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Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Welp!  Let me first and foremost start off the day with a hearty THANK YOU to Readers John and Justin for a couple O’weeks ago donations to the BC Bullet Beans and Boot funds!  I –just- went and checked ye olde email that alerts me to that shit… seems I need to check it more frequently.  A-Polly-Olly-Ologgies for the oversight… I’ll attempt to do better in the future.

But today’s subject is patterns…

Ye Olde Army Tartan… I prefer Multicam myself… anywho…
Already in looking over the current state o’Minneapolis Stupidity, I’m seeing the age old patterns reoccurring, ‘cept this time, I think its a more “end-gamish” is what they have in mind…
The Standard Operating Procedure is being followed to a “T”.

The first instance of this was the whole Ahmaud Aubrey shooting.  Gonna call him “Dindu #1… as his pseudo-sandnigger name is a bitch to remember how to spell… Fucker was capped back in February and nary a word spoken.  Then all of a sudden the media resurrected that shit like Lazarus from the grave.  Two pig-i’gnint looking good ole boys get hemmed up and the virtua-mob goes batshit insane…
1) Media finds Dindu possibly KIA’d by Why Pee Po while innocently Jogging.  Broadcast LOUD and LONG  Reference “Modern Day Lynching” and “Emmet Till” all day.  Blame Orange Man Bad for it.
2) Get Virtua-Lynch Mob to go insane online, calls for “Justice”  “Black Lives Matter” “Worthless Platitudes of Virtual-Signalling from self-hating Why Pee Po”
3) Get the Author-Rit-Ties to arrest accused Why Pee Po and re-investigate said “Lynching”
4) Suddenly find out “Innocent Jogger” has a rap sheet longer than he is tall, (in 8 point font, single spaced), and LOTS of vid-ya of him stealing, lying cheating and generally being a Nigger in General.
5) Slowly faaaaaaaaade the story into the background ‘cos ya done fucked it up agin Bubba!
6) Wait for next opportunity

Which, because Pigs can’t help themselves, didn’t take long to materialize.

So… that story, as now seen, landed like a wet fart in church mainly because he was an evildoer.  I mean he was shot 11 miles from home.  And, the kicker, ‘jogging’ 22 miles roundtrip in boots and cargo pants?  My speckled ass.   I used to do 12 Mile Runs (The Rakkasan Sprint) is 32 minutes… in Army PT Shorts and really expensive  Nike Running shoes and it beat my ass into the dirt every. single. time.  And I was in the best shape of my life at the time as we did it on average twice a month…  So uh… no.  Just no.

Another Rhodes Scholar denied…

So then that went away… heard anything ’bout it lately?  Nope.  Good shoot.  Another Jogger Made Good.

Then…  Jeeeeesus… even I can’t abide this one.  I’m definitely not a fan o’da fuzz.  I’m also not a fan of Dindu Nuffin and his fellow Ghetto Dwelling Orcs…  Hell…  This is bad.  I mean talk about handing the controllers, media, leftists and Die-versity a Golden Ticket to rape pillage and loot.

Now, word is they’ve finally arrested the guy who was leaning on his neck.  The usual Badge-Butt-Boys on farcebook and such are always talking how they cops get 72 Hours union mandated time off before they can be busted, which, again reeks of inequality.  If -I- did something so egregious, I’d be in cuffs and freeze dried and buried under the jail before I could blink.  You too.

Sooooo as I posted yesterday (((everyone))) seems to be piling on the tinder to the spark…
Case in point:

Washed up Titanic Actress and Hebrew came out calling for a “race war.”
The jokes write themselves…

And then they wonder why a Hitler takes power, and all of a sudden, Jews get rounded up in Pogrom-Like fashion?  Talk about a flat out sense of no clue or self-awareness.  I mean come fucking on man….  I mean Jesus… all hell is breaking loose, and they can’t help themselves.  THIS is the sort of shit that gives TRUE antisemites ammunition… I mean here ya go:  “We’ll wind up the stupid shvarsters to do our bidding and fuck up the goyim to our advantage!”

Christ… it sounds like something written out of the Daily Stormer for fucks sakes.

So now that ‘naming the Jew’ is out of the way, lets also point out the Media ain’t helping, nor are the Cops themselves.  Apparently last night there were two “police interactions” with people from CNN… one on camera, the other off.  Seems that the Black/Hispanic (dudes name is Ramirez or some such) got arrested on camera by the fuzz without any real justification.  Leastways thats what CNN is sayin’… the other dude Willy Whyteboi, got asked “What yew doin’ boy?” by the same Statzpolitzei and was told “Oh, OK, yer cool” and left him alone.  Can neither confirm, nor deny the second incident, but Fake Lame Assed Anti-OrangemanBad Communist News Nutwork is running with it.

More fuel to the fire methinks.  Patterns… keep yer eyes open, and as Z-Man sez “Avoid Crowds at All Costs”

Basically, what I’m seeing here is the (((Media))) and the (((ignorant minions))) of a certain religious persuasion are dissatisfied with the damage done by CoronaChan… as in it hasn’t put the pain on enough to the normies out there… They are desperate to make things as cray-cray as possible over the next 3-4 months… they are desperate and dangerous.  Expect more bullshit… and it’s going to become blatant and obvious that its bullshit and they won’t care what damage it does…

Not until we start kill ’em in wholesale lots and burning the newspapers and TV stations to the ground…

Til later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. They had better stand down. I'm just waiting for one to fuck up bad enough to tip off go time.

  2. Laughing at his campaign did not work.
    Golden shower did not work.
    Russ, Russ, Russ collusion did not work
    Ukraine whistle corruption did not work
    Charlie Woo Han bat flu did not work
    Orange man bad for any reason at all did not work

    Up next – race riots, national spread with blue cities burning by mid summer, funded by the Soros one world order club.

    Guess what – ain't going to work either other than just maybe some of these rioters may get to visit Lucifer in person earlier than expected and just maybe the rest will realized that they are nothing but canon fodder (nah, they won't).

    The dates that really have me looking over both shoulders and up, are September to October. With nothing else working, would not put it past the OWO crowd to go for Dallas Book repository 2.0

  3. Best news I heard all day was La Raza Radio HQ was burned out. Listened to the presser on MPR this morning, and the Adjutant General of the Nasty Girls was frank.

    He basically said the pantywaist jew mayor panicked and said "We need the National Guard NOW!" and left out the important parts, like how many with how much at what time and where, so he just rounded up a bunch and headed towards the big buildings.

    Basically, no primary nor contingency plans for anything larger than a Gay Parade has been planned for in the entire time the skinny jew and his faggot negro St. Paul counterpart had been elected.

    Good thing diversity is our greatest strength, and importing Somalis never leads to Mogadishu.

    1. Yeah, looks like the unhealthy, drug-riddled idiot managed to have himself a heart-attack before being proned to the ground.

      Does not fit the narrative. Oops.

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