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So part n parcel of getting the M1A is being able to afford the payments.  They don’t start til the beginning of June, which is why I signed up.  Figure that probably it will, BUT if the economy takes a Blue Whale sized shit, I still have a primo brand-new shewtin’ iron.  Now to afford the payments, y’all know I do a lot of custom work.  I just took on an new AR-10 for a reader.  I even found pieces parts for a complete build.

And let me tell ya, this’s possibly one of the best builds I’ve ever done.  I got most of the parts on hand, except for the Upper/Lower/Front Rail.  I mean I have them, they’re at GunGirl’s place.  I’m waiting for the Springfield to show up so I only have to do one Form 4473.  Makes it easier on GunGirl and myself.
I did the paperwork, as stated earlier, and got to inspect the pieces-parts.

Hooba-dooba-dooba!!! as Fred Flintstone would say.

VERY nice.  Like perfect.  I got the matching upper and front grip/rail as well, all in FDE.  The uppers/rail is a high profile DPMS pattern.

The only negative I have is the barrel nut is proprietary, and out of stock.  I called the manufacturer, and they’ve already taken my order on it, so it’ll be one of the first shipped second week in May.  The rest of the pieces-parts:

16 inch, chrome-moly 1/10 twist barrel, made of 4150 steel.
Stainless steel trigger/hammer assembly
Magpul Stock with an extra thick recoil pad
Custom Texture Rubber Grip Wrap
and lastly, a KynShot Hydraulic Recoil Buffer.

Dude is having this built as a shared anniversary present for himself and his Wifey, and she apparently is smaller, and he wants it to have a reduced recoil footprint.  Kind of a bitch to do with an 7.62, but, I think the combination of all of the above, as well as the muzzle brake, which I just ordered and forgot to mention til now… I got a Strike Industries J-Comp V2 Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider.  Should be a really sweet piece once I get everything together and running.

I’m waiting on the Bolt (Areo Precision) which is on the way, and the other small fiddly bits for the upper (forward assist, charging handle and color-matched dust cover).  All in all, this’s gonna be a pimp rifle when it’s done.  Sapper wants me to ‘twin’ it when he can afford it.

Can’t say I blame him.

I had to wait to poast about this, as it’s Dude’s biddness, and I always ask about poasting about a build if it’s gonna be some elses toy.  He is, needless to say, excited and said Hell yeah to this.
So, I’ll do some pics when I gets all da pieces parts together.

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  1. BC, I have a build question for you. I am thinking of buying an upper that does not have a BCG and buying a Young Industries chrome BCG. Would I need to do a headspace check?

    1. OK: As I did in my headspacing poast -generally- one does NOT need to do a check like that, as the majority of reputable manufacturers insure the tolerances match industry wide. 99.9% of barrel feed ramps and uppers match tolerances perfectly, so much so that you get into micrometers worth of differences that don’t matter. That being said, a bolt face, provided that it’s new, the barrel it’s feeding into is new, and the upper is new, you probably don’t have to worry. Now, IF the barrel and upper are matched and used, and the bolt face itself is new, then there’s a possibility you’ll want to check the headspacing. That being said, it also depends on how many rounds has been through it. I personally have never seen a civilian AR out of HS spec in my time. It’s things like lapping the face of the upper (Helps ensure precise mating of barrel and receiver for added accuracy.) and such things like that is when you need to worry. Otherwise, you should be good-2-go.

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