Mark II Flammenwerfer Improvements

Afternoon me Droogs N Droogettes!

Can’t stop tinkering.  Swear it gets in my head, and I can’t shake an idea.  
One of the ‘weak points’ I’ve had with the design was the C02 feed.  I used a straight pipe to get the C02 Ninja Mount and tank to hang off the back of the Fuel tank.  Problem is, and which I realized was that there’s no give or flex, and it’s got it’s limitation.

  No real support, threading and cross-threading of the tank is a -bad thing- and increased gravity causes the copper pipe to get micro-leaks.  Especially when the C02 Tank is topped off… it’s already 2+ pounds on it’s own.  

Bit of looking on some paintball websites led me to this: Maddog Heavy Duty Paintball Remote Coil High Pressure Air Hose  Using this allows the C02 Tank to ride on the frame and still have the proper pressure without the stiffness.

It was an easy install (once I removed the quick disconnect) and plugged in the hose to the CSA230 adapter.
I then used one of the previously discarded plastic water bottle holder and zip-stripped it to the frame, and mounted the C02 Bottle in it.
And so, it’s done… til I get the smaller 1/2 size 10 pound tank in on Thursday, and then it’s starting ALL over again, just in a smaller setup.  

With the mods to the wand, and tank mounting, it’s gonna be fun.  Video to follow once I get the C02 tanks recharged tomorrow.
Til Then I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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