on television. Crops up on its own. Kinda uncanny.

    R/K Selection Theory just makes it more predictable as to the nature of the difference. Specifics. But not always the stimulus.

  5. FFS she’s not a child, she is 21, at 21 my mother had a baby, however she had been married for 11 months beforehand, at 21 my dad was just out of the VA hospital after being flown out of Korea on medical evack, .

    1. Shit, even if she was a teenager, at 16, again during the Korean war my uncle legit joined the navy, my dad’s cousin joined the army at 17 and “celebrated” his 18th birthday somewhere in France.
      I get that it seems that to the older generations, the younger generation coming up tend to be considered frivolous fools, but this time it’s true, this younger generation, for the most part is going to be a disaster.

  6. I don’t have much good to say about today’s culture, and that reddit forum ain’t helping. But…

    On the bright side, it is entertaining, and I have bookmarked it for future laughs. It will probably be as addicting as the BCE blog posts – if that is possible.

    I’d like to think you are on to something re: the pregnancies, but my gut says the forum is just consolidating the trash that has always existed.

    1. some of the comment man… just those alone are worth the regular daily check… over the weekends, it gets downright fuckin’ brutal Aye?

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