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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Happy Monday!  Maaaan that takes me back… Quite a few years ago, there was a band called exactly that, “The Happy Mondays”.  Late 1980’s/Early 1990’s band… good stuff.  Brings back other memories too, especially in light of things… School of Fish “Three Strange Days”…

We are most deeply in some “Strange Days…

Quick aside: Right before I re-joined Active Duty, I spent like ALL my nights bar-hopping all around Boston… One night there was this band playing at the Blackthorn Pub which was the place to go for authentic Irish pubbery so to speak…(‘nother aside…the fuckers torn down the ‘Thorn!!!  I googled it and it shows as permanently closed and street view shows that the place has been torn down!!! >le sigh<…anywhoo, the band was pretty damned good, and the lead singer was a hottie… they did a cover of the tune above, but the chick didn’t seem to know all the words (or she was hammered, she –was– pretty plastered) and I sort of started singing along with her, and she pulled me onstage for a improv-duet.  I ain’t no great shakes vocally, but I -did- know that tune like backwards and forwards… we had a blast and I spent the night getting hammered up with the band…

Turned out that the band?  Later became “Letters to Cleo” which went on to some small fame…

Gotta say, I -do- have quite a few ‘odd crossings’ in my life…

But, back to the original.  Not going to go too deeply into the current sit-rep.  Especially since I’ve been hearing from lots of folks.  Information overload, and my personal OODA Loop is almost full.  Getting to the point I need a whiteboard to start tracking all dis intel.  

And man, it’s killing me because I absolutely have no one I can realistically discuss a lot of this stuff with besides Sapper.  And even then?  He don’t have the clearances.  All I can do is say:

Keep your eyes open, heads on swivels and keep prepping.  
Stay ‘under the radar’ as best as one can.

Also, I’d advise to keep a small bugout bag in your car for any time you leave the house.
I don’t go to Publix up the street without my EDC at this point… And if you’re going to be a bit further out, make sure you have the proper stuff to E&E back to wherever you can, be it the house or a ‘safe house’.  In my case,  I keep a pair of older, well-broken in pair of combat boots and two pairs of socks in the car, stashed out-of-the-way in the back.  At a minimum, make sure your footgear can git you to where you need to git to.  If anything, one beef I have with a lot of these other ‘sooper-survivalist-preppers’  is they go, shall we say overboard in some of the preps.

Look, you’re going to the grocery store.
You (hopefully) aren’t going to be in a ‘movement-to-contact’ or ‘run and gun’ situation.
IF and in worst case scenario of a BIG EMP that ‘cooks’ your wheels, you pretty much just want to get the fuck out of Dodge quickly and quietly.  Now, if you DO have a ‘survival wagon’ such as a pre-1990 truck, you might want to have ‘heavier defensive capacity’ available, as -someone- might decide they want to hijack yor shytte.   Having the –only– running putt-putt in a ‘fried grid’ situation is going to draw a lot of attention.

Just like as I’ve talked about before.  

Noise and Light Discipline
Scent Discipline (often overlooked)
Trash Discipline

Now, lots of ‘stuff’ already out there by far moar in-depth focused folks.  Noise and Light?  Yeah that Genny runs loud AF.  And keeping it inside is contra-indicated due to carbon monoxide.  Jes’ Sayin’  That’s where the solar powered bank comes in handy, BUT: Lights on when there ain’t no other power?  Yeah, not a great idea to be the “Beacon Shining in the Night”… 

Scent discipline can be the ‘food factor’  Figure IF (or, as it seems to be approaching when) everything goes bugfuck nutz, gonna be a LOT of hungry folks, and I’d have to say that cooking up one of them rehydrated freeze dried Ribeyes where the whole starving neighborhood can smell it is generally considered a thing of badness.  You’d literally draw hungry, more-than-likely pissed off and agitated folks who are ALSO going to be armed and willing to kill yor dumbass to feed their kids than you want to deal with.  Best keep THAT in mind when we’re still in the ‘culling phase’ 

Same goes for going out and leaving the house… Intel is going to be -key- and that usually means physical intel… recon.  And believe you me, if we go full grid-down weirdness, even if you DO have a plan to be able to get oot and aboot, you do not want to be “Mister Clean and Shiny” freshly washed and laundered.  In Vietnam, the good recon guys ate what the VC ate (local diet) and washed as they washed so as to take on the ‘scent’ of the country and backwoods.  If -everything- has gone completely to shit, you do NOT want to be the overly-clean dood in a room full of dumpster-smelling refugees and hobos.

Trash discipline is critical as well as you don’t want to be leaving those Mountain House cans and wrappers that proclaim “Dat mothafukka gots food!” to the Orcs.  You can be damned sure that people ARE going to be eating out of the trash and maaaan, You most certainly do NOT want to be ‘that guy’ who’s throwing away MRE/Survivalist ration wrappers. 
Again, OPSEC = TrashSec.

