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Greetings and Salutations from the Beat to Death Intrepid Reporter.

Yeah.  Day two in a row in the gym.  And today, I didn’t skimp.  The gym in about 4 miles from the house, so I busted out the bicycle and road the damned thing point A to point B and returned AFTER doing a back-and ab workout.

Did a bit on the shoulders too.  All in all, the “get in shape before the shit hits the fan” plan is advancing nicely.  Tomorrow is range day methinks.  I positively –hate- the local gun range…

I mean safety rules O.K…  Mental Retardation being called ‘rules’ is a bit much.  I realize they’re in a high overhead insurance nightmare, but having to keep my weapon cased when I move it from the bench behind the firing line and back and forth is fucking stupid.  Case weapon, pick up, move 4 feet to firing line, Uncase.  Return case to bench behind b/c theres NO  fucking room in the firing pocket to keep it… wash rinse return.  Makes it damned unpleasant to utilize more than one weapon at once…  not like I’m shlingin’ lead like Mel Gibson in “Lethal Weapon” or something… its just a major pain in the fucking ass… and also the A.C. ain’t worth a shit so you end up soaked in sweat….

Better to road trip south of here where there’s the only Range in Florida that I know of that you can fire anything up to .50 BMG.  It’s a One-Mile long Range… no shit.

For a small fee (think it’s $10) over the standard range fees, they got a Gator that runs out the long distance shooters to service their targets during a cease fire.  Ten Minute Cease Fires every hour roughly.  50 minutes of boom-boom, and then Clear on the Left, Clear on the Right, Clear in the Middle?  Range is clear.  Service yer targets…

And the really cool part is some of the Long Distance guys’ll let ya try their toys.  I did the Barrett in the Army (our Scout Company was one of the first to field test the Barrett M-82 back in 95, maybe 96?) so I BT-DT but haven’t turned down the opportunity to do it there.  What I DID get to shoot and God help me if I ever come into money, was an Accuracy International .338 Lapua Magnum.

Please God, I’ve been a good boy, I promise!!!
It was this model here… not the new tricked out AX variant.  The new one has, IMO too many whistlers and bells.  I mean the stock is adjustable like to a fair thee well What. The. Fuck.  It looks like it should be in Star Wars, never mind being used in real-time in Afghanistan.  
The British Army uses the one above.  I got to fuck around with one when I was hanging with the Brits, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a chance to fire it.  HEAVY motherfucker too.  Esp. how the Brits use a can  on it to -try- and hush it down…  I suppose since quieting down a 12 Gauge is possible these days, that shushing a .338 LM is possible.  The sniper I was talking to told me it took it down from “Earth Shattering Ka-Boom” to just “Burst Eardrums Ka-Boom”.  The can, no bullshit weighed more than an unloaded M-4 LOL.  I actually think, well hell OK I just looked it up.  
According to Wiki (yeah yeah I know…) Wiki states that the 3rd Longest Sniper Shot in History by a named individual, Corporal Craig Harrison whacked some Taliban with the above rifle, in the aforestated caliber.  The other two dudes, one Canadian and one American are very blatantly NOT named, probably due to Operational Security.  Seems the Good Corporal took these motherfuckers out from 2707 yards.  1.53 MILES.  Fuck.  I can’t even SEE that fucking far, even with optics.
But yeah, it was/is a hell of a weapon.  God help me if I come into $$$.   What –really– cracked me up was there was a newbie on the range who insisted on setting up on the table directly next to the dude with the AI.  Up to that point, the tables on either side of this guy were free, but then again, the range wasn’t -that- crowded… no idea why this guy wanted to be -right next- to AI dude, but we found out in short order why those particular tables were empty…  
When the range was cleared hot, AI dude hunkered over his AI, yelled out “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” and took a shot.  The muzzle blast, angled out of the front muzzle brake blew almost half of new dudes shit clean off the table…  targets, range bag, the two rifles he had leaning up against the table…. WHOOOOSH!!!!! >clatter< >clatter< >clatter< all his shit scattered to hell and gone and probably had some scratches on his toys.

New Dude was NOT happy.
The rest of us were more like “Important User Note: .338 LM has one SERIOUS muzzle blast.  Keep Hands and Face AWAY from muzzle at all times…”  
Seems proper range etiquette, when firing .300 Win Mag and Above, (read Elephant Caliber Weapons…  Single Shot Cape Buffalo Killers) one yells out “FIRE IN THE HOLE” so’s to alert -everyone- that the pain is coming and going downrange at Warp fucking 11.  That way no one jumps clean out of their skin when the fucking cannons roar.  Hell, as the day went on, we were a good 75 yards away and we still felt some of the overpressure when that monster fired.  Same thing happened when dude showed up with a Barrett.
Barrett dude was cool as hell.  Former infantry scout, got his legs blown off “But not my Balls!!!” as he proudly proclaimed, by an IED in Iraq, and still liked plinking.  He was a riot… pulled his wheelchair up to the bench, saddled up that .50 cal monster, locked his brakes and cut loose.  Watching his chair bounce back had me laughing as it reminded me of when we used to be at gunnery with the Mark-19 (MK-19) 40MM fully automatic grenade launcher.  Back before HMMWVs were uparmored to hell and gone, (adding 4000 pounds of armor to what -should- be a Jeep, not an armored car… an argument for later….) but the old M-998, when you got the MK-19 rockin’, the whole truck would rock back and forth on its suspension, as the 32 pound bolt getting slammed by over 100 Pounds of force to cycle it…  Dude was rockin’ his hot wheels just like that with each shot LOL
(Which, BTW: IMPORTANT USER NOTE:  If and when ‘festivities’ kick off, and say you come into a belt of 40MM, DO NOT USE IT IN ANY SHOULDER FIRED 40MM!!!!  The M203 and the newer M320 use low-pressure grenades as opposed to the Mk-19, which has like… fuck 4-6 times the powder charge. It needs it to cycle that heavy assed 32 pound bolt.  You use a MK-19 grenade in a 203 or 320, and you a dead motherfucker… just sayin’.  End of Safety Notice for Wannabe Revolutionaries LOL)
So… yeah, time to do some range time… prolly use my .22 as well as my 5.56.  Got me a CMMG conversion kit which is -really- cool.  I HIGHLY advise getting one when on sale, as it allows you to use your M-4 patterned rifle as a squirrel catcher.
More Later
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  1. I figured out long ago that long range shooting was beyond my skillset with my Belgium AR-10. I am good out to 800 yards with my 6.8spc. My dad's 50 cal will shoot out to 1500 yards but it has a 3 round limit unless you want to dislocate a shoulder.

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