Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes!

OOOOh boy I’m excited!
Like how excited?
Try >SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!< Levels of excitement.
Introducing the Flammenwerfer, Mark One, Mod Two, Mini.
Couple of Changes:  This one was made-to-order, my first Client, The Hammer wanted a lighter more portable BBQ device.  I went with a 10 Pound Tank, and a slightly smaller 20 Oz Mad Dog C02 Pusher Tank.  The pack frame is an ALICE pack with removable shelf, and the C02 mount is now a flexible paintball C02 hose, as opposed to the stiff copper piping I had on the Mark Zero Model.  Both now have the Mark One upgrades, and Mod Two is the Mini.
I also added a Paintball Tank Pouch, as now the tank needs to be secured by other means.  It’s neat in that you have the freedom to put the C02 where you want via the MOLLE straps that secure it.
The Gun and mounts are still the same with the Mark One upgrades as well.
I’m extraordinarily pleased with meselves currently, as I love completing a project.  This one took a bit longer, as some of the critical parts (the M320 coupler for the C02 hose) was delayed because of that big storm or something.  Came in today and I went hog wild and man, I love it when a plan comes together.
Tomorrow I’ma gonna do a live fire test.  I already pressure tested the whole rig, and not a single problem.  I also blew out a triple rinse of water through it to make sure no itty-bitty pieces / parts can fuck me up like the last time, and I’ll post the fun for y’all to see.
I also, when I went to the Paintball/Surplus store to recharge the tanks, the two old dudes there asked me where I was paintballing? As allllll the parks are shut down due to CoronaChan.  
Told ’em it was for my flamethrow and DAMN!
BOTH old Viet Nam vets, one of them who claimed that he used the old M2A1 and loved it.
Enough so that he asked me to bring it (my flammenwerfer) by, and when I told him I build them and sell them, he’s going to talk to his partner about maybe putting one up for consignment… Told Him I want $1200, and anything that he can get over that can be his… knowing surplus stores, he’ll upcharge an additional $500+…
I’d LOVE having a storefront to push this…fingers crossed.
So, more fun, especially tomorrow.  Fire Extinguishers on Standby…
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

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  1. Fuuuuck yeah buddy, now yer talkin'.
    That looks a whole lot better now.
    That be a a real Flammenwerfer !
    I'll be waiting for the test fire.

  2. You are one crazy S.O.B. and I mean that in the most complimentary way. Good luck with your commercial venture.


  3. God dam right. I dont know, not sure, BUT impulse buy may kick in if I saw that
    glorious bastard siting on a shelf in front of me.

  4. I've been thinking about how to use some of the mini-flares out there to make an ignition system like the M2A1 used, there are definitely some advantages to that system.

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