Love it When I’m Right

Afternoon Me Droogs/Droogettes!
From the Unimitatable Razorfist:


The Love Boat done gone and went even more retarded.
Seems they found another what the hell was it? 99 MORE Infected, bringing the total to 548 cases plus or minus.


I fuckin called that one.  Next:  I’d say another 75-100 +/- tomorrow.  Its now been officially 13 days in Quarantine.  They can say about the quarantine that “It wasn’t effective” or “containment wasn’t managed properly”… uh NO geniuses.  Its the fact that this shit ‘cooks’ for 12-24 days before it reveals itself.

Gonna be a LOT more before anything else I gar-ron-damned-tee it.

More Later tonight… Just hadda throw this one out there
I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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