Merry Christmas Fuckers

Greetings to all My Dear Readers, (A.K.A. The Droogs and Droogettes) that make up the bulk of the nay, shall I say it? Thoughtcrime and Badthink Blog Dwellers.  Merry Christmas on the nonce of the Evening that comes…

 Yeah… Been doing the Christmas Prep too (and yes, that IS one of Top Popps t-shirts LOL)

Yeah, Dat Me.

Why not?  It’s the only red shirt I have…
I also made some ornaments for the Tree:

The lettering I’m going to try next with an actual stencil… the single letters were too hard to apply what with my shaky ass-ed hands (nerve damage… fucking sucks)  If I can ever get them made in bulk, I’ll start selling them…  why the fuck not amiright?

So Merry Merry Happy Happy, and I’ll leave you with some laughs for the night:

and lastly:

 Merry Christmas to all y’all!
Til Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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