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It’s nice to be ahead of the power curve some days.  The ATC issues that were cropping up and I was one of the first bleggers out there to say “Uh… hey!” as well as the Auguson shortage.  Now, a lot of folks are and have been commenting (mostly at ye othere backup blegg) that Freeze Dried requires clean water and it’s a gimmick! and the usual.  One person even commented that canned goods are cheap, and betterer.  

Well all of the above I agree with however.  My rationale for ‘sounding the alarums’ and whatnot is that well, the length of time that freeze dried, if properly stored, can last.  Mountain House was the originator of the LRP meals from Vietnam.  LRP or “Lurps” stood for “Long Range Patrol” and was a further development from the NASA ‘space food’ that was developed for the space race.
An original LRP was essentially a dehydrated main meal, and some extras to keep the calories up.
It looked like this:

Now, cool thing?  IF you can find one at a reasonable price, they’re collectable as all get oot, and expensive, BUT they’re still edible 40 years later from date on manufacture.  There’s a lunatic out on Youtube called Steve1989MRE Info who collects and eats ALL the DotMil food from ALL times and ALL dates, no matter how funky and old they are.  Oldest one he ate that I saw was an 1880’s BritRat… one of the very first ‘canned emergency ration’ made of beef tallow and a brick of chocolate.  It was practically petrified and he paid a couple of thousand for it… he did up an original 1968? LRP Spaghetti and Sauce and apparently it was still good to the point of him calling it delicious…

Not that I disbelieve him, but this’s a dood who’s et 200 year old chow… no accounting for taste buds IMO Aye?  MH still sells the newer version on their website but the LRP has been renamed to the MCW which stands for Meal, Cold Weather.  It comes in a few flavors and runs $12 a meal on the MH website.

Canned food is cheaper, I agree.  BUT the lifespan?  Outside of Fallout New Vegas have I ever seen canned goods that’ve lasted 50+ years and still been edible.  The pouches me n Sapper picked up yesterday have an expiry of March 2051.  30 years and I’m willing to bet that IF it’s stored carefully, it’ll last a hell of a lot longer.
Personal Case in Point:  I got MREs I’m still snacking on that ‘expired’ theoretically years ago… specifically the forerunner of the McRib, the “Patty, Pork Rib (Simulated)”.  And yep… the McRib came about BECAUSE of the manufacturing of the DotMil pork patty.  Same dude who made it for the DotMil went and took the recibe to Mickey D’s and the rest is either gastronomic horror OR heaven (I’m in the ‘heaven’ side of the equation).  I bought a metric fuckton on the web for $2 a piece for JUST the patty when they only had a year left on the expiry, and that was 3? 4? years ago.  They’re in another pelican case that’s stuffed with JUST MRE pieces parts… mostly main meals that I also got with the patties… mostly beef patty and spaghetti, oh!  And the ravioli with beef… all my favorite except the Omelet with Ham. 

REALLY bummed I can’t find those.  And for those of you who just recoiled/puked a little, on it’s own?  Nasty, even when hot.  I however had a workaround that was key.  I’d start by heating up a ramen, any ramen, get it cooked in my canteen cup, then squish up the omelet and dump it AND the chees packet into the ramen after draining out the excess water… I’d leave maybe a 1/4 cup of the water, THEN add the flavor packet.  Mix it all the hell up and THEN Omelet with Ham was GREAT. 

Now, ‘other’ comments:  The medical Pelican cases… yeah $615.00 from Pelican.  Crazy amiright?  If there was EVER a overpriced product, it’s that.  Fucking crazy as hell.  The cases I have are the model 472-MED-30180802 Medical Supply Trunk

Now, for those of you who still have it, I recommend checking Fecesbook Marketplace.Go to the marketplace and look for “military cases’ and you’ll probably find some.  They tend to be faaaar cheaper used.  Scraped the hell up, but still fully functional.  That or hit the local DotMil Base, go to the DRMO (Defense Reutilization Maintenance Organization) and find out what it takes to go to the monthly auction where they usually get rid of all that shit.  IF you don’t get outbid by the surplus dealers that is… that being said -sometimes- you can go up to one of the winners of the stack, and make an offer right there and thne, and come away cheap-cheap for some top end cases.

Because we have McDill AND a lot of DotMil Contractors around here, we got tons of these things to choose from.  I have a need for maybe one or two more larger ones, and I’ll be all set.  Just wanted to put this out there of the ‘how to’ on getting these a bit more cheaply.

