Millennials Prefer Communism…

Fucktards, One and All.

Gooooood Afternoon to all My Favorite Reprobates!  Tis the Big C coming atcha afer work and not a bad day.  Mellow even.  Went to do a little overwatch of a Minion and then went to another house that was the House O’Mold.  Seems that they have an active leak in or near the foundation that they have not fixed.  So we keep going out apparently (this’s been since June) and since they are paying cash, the insurance gangsters aren’t involved, and we keep going out and -trying- to remediate this fucker…

Of course arriving, finding the Central AIr Conditioning in the “off” position, the sliding patio and screen doors wide the fuck open (in 93% humidity today according to my barometric readings) so yeah, we’re gonna keep making money til this moron stops doing stupid shit.

Which is part of my lead line.  Seems that the Shrill-lennials are enamored of Commies.


I blame the Parents first.  XHH6, even tho she was a bitch to me, agreed and DID homeschool the biologic offspring units until such time as they decided the wanted to go to ‘regular skool’.  Because of this, well… Elder Male Biologic Unit is a shitlord of the 10th Degree…  I will not comment as to the other…  The $$Money$$ quote:

“Ten percent of Millennials said Trump is “responsible for more deaths and human rights abuses” than mass-murder and Russian leader Joseph Stalin or notorious German dictator Adolf Hitler.”

I then blame the schools.  When the majority of your workforce (teachers) is made up of cowardly assed fucking Boomers who stayed in school to keep from going to Vietnam, then things are going to be FUCKED.


The MAJORITY of teachers who instituted the current Reign of “Political Correctness” were Boomers who were too cowardly to accept the draft, and spent their time corrupting Public Education, rather than acknowledge their perfidy and scumbagitude.

ALL of these boomer insured the corruption by passing on their self hate and Hatred of America to their students who would carry on the tradition without understanding the source.  Self Loathing for Cowardice… Loathing of the Country for -showing them- what unbelievable pieces of shit that they were/are.  All of the politics… the claims of love of fellow man… the anti-war movement…
Smoke.  Vast Clouds of H-C White and Bong Hits blown up our and their collective asses to obscure the truth.  Both of my Parental Units were teachers.  I grew up around them.  DocDad was proud of dodging the draft and weaseling hisself into a non-deployable critical unit.  (He went Military Intelligence Stateside…)  Almost ALL of his friends openly bragged about their political, familial or claims of physical/mental problems that kept them out of Nam.

Now… having done what I’ve done, do I blame them?  Nope.  Not a bit.  They were and are straight up about their lack of testicular fortitude.  To be quite Honest about it… Nam… Jungles.  Wet, hot, poisonous snakes, and Charlie?  Yeah, I’d’ve given it a hard pass myself… AT least -they- admitted it openly… I can respect that.  And they retained a love of country.  DocDad was very proud of his service and so was I.  I have his flag on the shelves with -my- shit from the wars.
In the Bad Bush in the Poontang Valley in ’69
And now?  We have the least well edjamahcatetude kids in U.S. History.

But also, part of the reason these little womb-turdlings luuuuuv the Idea of being a commie is they seem to think that they’re the ones who will be holding the whip. 

Its really -easy- to see why they think that they’d  be in the control position.  For almost their entire lives the little bastards have been told just how ‘special’ and ‘brilliant’ and ‘right’ they are.  
Got news for you kids:  The Term USEFUL IDIOTS quite literally is -the best- term to describe y’all generationally speaking.
Yep.  Suuuure Y’all are…
The very fact that the NPC meme offended soooo many Millienials is in itself a fucking riot.  I could go on, but I gotta make dinner.  The NGFF is down with a strained back (again) and I gotta make dinner because someone has to ‘adult’ around this motherfucker.
Untiul Later, I’m the I.R., B.C.

By BigCountryExpat

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  1. You nailed it about the teaching with one exception. Jimmy Carter got Uncle Sugar got involved by creating a Department of Education. As we all know if you want to get something screwed up let the government get involved.

    1. New Girl Fun Fuck… just don't tell her… Girl could suck start a Harley thru 40 feet of kinked garden hose.

  2. On the other hand, the same pollsters told us that Felonia VonPantsuit was going to beat Donald Trump in a landslide.

    Perhaps these "polls" are merely just a distraction and another tool to try and keep We the People divided against one another? In this case, divide children from their parents. Can't control a homogeneous society like you can a chaotic one.

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