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Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Did some door ka-nockin’ last night.

Courtesy Concerned ‘Murican

What a wet fart that was.  I only found a few of the neighbors even willing to discuss the potential upcoming weirdness.  It was a bit of a bitch to bring up the subject but I used the old “neighborhood watch’ in ‘these weird times” scenario as an intro.  The neighbors, with the exception of a Retired Master Sar’nt from the Marine Corp who is new to the A.O… everyone was like 
Serbian War Criminal is ALL IN.  In fact, his utter hatred of communists is awesome.
Fucker is ready too… built him a good Run n’Gun rifle a ways back.
He’s still long-term poppin’ smoke tho.  Said “Bad shit long term bro, better to be in woods, away from darkies.”  We’ve been seeing a LOT of blacks migrating down here because of the CoronaChan.  SWC thinks it’s gonna be racial warfare.  He, like me isn’t racist by a a long shot.  It’s just the Racial Reality of the times.  So, for him bailing and removing his fam (3 kids and his wife) is the way to go.  
So, the other across the street Ladies, codenames SchoolMom and AncientMom, SchoolMom is a teacher in the County System, AncientMom is a really old Louisiana Regal type oldster… nice as hell, older’n dirt, and trades gossip and beignets with me  They (IMO foolishly) put a BIG “Trump 2020/Jesus 2020” sign in the front yard a ways back.
Talked to them last nights and offered up a Kevlar blanket for the front door for election night.
Part of my many bringbacks from Eye-Rak.
A ‘UUUUGE Kevlar Blast Blanket, ’bout 4X5 feet… not sure but I think it was part of a vehicular uparmor kit for HMMWVs.  It, and a bunch of other gear has been stashed in various gorilla boxes in the garage, out of UV light and in -relatively- temperature controlled environs.  Told them we’ll hang it on the inside of the front door OR we can put it up in one of the interior closets to make a safe room.  Determining -which direction- the fight might come from is  the tricky part… methinks IF some tard decides to do what I described in an earlier post, a drive by is the more than likely scenario that might play out.  
Either way, Sapper and Me are gonna be at full Red Status that night, to include even being in the bushes with the ghillie… hotter’n fuck, and rotating shifts, but…
Let someone decide to play stupid.
And then my next door neighbor, another old retiree lady, ChurchLady, she’s just gonna hunker.
The OTHER issue is the black family up the street recently put out a Biden/Harris sign…  I’ve been ‘neighbor friendly’ with them.. wave and the “How ya doin?” friendliness… nothing over that tho… not sure exactly what the declaration, this late in the game is about, but it, from an Intel Analysis perspective is a thing of worrisomeness.  They’ve never put a sign in the yard.  Not in the 15+ years I’ve been in this A.O.  To me, this late in the game, to me that’s sort of like “marking the door with lamb’s blood”…Passover.  Mark the house to make sure that IF retard games are played, that THEIR house don’t get fucked with.

Then another family, catty corner to me… The Serbian War Criminal’s next door, HE is gonna be a potential problem.  Former Marine, rumor is he got thrown out for drugs.  Black guy.  Racist as fuck.  Doesn’t have a nice word for us whypeepo ever.  His wife is sweet and deeply embarrassed by his behavior, but, she acts like an abused woman.  Won’t say anything to me, or SWC or the family when he’s around… but if he’s out and away from the house, and she walks the dog or takes their lil baby (about 18 months old) for a walk, she’s all sorts of nice.
But, I shudder to think what might happen in the next few.  I really hope they pack up and leave.
And all the rest?
“Nothing is going to happen.”  
“We’re just going to call the Sherriff if something happens.”
Cognitive Dissonance, A.K.A. Head in Sand Syndrome or, Head Up Ass.
I mean yeah, here in Florida, so far things have been quiet.
As I said in the “Moments” post, Ask the guy who’s falling off an 80 story building how the trip is so far at the 40th floor, and he’ll invariably say “So far, so good.” 
Better to be ready.  Can’t say I didn’t try.  I’m so over the concept at this point.  The very fact that Sapper n’Me are having to discuss the range cards for the neighborhood… lanes of fire… potential targets and where we’re going to lay the Concertina…
What the fuck?
How/Why do we have to do this?  I sure as fuck didn’t ask for this.  And there’s a new guy out there that I got an email from a guy called “Normal American.”  He’s a new blogger to me and WRSA, and he kindly mentioned and referenced me in his “When Deplorables Fight Back.”  Highly recommend 10/10 on his writing and I’m add him to Ye Olde Blogroll of deplorables.

We shouldn’t have to do this.
I shouldn’t have to spend my hard earned shekels like this.
I mean being prepped is a thing of goodness, hurricanes and whatnot… but I shouldn’t have to be worrying whether or not some Left Leaning Wannabe Terrorist who wants to fuck with me and or assault, kill or burn my house down because we disagree politically?

These people are fucking certifiably INSANE.
They need to step the fuck down, and shut the fuck up.
Cause Spicytime Approacheth Like Some Large, Shambling Beastie Aye?
That Beast is Hungry, and he will not be denied.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. In my neighborhood I saw two "Black Votes Matter" signs. One with the black fisting fist on it. Fuck. Fucking fuck. This is in an area where people are actively wearing MAGA stuff.


    Did I say fuck?

    Got the snotgun out, the pistols out, will get out the .22 guns (better than nothing) and will dig out the ammo boxes of doom so as to preprep for action.

    Need to find my 'hawk and my kukri (Cold Steel version, pretty damned nice.)

    But, yeah, it's going to be interesting. Hopefully the most interesting will be watching the poll returns.

    Don't want action, but am ready for action.

  2. It's gonna be in the 40s up here in the NW Florida Panhandle Tuesday night, so the Ghillie suit is gonna feel NICE.
    They should reconsider coming here. Shit ton of dense forest just north of us and a big ass swamp nearby.
    Shoot, shovel and shut up.
    Won't be anyone around to hold the reigns when we go all "Let's us fucks it, my precious!"

  3. Ya did the best ya could with who ya had. Stop sniveling, Grasshoppah, and prepare to defend your tribe. Hear the wisdom of Sgt Zim and heed it.

  4. Sucks when all we want is to be left alone and leave others alone. But I that the old evil is going to have to come out and do all the old evil things. Left with no other choice.

  5. Every magazine is loaded, for rifles and pistols. Shotguns are ready. I've cleaning and oiling all week. When I die, it will be in a pile of my own spent brass. If they show up around here, we'll show 'em what a monster really looks like.

  6. The violent left are a distinct minority. Very loud, very noticeable, and they can be dangerous. But they are still a minority. Even those who support them are a minority. But to date they have never suffered any meaningful consequences for their violent conduct. This has emboldened them. They know that in some areas not only do that have free rein to terrorize but anyone opposing them will be targeted by the local Soros backed authorities while they get a pass. If you reside in such a locale you are well and truly hosed. Other places…..they aren't likely to make much trouble. Most regions of the country are NOT safe havens for the violent left therefore they aren't likely to act out. They will stay in cities that they already control politically. If you are in one of those places prepare and be ready for violence. But most places the risk of violence from the radical left, while not zero is minimal. Being prepared and vigilant is a good idea but the handful of times the morons showed up in Podunk to protest…..places like Berthoud, CO or Minden, NV thy got run out of town. So they will for the most part stay where they are protected. The violent left aren't rocket surgeons but most aren't abject morons. They will go where they think they can get away with their criminality. Thy are evil but for the most part not idiots.

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