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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Had another full day today… man, that 4 + hour VA appointment left me behind the power curve for Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory, so I’m sorta-brain-dead… well truthfully I’m always in ‘Tard’ mode, but tonight it’s faaaar more pronounced, so much like the man John Wilder, I’m throwing up a selection of memes here tonight as filler.

Also, my many many many Thanks to ALL of you in the studio viewing audience.

Hadn’t checked in in a minute, but seems I garnered ANOTHER million hits here,, pushing us past the 3 mil marker.  Really surprised me how fast this mil kicked over…  like -stunned- as I think it was when, like 8 months ago I broke 2 mil?

Guess my next mentionable goal will be the 5 mil zone…But I can’t thank y’all enough… Minimalmed, Scoutergreg, Grog, Beans, Cederq, Phil… The President Elect…  shit… the list of y’all who come here for fun and games is as long and distinguished as my Johnson…

All y’all… the email support, the times where I’ve been dead fucking broke as fuck… y’all have gotten me through some seriously bullshit times…  I can’t say thank you enough…

So, for tonight, a selection of many of my favorite memes, Some mine (you’ll know ’em) and some from others.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to cogitate a decent proper rant and poast.  I aslo need to get a vidya done… and man, don’t ask -why- there hasn’t been one, suffice it to say Dumbunny has ZERO ideas of leaving me the fuck alone when I’ma trying to vidya…  The outtakes of me being interrupted would be hilarious, but would probably put me in jail.

wish they were only -that high- now… Average here in TB is $3.15-$3.22 right now…

Rakkasan Sprint Anyone? (Brigade Standard, 98% of all troops who started had to cross the finish line or have ‘remedial PT with the BDE Sargent Major, read ‘torture’… standard was 4 miles in 32 minutes.  I never fell out or behind ever)

Apparently IRL it’s a “Sideshow Bob Hat” from the Simpsons…

Yep… died the same day… What a sad waste Aye?

Hope y’all enjoyed.
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  1. Man, I remember those days…stay out drinking til the bars closed at 2, afterparty in the barracks til 0430, then someone saying “Oh shit it’s Tuesday, we have PT in 15 minutes!”

  2. “the list of y’all who come here for fun and games is as long and distinguished as my Johnson…” Must be a short list. ;-))
    I’m just razzin’ ya BC.
    Congrats on the new million.

  3. Yeah, carrying that telephone pole after staying out all night was less of a MFer than simply standing at attention.

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