Meet the FBI, Same as the Old NKVD…

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Lavrentiy Beria would be proud.  Tickled no less.  Seems that a story has slllllllowly made a creep out from under the rocks that the Ministry of Propaganda has been keeping over this particularly gruesome case.
Link HERE:

Seems that the fibbies, who everyone here know just how I feelz about, are possibly right up there in the rankings of the old NKVD run by head sexual deviant and surprise! (((a certain ethnicity))) Lavrentiy Beria.  Now, quick history lesson.  Pre-KGB, Stalin, after killing any and all opposition to his being El Supremo, formed up a secret police that to this day is spoken about in hushed tones in Russia,.  That was the NKVD.  It was first run by another dude, who was, believe it or not, too ruthless and an over-achiever even for Stalin.  Guy named Yezhov.  Now Beria was second in command of the NKVD.  This was the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, i.e. the internal secret police.  In charge of rooting out opposition and plots against the ruling party.

Gee… I wonder what the US Equivalent would be today?

So anyways, seems Yexhov was a little -too- psychotic and caused too much damage to Stalin’s grand plan, and ‘got the noodle’ for his trouble.  I know how to say it in Russian, but the colloquialism means to get a small caliber bullet to the back of the neck… dunno how or why, but that’s what ‘getting the noodle’ meant back in old school USSR.  So Beria got put in charge of the “kinder, gentler NKVD”… sort of how Robert Wray took over from James Comey.

Man, history does repeat don’t it?

Beria was a mad-dog rapist.  They finally kil’t his ass after Stalin died and he tried to go for the brass ring.  There’s even rumors he hisself did the poisoning that kil’t old Stalin, but it’s a tough call, as the majority of the shit that went down back then is a big unknown.  Closest thing to possible humorous history was that movie “The Death of Stalin”

Great movie… not entirely plausible, but still…

So, the link takes you to essentially a story about a senior female fibbie agent.  Normally IDGAF about -any- fibbie, however, the word on this particular case is one of extreme sexual deviancy and harassment, and the complete lack of accountability.

Seems Supervisory Special Agent Karen Veltri filed a civil rights suit against her erstwhile employers.  Lots of sexual issues against her higher-higher in the Domestic Terrorism Anti-Terror group.  You know… them fucktards who’ve put me and you and any whypeepo on a list, and goes to great lengths  to entrap innocents and retards in a game of “Who can we frame now?” for fun, profit, (also known as budget expansion,) and accolades, promotions and rewards.
No coverage anywhere by the Ministry of Propaganda mind you
However… what the story brings to mind to me is a bit of speculation.  
IF the FBI and it’s entire upper chain of command, by dint of the apparent non-reaction, if anything, they accused were lauded, rewarded AND promoted AFTER their apparent indiscretions, it makes me go Hmmmn.  Meaning that the higher-higher have essentially refused to do anything against their own, for crimes against their own, what does that mean for us ‘common dirt-folk/whypeepo’?

Tell you what it means.  We’re in full Soyviet Mode now.  Ain’t no one safe.  Beria used to go and snatch little girls (he liked ’em real young apparently) and rape them to death, and no one was in a position to say anything ’cause he was the head of the secret police.   If they were ‘connected’ when he kidnapped and raped them, he’d return them with apologies after and that was it.  His power was all encompassing and unstoppable.

If the fibbies refuse to police their own, (outside of killing their own who step out of line, see the Florida Pedo-case for details there) then why can’t I conclude that there must be cases of fibbies using and abusing their power over the common dirt folks to sexually gratify theyselves Aye?

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely donchaknow?

And at this late stage of the game, the fibbies currently have -total power and control-  Who’s to say ‘boo!’ to any of them?  The Bureau managed to assist in the Coup To Overthrow the Election AND the President, and openly admitted it, with ZERO FUCKING CONCEQUENCES.  Why wouldn’t a perv fibbie go out and ‘badge’ some poor shmuck, abuse/rape the fuck out of them, and tell them “Ha… tell who you want, I’m an FBI Agent and you ain’t shit… who’re they going to believe?” and get away with it.

Ain’t nothing going to stop it either.
It’s just the way things are.
Keep it in mind the next time a child rapist perv-fibbie shows up at the door…
Say nothing and call your lawyer.

Better safe than sorry, and then, my advice?  Bleach the area they walked on on your property… you don’t know -what- nasty germs those sick fucks have on them.  Preferably while they can still see you.  Let them know exactly the amount of contempt you hold them in.  And if you unfortunately know or do business with them (ANY fed at this point) be aware that you’re now ‘aiding and consorting with the enemy’ and I highly recommend a disconnect as soon as possible.
Like I said at the opening… meet the ‘new’ FBI, same as the Old NKVD.
Change my mind.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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