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Goooood Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!
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Something is still boogered on the comments section, but apparently The Blogger Kids found the random script in this thing that was preventing me posting for a few days and flushed it out.  MY comments and/or replies still won’t load/publish, so they’re working on it, so I gotta thank everyone publicly (and shame the rest of you fuckers LOL) for commenting letting me know that the shit is/was/will be fixed.

So today is the Grandbaby’s 2nd Birthday.  Money has been really tight BUT I managed to hit ye olde Plasma Center at two different locations and come up with some ‘blood money’ if’n y’all will.
And with it, I got THIS for her:

A 6V Motorized Riding Unicorn LOL!  Came with a ‘Barn’ for it to sit in, and is like brand new.  Found it on the Facebook Trade pages for $50!!!  Brand new it’s like $150 on Amazon and WalMart locally wanted $175!!!  Apparently it was a gift to a 4 Year old who told Mama “she was too old for Unicorns” so Mom sold it to me… NOT going to argue with it eh?  Only thing is so far, she’s shown more interest in the lil Barn than riding the Pony… I give it about another 2 months and she’ll end up burning the motor out.
But for her?

Selling blood n’ body parts ain’t shit.

Of course I’d prefer the blood n’ body parts come from the Left Side of the Isle, preferably involuntarily, at great velocity.  That and any future Boyfriends.  They don’t call me a “Gruntpa” for nuthin’…

So, since this’s a full on post, before we did the whole B-Day thingy, I woke up and took some time over the morning cawfee to see what the latest and greatest in Chi-Com-Ville is happening.  This Coronavirus Crap “CC” from now on for that whole brevity thing.. apparently overnight it went from Frank Drebbin: “Nothing to See Here!!!” 17 peeps infected, one person dead to at least 800 infected and at least 17 taking ye olde dirt nappage. Shit’s gettin’ REAL

Yep… Time to “check the preps” and see if’n I gots what I needs…  Busted into the gear boxes and lo and behold!  My shit is still straight!!!  Amazingly enough, (although NOT unexpected) the XBitch did NOT fuck with my stored Pandemic Box.  And everything in it is still good.  The N-95 Masks and the Tyvek Suits are still bangin fresh…. the -only- thing I need to reload on are the Nitrile Gloves.  I’ve tended to use my way through them doing engine work and any work I use on the chemical-side when cerakoting and such whatnot.  THOSE at least are easy (for now) to come by.
That being said, Amazon apparently is O-U-T of the majority of the quicky NIOSH Level N-95 masks… the volume boxes seem to have been snatched up… it’s still early, but IMO I’d say $20 on masks and gloves, maybe a few sets of goggles to go over ye olde peepers is definitely in order.  After tomorrow I’m hitting the dolla store to pick up a case of hand sanitizer and some other smaller decon materials.  Probably get me another bottle of hibaclenz when I hit the VA tomorrow too.  Got me my annual eyeball appointment, and when I’m there I’ll see if’n they’ll hook a brother up.  And snatch as much loose shit that the Doc will let me have thats laying around as I can.  Fuck it… my tax dollars amiright?
I mean right now, a buddy of mine some years ago who worked at USAMARIID (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) told me that IF Joe Chink tells us that they have “17” cases of a disease, that they automatically add two zeros to the end of that number.  Same goes for fatalities.  Especially fatalities.

Apparently Joe Chink and his concept of “Face” is more important than the lives of, oh, well hell.  Anyone from what he told me.  Fuckin’ Joe Chink would rather have half the country depopulated than to 
A) Admit they can’t deal with -whatever- disease is happening and 
B) Face the fact that they’re invariably making things worse by denying “A”.

Between those two factoids, shit’s gonna get worse before it gets better.  I’m hearing right now a 70% mortality rate (Spanish Flu anyone?) with a population density and carrying capacity that makes the Spanish Flu times seem antiquated, (which by today’s standards are!)
2 cases so far in the US.  
Unless they “Ring Roundup” and Isolate Immediately we’re fucked.  So, time to pre-load and prep for a long stay-indoors away from like EVERYONE until this fucker, IF it activates fully so’s to avoid like I dunno…Fucking Dying.

Take from this what you will.  Me?  I’m good for now… might be nothing.  But preppers gotta prep.  Better safe than sorry and sore later.  Until Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Blogger is still fucked.

    Congrats to the little princess.

    Beware the old soldier. He will fuck you up without a second thought about it.

    Every 100 years in the year XX20 there has been a pandemic. The Coronavirus looks to be what is going to take out 300 to 800 million before it is over. It is in Washington state now. No antibiotic will slow it down. Good luck.

    I work around kids. I am fucked.

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