MAn, The Clash Song is -SO- Appropriate Now…

Evening me Droogs N Droogettes!

Yah… I posted about it once, but yet again, UGLY Reality come unrelentingly up my ass and in my face. 
Kuwait’s numbers are still  at 45, However, that being said, and knowing that the country is quite literally a “Oligarchical Oil-Based Monarchy with Despotic Radical Islamic Tendencies”, its hard to believe what they even fucking say.

Any wonder why people have trust issues these days?

Sort of like how we’re supposed to Trust the Media?

and then….

Too damned bad too… the CNN puke who was reporting this was practically –salivating- at this dudes name… asked if that was an Italian surname… 

Bet he was really disappointed when reality AGAIN kicked him in the balls.

Sooooo even before they found out “Magic Dirt Person” (who, BTW is a hardcore Democrat and Warren Supporter) did the shooting, they concentrated that he liked to “hobby build” his eeeeeee-vil Black Rifles, of which they were oh-so-sure was used in this horrible crime… and that they were drooling at the bloodshed, eagerly awaiting that the victims were of the “Magic Dirt Flavor” so as to push eeeeeeeee-vil whitey shot up a bunch of the (((Media’s ))) chosen… bet they would have creamed in their collective jeans if a true (((chosen))) was among the victims…

And then…. Fuckin CRICKETS….
Black, 51 year old married Democratic Warren Supporter (who, BTW from reports sounds like a paranoid skit-zo, jes sayin’) who used a legally bought .45, with a (as far as reported) legally bought suppressor and wasted 5 white dudes…

Media Reaction in 3…2…1…



13 Days and counting, CoronaChan is still doing her thing, cept maybe ONE good hit:

Socialist and Possibly True Anti-Pope Francis is “Down with a Sickness”
Thats what you get for sucking the toes of Congolese Untermenschen….
Yeah… no fan of the Argentine (who BTW has a supposedly well deserved rep for being a Stoolie for the Junta in order to get hisself ahead… almost quite literally ‘stabbed some motherfuckers in the back’ by declaring them commie… ARTICLE HERE

Now, I’m -no- fan of commies, but the shit this prick did was to ‘wet his own beak’ so to speak… especially since NOW?  Fucker is as far left as Lennon and Lenin.

Fuck him… he’ll be in hell soon.

OK: Numbers time:  Its all Bullshit, but I’m still doing it.
February 29 2020 @ 21:30
Infected: 86960
Dead/KIA’d: 2977

My bet?  Tomorrows Numbers Today!  (lets see how I do?)
March 1 2020 @ 21:30
Infected: 89120
Dead/KIA’d: 3105

Place yer bets!!!Place yer bets!!!Place yer bets!!!Place yer bets!!!
Until Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I see what you did there with Bette White LMAO! The enemedia is just salivating for a supposed right wing, Trump supporting, redneck with a full clip of cartridges in a fully automatic, bumpstock, semi-automatic, black, evil, military style assault rifle with a silencer to do some shooting. No one will remember this dude that shot up Miller-Coors.

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