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Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes

More localized intel gathered from a few sources.  In this case, Sapper, Inlaws, and Spawn.
First Off:
Florida: March 21 @ 14:30: 658 Cases
              March 21 @22:00: 763 Cases

Sapper got hit with a mission this A.M.  He’s in whats been declared a ‘critical emergency service’ i.e. Fuel Handler for the port.  He’s with one of the giant Petroleum Companies and his gig is overseeing the offloading of various flavors of products off the Large Barges that meet up with the Supertankers off the coast.

His mission this morning was oh-dark-early, so he went before Publix was fully open… or so he thought.  He got there and found that the paper ilse was almost completely stripped bare despite a “one package per customer” rule.  Seems that the folks were lined up outside at 5 am and went in with 4 family members, all with cash individually to buy.  The meat and eggs were also wiped out -again-

He also said the medical area of OTC drugs were cleaned out, to include a LOT of the pediatric stuff.  That, if being bought by folks with Lil ‘Uns is OK but if its just general panic buying?  Fuck that.  Wrong Wrong Fucking Wrong.

He then got to work, and apparently they’ve stashed three massive cruise ships in whats normally the docking area for ‘boats needing repair’.  As in deep storage possibly?  He’s not sure but he said two of the three are all still lit up like a Christmas Tree.  Maybe pre-positioned floating hospital use?  No one could tell him.

END RESULT: Local supermarkets STILL under ginormous pressure.  Cruise ships being mothballed.  Fuel deliveries still ongoing.

Then, onto Spawn.  #1 Son messaged at around 10 am this morning asking if I had any 5.56mm on hand.

Queue Excessive and Crazy Laughter

I called him back and asked him how severe the head injury was because he’s obviously brain damaged.  He was actually being tentative with me because he’s embarrassed to ask.  Told him to get his ass over and bring the rifle and his mags.

Apparently he’s off today, and unsure if he’s got work on Monday.  He does desktop IT support so my vote is “probably fucking not”.  So he and his woman went out to procure some needed shit for the inevitable lockdown.

And not a bullet to be found.  Like none.  NO 5.56mm in reasonable price points.  Plenty of the $3 a round Match Grade shit, but, much like eggs, the normal useful daily-daily shit is all fucking GONE.
Same for 9mm and .45.

I loaded his mags, and gave him one of my extras, and loaded him up with “warshots”.  62 Grain M855A1 Tungsten Core with the last (first loaded) 3 rounds being M856 64 Grain Tracer.  Figured if this shit does go ‘kinetic’ I’d rather he’s loaded for bear… leastways with BBs capable of penetrating level 3…  He wanted to pay, but I told him no, we’d dope-deal it.  The trade off was he ordered me another couple boxes of primers and a Pound of Hodgdon powder.  I’m yielding about 250-300 rounds per pound of powder, and seeings right now M855A1 can’t be found outside of the military for love nor money, its a fair dinkum trade.  Told him if shit doesn’t go sideways, I expect the ammo to be returned w/the hand receipt I issued.  We ordered it online for in-store pickup, thereby avoiding the $20 Hazmat Fee, and I’ll pick it up in store in a week +/-

END RESULT: No ammo to be had in common calibers.  None to be found online except ’boutique’ frou-frou stuff that’s too expensive to buy in bulk.  Powder and Primers still available for online purchase and  in-store delivery.  None actually In Store currently.

Now, lastly the In Laws.  Rather some really nice people.  Stunningly so after the last batch of flaming fucktards, may they die horribly.  The Mother in Law called and has been having MAD issues with deliveries.  They live in an INSANELY wealthy area in the North called The Villages.  Median income is like one point two million.  Apparently, every business up there is playing the “you weren’t home” game and not delivering packages or food.  We’ve been on the phone blowing up motherfuckers for this shit, as BOTH the In Laws are/have mobility-issues.  They’re never NOT at home.  This morning it was UPS saying they weren’t home and it was a fucking medication drop off.
Bullshit.  They’re always home.  Even more so now.

My next phone call will not be pleasant.  It’s gonna be along the lines of “Find the package, get it to them, or you die.  No fucking joke.”  My Mom-in-Law is a NICE lady dammit and she relies on these meds to stay fucking alive.

We also sent a care package.  File this under ‘Weird Shit in a Pandemic.’
2 Big Rolls of Bounty Paper Towels
1 Bottle (10oz) Hand Sanatizer Gel
2 Cans Spray Disinfectant
6 Rolls of the Good Charmin
4 N95 Masks
5 Pair Venom Nitrile Gloves
They can’t find ANY of it locally.  The rate they use stuff, that’s a month supply, so they should be good.  VERY strange to be sending out a care package like that.  And, no.  Fuck the post office “Is anything yadda yadda?”


“That’ll be $25.”


END RESULT:  Extreme shortages in even the wealthiest enclaves, and deliveries being ignored as ‘they’re old and gonna die anyways’ if I hadda guess.  Assholes.

So take care of yer elders, watch out for your clan, and check on the little old lady up the street, ’cause sure as shit no one else is going to.

More Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I just checked our local ammo store, about the same as down in your area. Where they usually have 15-20 pallets of various cases of ammo they were down to one case .30-06 and one spam can of 7.62×54. Talked to one of the guys there, said they had done over $2,000,000 in sales in the last week, far more then they had ever done.

  2. Ignore the previous comment, just looked again at the website and saw everything is out of stock.

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