Lonnnnnnng Day and Ye Olde Poast 1000

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp… what a day!  Tired AF after full day in Glorious Peoples New Tractor Factory.  Then, went over to Gray Man, the Commissar of IT who got me the gig for dinner and beers.  He’s a great guy and has a HUGE fam to say the least… like going into platoon sized elements… or a Heavy Squad depending on one’s definition.

Then a run back to the Hotel Hell.
Which had count ’em 1…2…3… fuzzy-wuzzies camped out in the lot, eyefucking all and sundry, to include ye Olde Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Fun.  The lobby had all the hookers abuzz about what appeared to be a soon-to-be-raid.   Then as I was entering the Home of Hell Away From Home, I noticed some of ‘muh Diversity’ running what appeared to be small packages of -something- out of the building to a idleing panel van that was out of sight from the fuzz.

Tell ya what… Tis a moment of “nunya”…
None Yor Damned Biddness BCE.

Fuck it.  I made it to the room unmolested and clean… but then again I was at the ready, with the Smith tucked in it’s holster ready to bust if needed.  But, I also had on the “don’t fuck with me frown and vibe” so like everyone stayed the fuck away. I got beer in the room… I’m good.  My only problem is I -didn’t- get any snacks, and I apparently have the munchies dammit.  And since I’m -in- for the night, ah well.

Now… tonight:

This’s the 1000 poast on here since September 19, 2019.
Like the B-17 in that pic, there it is… still flying, despite the flak and bullshit thrown at it.
Not a bad analogy IMO
Now, yeah, I didn’t get full bore until January 2020… that’s about when I started the poast-a-day… think I’ve only missed like 4-5 days total over the past two years… that ain’t bad…  thing is it’s a lot of work to come up with daily commentary on a daily.  Especially when I can’t get to read the news.  Day like today for instance.  Now, a warning: I have to work a full day, and then drive home, which is a 3 +/- drive… not sure if I’ll be able to poast…

Jes’ Sayin’

So, Happy 1000 to everyone who’s made me a success here.  I greatly appreciate ALL of y’all.  I keep doing it ‘cos being a writer, it’s sort of like a heroin addiction… 
you either ARE or yer not.
Apparently I -am- a full bore addict.

And those who’ve helped out financially, man, I ain’t got the words.

Your kindness has been noted, and I promise to (bearing on financial stability LOL) get some swag to you when I can.  You have me and mine, and especially the GranBebes thanks.  All the help you’ve given has helped to keep the diapers flowing.  Thank GOD NewBebe is on ‘regular food’ now which helps immensely, as the formula bullshit and Bebefood?  OMFG… THAT was killing me…  Diapers are a necessity…I mean poopcatchers?  Yeah… I’m in understanding that whole thing… but now that she’s cut four lil fangs?  Hungry?  OK, here’s a fucking hamburger kid… have at it… (in small cut appropriately sized pieces of course… sort of how I’d like to do to their father… but anywho) 

So, A good number, 1000… Sen in Japanese…

“The journey itself is my home.”
― Matsuo Basho

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter 
Big Country

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  1. Congrats BC!

    How do we donate to the cause? Youre putting work in and should get something in return. Me, I couldnt do it, Id be fed posting out of the gate, so I keep my social media small, but I look forward to your post everyday, lest I not go captain cavemen on the blogosphere, cuz if you arent ready to hang motherfuckers, or deliver the face-shooter package personally, we aint on the same team at this point, cuz its coming to be war on everyone. Anywhoo. You can send it offline if need be to my protonmail.

    For the crowd, if you was thinking of, but waited to buy some NVDs, NODs, NVGs, etc…as long as you can own the night, the price is rising rapidly like “Kumalla’s” feted skirt. The L3 pvs 14 white phosphorous tubes went up $800 this year, time for waiting is over, just seen them for $3999 at ready resources. The L3, white phosphorous tubes are what you want, no compromises when it comes to this here shit.

  2. Congrats on the job working out!

    LOL it is interview hell out there. A ton of jobs, but everyone seems to be doing like 5 plus interviews per position. And they are all at least a week apart with Thanksgiving week no one really doing squat. Not in too big of a hurry luckily.

    Had the first online application ask about the Jab today. Not even asking in interviews so far which I have found interesting.

    How many interviews does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop?

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