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Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Coming to you from the house today… When I went to the gym, “The Great Road-Spirit” came to me in the form of two ancient crones driving a Prius who came (use Maxwell Smarts voice) –that close- from totaling out the Brand-Fucking-New Big Countrymobile…  Completely oblivious… motherfucking snowbirds… <deletes 300 word rant on elderly drivers in Florida>

Anyways, “The Great Spirit” said essentially, after the gym, go home and crack some cool frosties and chill… the road ain’t no place to be today.  I consulted with the Sapper (currently at work) who agreed wholeheartedly… apparently either the same two old broads tried to waste him this A.M. or we’ve got an infestation of Snowheads on our hands.

The Dogs Face Says it ALL
First Off: So I’m home and got some ‘housekeeping’ to do
My many thanks to those who’ve donated as of Late…I greatly appreciate the support!!!
Both Phil and Rad, watch the mail.  I’m sorry I’ve been soooo behind the power curve, but life ya know?  I did (per the Ole Lady… she’s been up my ass for constantly procrastinating) get the shit in the mail today, so give it a day or three and the stuff’ll be there.
And what stuff it is you wonder?  Why an autographed copy of Charlie Mike Comix.  Figure its the very least I can do.
Soooo yeah… I greatly appreciate the help.  Rad really stepped up, as did Phil back in the beginning of this blog by kicking me in the ass to get re-started again.  So thanks to everyone who helped, and I’ll keep recognizing people as they step up n out.
Now, down to Biddness CoronaChan Style
That one oughtta get me outright banned from Joe Chinkland ya think?
So, It’s early.  I’ma not throwing up numbers til 23:00 as Popp Sez BUUUUTT…
There seems to be a ‘lightening of the numbers’ so far today… Not to say that it IS leveling off but it appears to be…  I’ll look into it later tonight and throw up the normal round up as the coralation comes in.  My only question is IS it slowing down or is Leadership Joe Chink just getting better at hiding the numbers?  Tough call either way, -however- ther has been an expansion in the other countries… Think the U.A.E. has one, Ozzie-Land has like 4 or 5 now… India has like 2… again, not monumental increases by any means.  No word here in the States but they did bring 230 evacuees from China in either late yesterday or this A.M.  See what happens there.  They -did- divert the plane to I think Edwards Air Force Base where it was met by moon-suited Wingwipers and MedicMonkeys so thats a -good thing-.  Keep ’em locked down until we know whats what with what, eh wot?
Now onto personal news.  Been interviewing for a work from home gig.  Karma eh?  Either way I’ll take damned near –anything- at this particular juncture.  I also got hit with 3, count ’em 3 inquiries for overseas deployment.  Two in Kuwait, one in Iraq.  The Kuwait Positions are actually 3… One is a Log Job (logistician) and the other two are Small Arms Repair, one a level one job, the other a supervisor position.  I’m quall’ed on all three so we’ll see what we shall see.
Of Course this means the Ole Lady started the usual bullshit of “Well, if you deploy, what do you want to do?”
Translation:  “I want to get married.”
Fuck me.
Why can’t chicks leave well the fuck alone?  I’ma half tempted to call it a day on the relationshit and move on IF I get the gig overseas.  I wouldn’t normally be this way, but OMFG REALLY?
Nuff on that for now.  I gotta make dinner.  Tonight are breaded fried wings like you get from Hooters, ‘cept my recipe is killer good with some serious spicing to add flavor.  I bought a deep fryer (no little fucking toy but the -real deal-) when my divorce went thru and I was still was gainfully employed with extra cash on the side.  Great investment from what I can tell.  That and the mozzarella sticks you can get at Wally World?  2 minutes, 30 seconds in the fryer makes ’em as good, if not better than any restaurant you can get ’em at, at a 1/4 of the price.
 Til my Corona Update later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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