Man, The Fun Never Stops Part 34

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So the Gran#2 is sick.  Been sick.  Got ME sick.  Got evvabody sick.  Happens when you take the Lil ‘un to a daycare that’s infested with muh Diversity!.  Now, not knocking, but maaaan there’s one lil kid in there who you can tell is -miserably ill- and for whatever reason, after three days he’s still there.  Of course Gran#2 caught whatever he has… 

Not going to knock on the mom, she might not have anywhere or anyone to watch out for her kid, but damn.  So Gran#2 is at the Doc-in-the-Box with a 102 degree fever.  Should be fine.  Me?  I have to clean up the baby seat as she hurled all up in that… lovely.

Now a lot of you know me and Phil over at Bustedknuckles, who re-started me on Ye Olde Blegging Trail whelp, we’ve had an on-again off-again infestation of Trolls at our sites.  Now, to start with they were the Social Justice Warrior Brigade, all upset that we used straight language and racial comedy… this for whatever reason put a royal bug up their ass, and even moreso when, after a while we began no longer engaging them.  The more we ignored the, the more they kept spamming the fuck out of us.  Case in point:

The red number are the number of comments held in quarantine, i.e. comments I won’t let go live on the blegg.  As of today, that’s a pretty hefty number.  Now if you do de maffs on how many I deleted BEFORE I realized this’s evidence then man, it’d be almost double that.

Soooo they harassed Phil to the point he jumped blog URLs over to Mike of Cold Fury’s house.  Didn’t matter.  The assholes kept up the harassment.  This again is case ‘n point why you never give an inch.

They kept up with going after me.  
Until they got personal, and I started doing my own counter-surveillance and recon.  See, 4 of ’em are within 90 minutes of mi Casa.  And when the threats of firebombing the house came in, I decided IF on the off chance one of these fucktards managed to find out where I am and -somehow- my house were to be attacked, well, better to be able to retaliate to the fullest extent. 

Full Covenant.

As well as reporting ALL of them to the Federal Authorities, their Employers, as well as State AND County.  Hell, I called Interpol ‘cos one of these fuckers is in New Zealand… as Left Wing as NZ may be, they got zero tolerance for shytte like that…

want to desperately stay on the Light Side but the Dark Side was whispering “Let’s Dance BC and have some fun…”  That’s a thing of badness

To the point one of my handlers got ahold of me, asked for their email addys and sent them a very polite, and slightly informative email pointing out that BCE is -not- someone you should be making idle threats at, nor even be as so stupid as to actually do something as this too, would be a thing of extreme badness and provoking him would have extreme or even torturous with
-eventual- fatal consequences.

I believe he may have even used the “cat playing with a mouse, slowly dismembering it before eventually killing it” metaphor… 

No idea but the less involved, slightly smarter ones bailed like a grasshopper off a tin roof in July.
The stupid ones stuck around a bit longer, but stupid is as stupid does

The crazy?

Well now that’s where we come to Sarah Posa

Now this broad is categorically insane.  Through ALL my years of seeing fucking psycho-chicks, hell bangin’ some, (yeah we’ve all had ’em) as Wirecutter would say, whelp, this one here is Rabid.  A Burlap Sack of Rabid Squirrels, half starved, dropped into a Vat of Liquid Shit with a rock pulling it to the Bottom. 

A CumDumpster Fire nonpareil….  In fact I can’t think of anything or any one that I’ve seen who’s this fucking bugfuck sick in the head. 

We’re talking Charlie Manson Levels of Shit.

Now, I -had- hoped that it’d go away.  But for some reason, she thinks Me and Phil ‘took sides’ in her beef with this chick named Turyega.  TBH, we had no fuckin’ clue as to what this slore was on aboot. Like I said, crazy as a bugshit rat.

Now, I’m going to be doing a FULL Expose on this group over the weekend.  I need a complete timeline as the police are asking for the diagrams to the who, when, where and the what/why…

Unfortunately, it is rather like that.

The TL;DR is that this kid from New Zealand, and a bunch of other kids all back in January of 2019, they all met up for a semester working at Disney as part of the Disney College Program.  Per Wiki: “The Disney College Program is a United States national internship program operated by the Disney Programs division of The Walt Disney Company, located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim”

Now, THAT particular piece I want to leave well the fuck enough alone… Unfortunately, it’s the nexus… where ALL these disparate folks (about 12 of them) all met up, partied up and somehow got turned into good little Leftist Waffenmaus.  Provoking Der Fuhrermaus is very unhealthy from what I heard, so, well I can’t minimize it’s role though in the FULL expose which is coming, probably on Sunday… Needless to say, I’m fucked… part of the reason, and w/out giving too much away, my cousin is a C Suite Exec here in Orlando, and when I relayed this info to him/her, he/she cut me fucking dead except to try and entrap me by asking if I …”knew where to get fake Nottavaxx cards?”

Oh shit.

So, back to the story… Seems Sarah had a ‘thing’ for the NZ Kid.. who did or did NOT stick his dick in the crazy.  Not sure for sure, but I’m guessing he did because,  whelp, she’s around the fucking bend.  Mothefucker must have laid some damned good dick to her for her to lose it this bad.  Like coo-coo for co-co-pops crazy.  To the point she got a bunch of the OTHER little Leftist Waffenmaus crew that are her friends to go after and fucking fabricate multiple cases against her love rival.

Now, dunno ’bout y’all, but filing knowingly false police reports, fabricating evidence, so much and so overwhelming that the DA is probably going to lose his job for being a fucktard.  Leastways in a just and righteous world that’s how’d it should be…

But IRL I have my most justifiable doubts.

