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Another fine day almost done.  Did a bit of shopping today, and was pleasantly surprised that the paper products are back in stock, in the middle of the day.  Granted, there wasn’t a lot  but there was a 6 pack of Brawny with my name on it.  No shortages of anything really, except for the shit that was on “buy one, get one”.  That included my favorite polish snauasages dammit… Guess it’s gonna be a Deathmatch between me n’ Sapper for the last one, leastways til we get a resupply drop LOL

A great show from days gone by…
So, the topic that I’m on right now was actually posited by an Anon on the Chans.  Essentially, it’s been “All CoronaChan, all the time.”  
Which is a VERY VALID point…
No terrorism, outside of ‘Tards’ getting busted for licking/spitting/be ‘tards…
No HUGE national emergency
No GIANT OMFG Problem that needs to be solved now or the country will die!

No “Trump must go right now or everything will be destroyed!!!!”
It’s actually amaze-balls.  And the guy/gal was dead the fuck on.  There ain’t shytte happening, which was the point… meaning can everything be positioned that “The Powers That Be” or for brevity, “TPTB” without quotes from now on, are actually the ones who orchestrate ALL the fucked-uppedness in the world, to further line their pockets, and their agenda? 

Rather deep shit to think about… half a doobie worth of weirdness… in that he/she is right.  The fact that ‘ain’t shit happened’ during this entire thing is borderline cray-cray.  I mean lets face it…
1)  It’s socially acceptable/expected at this point that people wear a mask and gloves in public, to include banks. 
2)  It’s considered gauche and rude to be too close to our fellow humans in a checkout line.  
3)  Checkout lines are now lined off, with distance parameters that probably HAVE NOT taken security camera placement into account, meaning the cameras WERE set up BEFORE all of this current shit, and may NOT BE OPTIMALLY AIMED FOR BEST RESOLUTION IN A HOLDUP.
4)  The numbers of people working at ‘big stores’ has been cut to a bare-minimum, meaning less personnel to worry about during a hold up/robbery
5)  Stores are ALSO limiting the number of customers into their stores, which aids and abets #4
And yet….
It’s quiet out there.  Peaceful even.  No craziness….    As of yet….
I mean I personally have had stories relayed to me, veracity unknown, but there is an undercurrent in these missives that sez that there IS, in fact, a significant increase in crime, but that it intentionally and willfully is being ignored by the mass media, and even the local affiliates in which the supposed ‘dastardly deeds’ happened therein.
Probably that any ‘climb in crime’ can be attributed to the release of uncounted felony-level criminals at the behest of misguided (((fools))) that have no issue releasing child rapists, murderers, and other such ‘good citizens’ in the middle of a plague thats seen numerous Police go down with aforementioned plague…
Believe me, I have -ZERO- love for the cops… uniformed maladjusted sociopathic tax revenuers for the most part, however, I do know a few good ‘uns… few and far fucking between actually… 
Anyways… besides the shopping I’ve spent the day stirring the shitpot on Facebook with the various libtards I find coming up on my page… mostly former High School erudite scholars, one and all </sarc>… in reality nuking them from orbit is fun and a bit lame, but what the hell… I’m locked in here, so why not make the most out of it… especially if I can get liberal heads to metaphorically explode…
Don’t forget to voluteer!
Until then, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Celebrity Deathmatch was a great show! Miss it. Fully agree with your assessment of the cops as well.

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