So, That’s it for now I think.  
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  1. My current source for cases and other stuff. Bought 4 cases similar to yours from them on sales for $60 + shipping. Shipping was of course expensive, but worth it. Quick service. Never had an issue with them.
    No wheels on mine. 6 latches, 4 handles, etc. Hold a lot.
    I’ve also bought canteens, web gear, wool blankets from them.

  2. Wheat and honey buried with Pharaohs was technically still edible. Frozen Mammoths were found by Siberian gulag guests and eaten, probably tastier than malnourished Yuri and his boots and belt. There is a place in China where the dirt has enough protein in it that they regularly put it in their diet. But there is one particular Aussie 24 hr ration with a can with something in it that not even dogs will dare eat. Pet food is actually held to higher standards than human food. We are about to find out the finer points of that…

  3. That’s a truism on canned stuff in the pantry. I just threw out a shit ton of stuff a month ago including canned veggies and especially tomato sauces (with the acid). I do my own canning of stuff off and on when I find good deals, and that lasts a whole bunch longer in the glass, but, you will lose the lids and seals eventually. So, yeah.

    This time of year ya gotta remember that 1) It’s hunting season rolling up, and 2) same thing always happens with all related…e.g., you won’t find a decent used riflescope (at a good price) on ebay till way after Xmas. Those dudes are also bagging all the damn mid and slow burn rate powders and decent boolits (show me your Nosler stash, boyz). Try to find once fired ’06 SPR brass. Yep. It’s road trip time if ya want to go behind the wire.

    I’m bulking up on stuff from Dollar Tree and Dollar General each trip, regardless. My stores are stocked to the top with stuff, and I made a point today to tell the DG manager he was doing an outstanding job. Fuck Walmart…pump up the local dudes that have the local black market logistics.

  4. I had a buddy around 70/71 whose dad was a nuke war prepper still in the military.he had a wood storage shed crammed Full of old WWII/Korean “conflict”cases of Crats and some Krats.We used to steal some when we went surfing so we could stay at the beach longer without going 3 miles back to the store to get a bite.They had the little John Wayne toothpick can openers,the cigs and matches,Hershey chocolate bars,crackers,and of course the canned food.Never got sick off any of them and they were all good.The first time I saw one of the little folded toilet paper strips wrapped with the brown paper I laughed my ass off and later he showed us the trick how to use it.”:>} Anyways really enjoy your blog and bad attitude.

  5. I posted this on one of the sixty-two (and counting…) versions of BustedNuckles:
    Eugene, Oregon.
    First week October, 2021.
    BigLots grocery/furniture store (I know, weird?).
    They removed segments of shelf racks.
    Rust marks on the floor show a forty-foot shelf-unit is now a thirty-two.
    The remaining shelves appear stocked, but! if the entire shelving unit was intact, they would be sparse.

  6. Winn Dixie in my neck of the woods, north central Fl. is doing the same. lowering and shortening the shelving units and some are still sparse.

  7. Dude. Just get a freeze dryer. They are spendy, no question, but instead of spending $100 a can for freeze dried hamburger, you can DIY, put it in a Mylar bag, same amount for $25. Justifies itself quick.

    Full disclosure: I don’t work for the company, don’t get a kickback, and won’t get offended if you tell me to pound sand. We bought the large, for a family of five, 3 are teenagers. The premium pump is the way to go in terms of price vs hassle/maintenance. It has run basically nonstop for the last 3 months. We have now filled a shelving unit with meat, eggs, cheese, etc, all of which is very expensive otherwise, if available at all. A buddy of mine talked me into it after he processed 1200 pounds of beef (bought I think 2 entire cows) over a couple of months. He also started a side business selling freeze dried candy, specifically freeze dried skittles and saltwater taffy. They sell at the local farmers market and generally pull in $500-$750 in a morning. Just sayin’.

    1. Ed, What’s that pull for power? Sorry I didn’t check the specifics. 3ph an option?

      Big Country could keep a couple of those things running while answering phones. “Big Appetite” brand.

    2. I will second that. Got access to a four tray unit and have put a hundred pounds of meat and at least that in fruit away this summer. A tray of eggs equals one and a half dozen or so so you can do 60 egg flats at one pop. Some work and a bit of planning involved but way better product when you are done than store bought, and you can make things to suit you. Jaeger schnitzel and spatzle, ja!