Be the Gray Man Aye
So, as I said, ‘things’ are moving
Not sure which way the levee is going to go
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Feeling the same “tinglies” up here brother man. I commute about 25 miles to work, and I done switched from driving my comfy cosy Jag, to my 1985 Scottsdale. Less than 40k miles on her, and original EV VER REE THING. I really don’t want to get caught hiking that far. Keep your wits about you. Head on a swivel. And I’ll see you on the other side.

  2. preps? good luck at this point…

    another trip on the ferry and into town, NO bottled water at 3 different BIG stores.. NO to very little batteries, NO rotisserie chickens, NO floodlights, NO electric junction boxes, NO SHOUT stain remover, NO 100 proof SoCo, and the GM and Ford dealers are still empty..

    1. Hey T, glad to see you’re still alive and kicking up there in Indian country. I used to think you were crazy when you were talking 300mil. Now I see the wisdom in your words. I’m slow, but I ain’t completely stupid.

      1. I used to bitch him out yrs ago, and then one day the light came on, he eggs people on for fun. Some of those fools just could not see the wisdom in his off beat sarcasm. They’re still stuck on defending their mighty high moral ground, which most of them don’t live anyway.

  3. We been upgrading optics, and dialing in. Everything is as ready as we can make it, but for the old dude that needs to do what needs to be done. He could use some upgrades too.

  4. ‘Three strange days’ is a personal favorite of mine, & by coincidence I’ve had SoF’s first album on daily rotation in my car stereo for the past 2 weeks. “Human Cannonball” was decent but not as good as the debut album, had to pick that one up in Japan many, many, maaaaaaany moons ago.

    Shoes & wheels are great but think outside the box where you can. Once upon a time I had a job that was far enough from home that I could only get home on the weekends. The geography of this region being what it is I kept a backpacker’s kayak in the trunk to get me home in case “interesting times” arrived while I was at work. Otherwise it would have been a 225 mile hike home through every major population center between the Canadian border & the Columbia River. Yikes. Mapped everything out including daytime camping spots, paddled the questionable portions of it to confirm I wouldn’t kill myself, put in a full resupply cache in a secure location near the halfway point. With my get-home-bag & alternate form of transportation it would have been 3-4 nights of coastal kayaking (at the skill level I possessed back then) not to mention reducing the journey down to less than half of the walking distance.

    Local observation: hit the commissary on base over the weekend; big, BIG holes on the shelves, bigger than any amount of “stocking up for school” can explain. Some of those holes have been there for 3+ months now. Same at the local Kroger & Safeway. Our local Wally World has had its own stocking issues but they haven’t been as long term as the other grocery chains. Seen a lot of discounted hand sanitizer but it’s all been the smaller sized bottles. Local ammo situation still sucks & reloading supplies beyond uncommon caliber brass are still unobtanium.
    County fair was bustling last week, very few masks worn although they were ‘recommended’ for most areas. The ‘masks required’ signs in a few areas were for the most part ignored. That steady undercurrent of unease in the atmosphere wasn’t completely absent but it was muted well enough for people to relax & have some fun for a change.

  5. Wally world in my AO is still fully stocked. The only thing I’ve noticed missing around here is plus, and premium gasoline. Plenty of regular to go around though. Ethanol free can still be had, for a price.

  6. “Scent Discipline (often overlooked)”
    I thought you were saying lay off the cheap aftershave. 😀

    Store shelves got empty spaces here – some might be due to not enough people to put up stock. Pretty much every place in town has “now hiring” in the windows.

    1. I’ve had guys want to go elk hunting with me and then show up smelling like a French whorehouse, all fresh with aftershave and deodorant. Can’t get them to understand you can live without that shit!!!
      Some folks can’t turn off their idiotic brainwashing and learn to survive. Fuk’em.

  7. While I have always thought that an EMP would be devastating and something tpo prepare for. I also thought the likelihood of one was low, because I also thought that whoever would do it, would realize that the US would retaliate in a devastating response.
    Now I’m not sure, actually I think Biden might not do anything because he is so weak and incompetent, and besides wouldn’t be able to get his instructions over his smart watch.
    This has to be factored into the cost benefit analysis of those who want to hit us. And the benefits are starting to appear to outweigh the costs.

  8. Just a note from someone with a bit of experience in the Nuclear field. If you live downwind from a Nuclear Power Plant, you are very likely to be screwed in the event of an EMP. Those plants require grid power to operate and then they need an external source of power to run the cooling systems when they shut down.

    Of course it could also be bad for the whole Northern Hemisphere if even half of our 100+ Nuclear plants go “full Fukishima” at the same time. Remember that when it hit the fan at Chernobyl and Fukishima the people in charge were able to mount a massive mitigation effort that will just not happen in the event of an EMP.

    1. Thank you Offgrid. How far south of the border do we need to go to be safe in that kind of event?


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