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Great Granny was Located!  Safe n sound, (well, relatively).  My many sincere thanks to y’all here and on Gab who were keeping the peepers peeled.  The Silver Alert was finally pushed through and she was found in Clearwater with the car running on fumes.  That was at like 0130 am.  She had no idea that she’d been gone, and the only evidence of anything that she’d been rambling and rolling was all the traffic and highway cameras that tracked the plate after the Silver Alert went out.

They apparently found her parked in someone’s driveway, who got weirded that she was sitting there for an hour and a half.  She was out of it.  Hopefully she’ll be OK, cos we need to make sure that her wiring isn’t totally fried.
Which brings me to one of this A.M. topic…

Amazing how many cameras they had looking for Granny.The fact they could -almost- in real time track her Aye?  Of course they didn’t do anything about it… they saw where she was going on Camera, but didn’t actively do anything.  It took a concerned citizen to call in to find her.

Which begs the question:  If you’re not going to use these things for what you told us they were going to be used for, then why the fuck did we allow you to spend our tax dollars on them?  Not that we have any say in our Overlords and Masters anymore.  

The answer is that despite all the flowery rhetoric, it’s ALL about control and observational control.  The whole ‘control matrix’ is being installed much like in China and No-Longer-Great-Britain.  Fucking cameras everywhere…   I can’t find it, but in England, an artist made up this wild looking Alien-Suit… looked a LOT like the Xenomorph from Alien, and man it was good… can’t find it on Youtube (probably censored so as to not give the proles any ideas) He went for a walk in London… just a stroll… at like 0230.  Next thing you know (he had a compatriot filming it) like 30 armed Fuzz showed, completely wigging… seems he was seen on like ALL the CCTV cams, and the Fuzz freaked.  He got busted for “causing a public disorder” even though there were Z.E.R.O. complaints or civilians who saw him, only swine.  Supposedly, the Camera Density per population in London is out-and-out insane.  The know all, they see all.

So yeah, here in the states, they’re working hard on the Joe Chink Model Panopticon.  Problem is that here in the states, eventually it’s going to cost them MORE than they expect.  In Jolly Olde, it seems that the amount of violence and ‘antisocial acts’ perpetrated on Cameras costs a ton of money… not that Leviathan cares… it ain’t their cash, but still the idea is sound.  A .22 froma goodly distance will take care of one of those lil dinky cameras quite nicely… especially if it’s scoped and out of camera range.  Bonus points if done after dark.
Now, other things:
So, doing an Equipment Check, and lo and behold… totally forgot that quite a while back, my Gerber from Iraq had suffered some damage.  Now I got this one from the DotMil in Iraq, and it’s held up really well… until a few years? back I broke one of the wirecutter teeth.  I vaguely remember I tried to cut something a bit too big, and it shattered one of the teeth.

That’s when I took it off… The M600 DotMil variant of the Gerber is a hundred bucks to replace.  I still haven’t gotten either my tax return nor my stimulus, so I’m pinching bux, but I can’t go with a budget Multitool.  So, I was looking with plans-for-a-later purchase on the Zon, and found this:

Now THAT is within a reasonable budgetary handle so to speak…Free overnight shipping w/the Prime?  So, I got it, and did the install

Much more reasonable to get the tool retrofitted with a new cutter than to replace the whole tool… not that I’d shitcan it, but highly annoying that there isn’t a perfect functioning part on it.  Same issue with my Leatherman Wave, which I have to mail back b/c the single knife blade broke off in Afghanistan, and I’m retrofitting and repairing any and all circle red “X” equipment.
Nice thing is

I got a spare that I put in one of the many dozen ‘crack bags’ that some small parts came in and threw it in the EDC bag… my “Man Purse” as Wifey Calls it… It’s a Maxpedition Gearslinger… they don’t make this model anymore… I got it in Kuwait to carry all my Work gear like my Scanner and 2 Way Radio and other shit… It’s got a built in pocket for a sidearm and mags, and the layout is great.  I’m not fond of OBC, (off body carry) but here in Florida, they have the “Cased Weapons Law”, which, from what a Deputy explained to me, I can have my piece, in a holster, inside the zipped pouch, and it’s considered to be “cased” and not “concealed”which keeps me legal (theoretically).  Leastways until I get my CCW back in June.

I keep a nice Cold Steel Double Bladed Push Knife, the Gerber, a 1200 Lumen Rechargeable Surefire, and a spare mag and Pistola, and soon, a potentially very useful tool.

The link url here scores me a taste if’n you buy one. $25 w/Prime free shipping.

5 oz of some hard-ass Capsicum in grenade mode.  According to the videos on the page, it’s like a bug bomb.  Pop off the cap, squeeze the button down (which locks it in place) and throw it… 14 full seconds and a LOT of burny-burny.  I figure it’s a safe toy to have if’n you come across the Ferals of BLM blocking a road or something. 

Surprised me to see it on the Zon… all the other web pages, mostly coparoaches supply pages, require an ID/Letterhead, but also, they’re $10 cheaper on the cop sites… figure the $10 premium is worth it to have a riot-control grenade on hand if shit goes sideways.

So, Many Thanks to all who helped with Granny Situation!  I greatly appreciate all y’all.  And only one other thing, Wifey is still in  the Running for The Ultimate Stylist.  She made Round Two, and is currently in 3rd.  Lets see if we can pump those numbers up
Again, my many, many thanks!
And also, to all you Yahoos Spamming the other page, get it straight, y’all ain’t ever getting to poast your shit, so quit trying.  I spend half the day blocking and trashing spam comments on the other site from fucking Hindus… go back to shitting in the streets and fuck off already Aye?

More Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

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  1. Much relief that great-granny was located and returned safe and unharmed.

    Many moons ago, when I still had my .gov job, I went deep on the Clear Out brand aerosol grenades. If I ever need to un-ass some flavor of home invader or otherwise make the casa uninhabitable they are a quick and easy alternative to the thundertoys. You can fit 11 of the 6 oz size I’m a standard .50 ammo can, and 3 of their ‘extraction’ type (comes with a plastic tube attached) in a standard .30 can.
    Clear Out is a mix of 1% OC & 1% CS. Having “enjoyed” the effects of both on separate occasions during my .mil days I’m in no hurry to experience the combined effects. No marker dye in that though, so I may pick up some of the Sabre cans for the vehicles. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Maybe get granny an I phone with the “find my iphone app” or download a tracker app if she has an android so you can keep an eye on her wherabouts
    Those capsium foggers also work great to clear out a building when discharged near an air intake I read somewhere once.

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