  8. there’s some freeze dried items at Publix. The best are the one serving packs of dehydrated potatoes, small pasta meals and the chifle chips. I stay away from.the boxed dehydrated potatoes, except for general use because they are in cardboard boxes and are more likely to spoil. Also the little Complete meals from Hormel seem to be a good choice.
    Also generally every time I go to Publix I hit up the bakery and ask if they have any empty buckets. I would say that on average it is about a 40% success rate, sometimes they give me more than one. Pro tip if you get the small 2 gallon bucket or a square one ask for the lids as well. You don’t necessarily need the lid for the three gallon bucket because they are of standard size, but I do try to get them as well.
    these buckets are food grade, and as long as you clean them as you would any other food storage product you can store rice, beans et cet directly in them. Although I use sealable Mylar bags with some air absorbers and a bit of bay leaf to keep out the bugs.
    Even if you clean and dry out a bucket just to fill it with some inexpensive food like complete pancake mix, or some beans or rice , as long as you toss in some O2 absorbers and bay leaf, you should be ok repackaging it in the food grade bucket. Best to put the food the freezer for a week or so first to kill off any bugs.
    If I was to do it that way I might use a gamma lid because you would get a much better seal or a non toxic sealing gel.
    Even if they don’t have lids for the square or small buckets I still grab them, one of the other buckets may become unusable or if I need to haul water, I have em if I and need em.

  9. Something else to keep in mind is where there is grain storage facilities; I happen to work for one and I can tell you that I’d be able to make a metric $!?$ton of bread and related products from the wheat and corn stored there. Granted you need to have a way to grind it… and lime to soak the corn in… Get to know your local farmers… they’re the ones who are going to feed the resistance. B from the Midwest

  10. Store bought? We (Americans) were the bad ass make it work or invent your way around it problem solvers. The whole world had its eye on us. We built and some of us still build airplanes, welders, cyclotrons, deadly weapons, the most ridiculously over powered cars trucks motorcycles, killdozers… on and on in our garages and home shops. 1900s food preservation “tech”? I sure as hell don’t need a corp built over priced osha/fda/lawyer spec electronic shit pile that’s doa if a one dollar chip on a 100 dollar board self destructs. Come on cut the tube/web time and get it together.

  11. The best thing about the VN Lurp rations was the cornflake bar, and I sure don’t remember Tootsie rolls in them either. We got them from the SF guys who were sick of eating them.
    After almost 50 yrs, I still eat Mtn House when I backpack, I’ve tried the other backpacking brands and even though they have varied menus, nothing compares to Mtn House quality. Some even use faux soy meat.
    I’ve thought of the freeze drier just to make dog meals for backpacking, he eats homemade rice/veggie/elk stew for almost 3 yrs now, and has his own saddlebags, but can’t find decent light meals for on the trail.

    1. Thanks for mentioning the dog, SemperFi, 0321. I keep telling folks in our group (now up to 31) make sure you have plenty of food and water for the K9s! Don’t have ’em rely on the “table scraps” menu. Provide for them as well.

      Few years ago I saw the writing on the wall and got plenty of high-end wet as well as dry food for my pack ‘o Beagles. Various ways to long-term store them, but the oils in the dry food are always troublesome.

      If you’re into the equines, you already know what to do with storing up decent hay, alfalfa, salt blocks, and water sources. Sawdust, shavings, corncob, whatever you use for the stalls as well.

      PS Make sure you’re on good terms with your Vet and keep it that way for when things go sideways. I’ve given mine a spare 12 ga and wheel gun, since the Blue-Hivers are already prowling his rural DVM Hospital, looking to break in and steal drugs.

      DVM comes in mighty handy –for gunshot wounds of all flavors if the ER is miles away or ‘closed for the season.’ Just sayin’.

  12. Meh … MREs, LRPs, C-Rats, whatever … that shit just takes up space and weighs you down. Push comes to shove, you can scoop up a handful of bugs and muck them on down.

  13. A friend of mine (a graphic artist in civilian life) took one of the first MREs we ever saw and saved the packaging…

    And turned it into ‘Guts, Gopher, with grease and goo added’.
    Couldn’t prove him wrong

    1. I think it was in ’81 we went from the MCI’s to the MRE’s, none of us were too impressed. The hash browns were OK, but no canned fruit???
      Had to use a canteen cup for making coffee.

  14. When I was a teenager growing up in suburban St Louis, a friend and I used to buy canned pemmican mail order from a Company in North Carolina called P&S Sales, which was a mail order military surplus company. We considered it a treat – it was not expensive, it tasted great, and would last indefinitely. P&S Sales no longer exists, and I have no idea who made the canned pemmican. Does anyone know where to buy such a thing today?

    1. OMG, do I remember P&S Sales. Ordered an M-1 carbine bayonet from them in the mid 60’s, came with the wrong sheath.
      If you can’t find the pemmican online, there are many recipes available.

  15. What happened with Larry Vickers?

    A well known, decorated Navy SEAL has +/- 7200 weapons confiscated (allegedly), is not detained, and no one has anything to say????

    Did it happen??

    Please advise

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