And it’s been ongoing.

Sarah keeps showing up, doing and saying psychopathic and deranged things.  Her latest ploy is to ‘imitate’ the New Zealand Kid with a bogus email addy or claiming to be using that email addy… according to my sources, she’s hijacked a lot of his shit to get him framed as well.  To the point the NZ Cops are dealing with a bunch of shit

Dis fucking broad is causing a LOT of trouble.  WHEN not IF she gets fried, she’s going to be in a padded cell for a long, long time.  All because she’s a slore denied her entitlement.

“But, Big Country, how can you say she’s entitled?”
Whelp… great question there from the Editor.

1) She’s literally infected with the poz.  She started by being an SJW Twat on our bleggs, which went to crazy.  Then, the Multiple hair colors on her pages… Mother Nature’s way of warning the male of the specie that this’s crazy.  Never stick yer dick in Crazy.  Guess The NZ Kid is learning this the hard way….

2) She was at Disney… Land of Magic Fairy Princesses and that “You can be anything you want stronk, diverse, female character!”  Any bets she believes in that particular line of bullshit to the fullest?

3) And then, how and where she grew up?  Now, I’m poasting her REAL addy here, well, NOT the addy but a pic of the house, taken by Drone.  I kindly erased the info, but if any of you worthless autist bastards figure it out, whelp, good on ya.  My rules and request is DON’T FUCK WITH HER. She’s doin’ Jes’ Fine in destroying herself, and my guess is Mumsie and Dadsie are gonna burn too when the shitstorm comes to roost.

Amazing how a Preda…errr… strike that…

Either way, 3 car garage, inground pool, at least, my guess? 5 bedroom, 3 full bath.  A Mil and a Half or 2 Mil is my call for the part of the country she’s in.  (I removed the telemetry so’s my boy don’t get in trouble Aye?)  Got a hunch from some of the folks I talked to, to include a behavioral health specialist, who said she’s probably Bi-Polar, spoiled and rich (this’s before I found her house) and also more’n’likely Daddy or Uncle Joe loved her  a little too much.  

Makes sense donit?

As for the NZ Kid, whelp, as I always like to quote from Blazing Saddles: “Yer own yer own son.”  Serves you right for fucking with the wrong people.  Oh yeah… the NZ DotGov?  Suspended his Passport bearing further investigation.  Him and his mom went to ground when I told them I have a blood-friend of another blood- friend who is -tight- with the Mongrel Mob… ‘favors owed’ type tight.  <Le Sigh>

Yeah, the Bomb will be dropped later.  Me ‘n Phil and Cederq are fucking done playing around.  

Oh, and final update, Gran#2 is fine… they wrote the temp down wrong or something at the daycare, OR she just ‘spiked’… the doc-in-the-box has her med’d and on the way home.

Jesus I sure picked a bad month to quit drinkin’….

So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. Get some BC!! Love it. I have a rule…”if you wouldn’t say it to me in the line at a movie theater, don’t say it to me on line”. I’m not nearly as big as you, but for my age I’m still a big, serious looking guy who looks, and can, handle myself. I hate, HATE, that hide behind the keyboard shytte. I remember school where saying that crap would get you a punch in the pie hole. I truly believe that being an “anonymous” prick with no consequences is what is destroying the world. Look at driving. I have seen really nice people at the mall, get in their car where they think they are anonymous, and turn into absolute pricks.

  2. Sorry to hear you got so much crap to deal with. Wish you the best and love the data dump. Some folks just don’t know when to leave well enough alone.
    Been reading The Real Fauci book and it is an atomic shitbomb on Fauci and all his sick freaky friends. The sections on HCQ and Ivermectin are worth the price of admission, alone.

  3. I wonder if she Single. Hell I’m a truck driver. I could drop a load in that. Be out the fucking state the next morning.

    I am curious about that drone though. Nice clear picture. Looks like there will be nice telemetry data. Curiouser and curiouser.

    I have a few drones in the truck with me. Downside is I’m struck by the freeways as in flatbed trucking we don’t really go in the cities that often. But middle of nowhere. Fuck yeah.

    I am eventually going to get a fixed wing drone but I have to figure out what components I’m going to use because fuck DJI

    1. Danny: PM Me and I’ll send you the real documents COURT documents as to the real story… Sarah and Jen are eventually going to prison OR the nuthouse (criminal conspiracy and a WHOOOOLE lot of other things) as well as a lot of ‘fallout splatter’ (Gino in particular provided he’s still alive) when the shit hits.

      Like I said, I’d advise to drop the white-knighting for cray-cray poon and move on with your life before they suck you down and get YOU hemmed up in here. Material witnesses in the UK ARE obliged to do the right thing, so like I said, get better friends and run far, run fast ‘cos as I said, you seem like a decent cobber. Cheers!

        1. Well, according to the case documentation, “your damsels in distress” are the ones who perpetuated felony level wire fraud, false police reports, felony assault and that -just- is the tip…like said, Go the fuck away before you get hemmed up Mate, if you get caught up in their psychosis, you’ll run the risk of going down WITH THEM… even if you ARE desperate to ‘white knight’, there’s plenty better looking, less damaged and lower mileage whores to try and save… as a 56 year old male, -trust. me.-

          Don’t be ‘that guy’ Captain “Save-a-ho”
          Ain’t worth it
          Trust me

          1. Yep Gino started this. He told Jen that Tureygua was hotter than her Kalib told Sarah about liking Tureygua and Jen and Sarah got together to destroy her. They egged it on

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