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More work done on Wifey’s toy:
Loving this… Killin’ ’em w/Cuteness…

Seems the “mostly peaceful protesters” ran into someone who wasn’t willing to put up with their shit:
Seems that Whypeepo are starting to lose their patience with the NNL and BLM and any –other-asshole impugning on their rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Strange and/or Happiness”.
Seems that they came into the neighborhood and started the ‘usual ruckus’ and a local came out and started busting caps, to whit -someone- got tagged in the haid.  Must not have been much as A) the fucker unfortunately survived and B) It sounds like a 12 Gauge (prolly throwing rocksalt or some such).
But apparently the negress who vidya’d this “Philly” (proud mother of seven… how much welfare extortion has SHE been getting hmmn?) then went to the hospital, and then berated ALL the police involved and is making a stink that the “white man is getting away with this!”
GOD Damn these niggers are fucking hilarious!!!

<gets shot at by irate white cit-tye-zen sick of the New Nigger Tax Extortion>
Police: “LOLZGFY!!!”
Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness.
Methinks it’s almost time to go hunting.
The attitude displayed by law enforcement is hilarious.  “We have no idea of what you speak?  Someone shot at you?  Do tell!”  I think, currently, at least in  ZIP Codes that have –disturbances– that a small cadre of motivated individuals could institute Bracken’s Theorum.  Long distance suppressed engagement of random targets, with minimal effort expended, and Z-E-R-O chance of law enforcement investigation… albeit maybe enough to look good but with no real bite so to speak.
Yep.  Too bad it’s quiet around here.  
At this point, I’d be spending my nights competing with Sapper for a head count.
The police these days have moved from “The Police/ADAM-12” a.k.a. the ‘Vigiles Urbani’… literally “Watchmen of the City” the guys who patrolled and kept everyone safe… to a Praetorian Guard.  They -ONLY- protect ‘those who are connected.’  It’s up to us… the RWDS of the Future to protect and defend.
RWDS: Right Wing Death Squads.
You know that’s what the media is gonna call us no matter what.  
May as well embrace it.
Police have had it.  It’s apparent to anyone with two functional brain cells in the cerebral cortex.  I mean honest to God… AntiFa and Niggers really think that the cops are gonna raise a fucking finger for them?  I got a hint:  Here’s the finger the Cops have for y’all, ya dimwit fucktards:
Two things the Cops are gonna have for AntiFa and BLM in the future from my take:
Jack left town a few years ago, so that leaves you with whut?
In fact, I can see this going far into the future as most of these fucking morons are strictly LARPing this shit… IF and only IF the country as a whole comes off the meth that it’s been collectively shmokin’ on the Left, then I could definitely see 10 years in the future this sort of thing happening:
30 Year Old Female: “I was raped and robbed by this man here…(shows picture of black ghetto male) He’s my ex who’s been stalking me!”
Police Sgt: “Wow ma’am, I’m sorry to hear that!  Let me get your name…”
(Police Sgt runs name in system, sees female was hardcore ‘Defund cops/BLM’ supporter in her 20’s)
Police Sgt: “Well, if you want to file a report, you can do it down the station, IF we have enough manpower, but hey, tough call.  Otherwise, I have to go on my break… Union rules doncha know?  Best of luck… (mutters under breathe “Burn the coal, pay the toll you skank”)
Think it won’t happen?
I’m sure it already is.  There’s a reason none of the perps in ALL the CHAZ/CHOP shootings haven’t been caught, and it has a lot to do with the D.A., as in why even TRY to pursue a bad guy if the D.A. is a fucking ‘Let’em Loose Bruce’ Commie, and why even in general?  Fucking niggers killing niggers.  One less to deal with.  Let them make each other ‘good’ all day long… less headache, less drain on the taxpayers.  Ain’t gotta feed a corpse donchaknow?
So, more later… I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Looks good. It almost deserves tiger fangs, because your wife looks like she tolerates no bullshit, even though she was smiling in the dinner picture, but that might be too much.

  2. Yep. You got it. It's not the cops that, overall, are screwing us. It's the prosecutors and judges. Prosecutors who see a plea down to a misdemeanor from multiple felonies as a win as equal as a tough court fight. So lotta perps get pled down to jack-shite, so their records show arrests for felonies but only misdemeanor convictions, which lead to…

    Fucking liberal judges who, when presented with a multi-felon thug who just had everything pled down to misdemeanors, then give the shithead time served, or non-contact probation (where the probationer doesn't have to ever contact the probation officer.) And you get multiple probation/parole violators who the judges just get tired of seeing them and extending probation and… cancel all probation and parole.

    Worked in the system. Saw this shit all the time. Nail some scumbag to the wall for multiple violent felonies and watch them dance out in a few days or months on non-contact probation, to only go back to the next round of multiple violent felonies.

    You know what it's like to believe in the system and have someone kick you in the nuts every time you do something right? Yeah, it's soul killing.

    It's not a wonder that there are bad cops. What is a wonder is there aren't more.

    Seriously, want to change the world? Start popping limp-wristed prosecutors and local and state judges that make Ruth Bader Ginsberg look like she's leading a Right Wing Death Squad.

    Want criminal justice reform? Make people actually pay for their sins.

    Fuck, I'm getting preachy. Sorry.

    Your wife's gun looks hot. Damn. Wish I had the bread to get one for my lady. Can't wait to see the completed project.

  3. it was kinda like that in miami/dade back in the day. drug gangs killing each other off. when it started to die down the cops would pop another one and say it was the rival gang and sit back n watch the slaughter continue, laughing their asses off.

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