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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, besides the fun n games… and whatnot weirdness, I’m scanning the early news today, and found meselves seeing a story on the Daily Fail talking about “Ohmahgerd! COVID and No Rooms!!!” mass hysteria again over again.


Oh STFU and gimme a break…
The hospital in question is St. Joseph Hospital in downtown Tampa.  So I called them not 15 minutes ago and asked what the wait times are and how’s the capacity?  Currently, as of 10:15 a.m. there’s 14 people in the Emergency Room.  Wait times they wouldn’t ‘officially’ give me, but the girl said it’s about 20 minutes right now, as they’re short staffed.

Takeaways from that?
They more than likely laid off a shit-ton on people when there wasn’t anyone around
That the ‘surge’ IS going on, but NOT to the point of mass hysteria 
And that it does sound busy, but the people who’re there?
I mean it’s the ER… it could be –anything– from a broken finger to COVID
Heart attacks yadda yadda…
We don’t know the reason the ER is flooded.

True story time.  Back in 2006 when I was home on R&R, Spawn got somehow clubbed in the head by one of the neighborhood kids… laid his nugget wide open to the skull… like bone showing.  MAD head wound.  I slapped a trauma bandage on him (Israeli compress… works as advertised) and made ONE mistake.

should have call a Ambulance.  Instead I bundled him off to the local ER.  We got there and Oh. My. Gawd.  Talk about overrun… There were, no joke, at least 75+ people, ALL of them from what I could tell, illegals with the sniffles and shit.  Little known fact, but we got a LOT of farms here in Central Florida, and depending on the season, we usually have a huge influx of Central American pickers.  And when they get sick, they hit the local ER as they can’t be turned away.  So, the wait time went to ‘insane’ and I did some stupid things that eventually got my spawn seen… came really close to being arrested…

But I had to do something… we were closing in on that ‘window’ for the ability to get subcutaneous stiches done… I believe it’s 3 hours or he was risking some serious scarring and tissue death… at 2 hours and like 50 minutes I threw a holy shit fit that scared the ever-loving shit out of a lot of people.  It DID help that I was wearing, no shit three-color DCU pants, my combat boots, and one of them gawd-awful “Mercenary T-Shirts” that now looking at it is soooo tacky but was quite the fashion statement in Iraq at the time…  Went into “-RAGE-BEAST-” mode…  I ended up getting the attention of a full bird Colonel medical doctor doing his ‘extra weekend work’ at the ER from McDill.  To keep up with ‘current’ med stuff like gunshots and whatnot, the ER Docs from McDill will work the local ERs.  You could spot this guy from a mile away, as his ‘scrubs’ were Camo.  Very cool IMO BTW.
I was throwing shit-fit, loud, screaming, threatening, type one each, when the Colonel came over and braced my ass “Soldier!  What the hell are you raising a ruckus in my ER!?!”  I locked up naturally… hell reflexively, and explained.  He was so fucking cool.  Dude immediately ran Spawn in the back and stiched him up his damned self, even though some minor functionary tried to take over.

“Army takes care of it’s own son.”

A-fucking-Men Colonel.
Bought the guy a bottle of really good hootch as a thank you.
But yeah, I mean DiveMedic has said they’re getting clobbered BUT a lot has to do with staffing cuts.  Always look to the administrators of any and all corporations to save a buck for themselves if they can by cutting staff, even if they’re critical staff.
So another on-the-spot update
Kabul, Abbey Gate:

Moment of the KA-BOOM!
Seems ISIS-K (gee, who comes up with these names?) did a suicide bombing at the gate that was jam packed with troops and civvies, possibly both ‘Murican AND Affy trying to unass the A.O.  Maaaan… as Ole Remus, P.B.U.H. used to say “Avoid crowds.”
Absolutely gorrdamned right Aye?
Now… Our Ministry of Propaganda, who never met a COVID body count they didn’t like? Well, So far the count is “3 Marines Hurt”

Whereas the screen snips I took from some rando–Haji on-the-scene put up on Twitter… well, these are two screen captures… the quality, as you can see is shit, however, they sorta speak for theyselves.  The first one,  and then the second one were shot in a row, so there MAY be some overlap but hey… #1


That blue bucket show how he’s panning left-to-right
Dunno about you but that’s some serious stacked cordwood-style pile o’corpses.
I mean sheesh… and the clip was all of 10 seconds, in a very narrow field of view?The explosion pic?  That was a huge blast if it went off in the middle of some seriously tightly packed people.  This’s the sort of thing where the casualty count is determined by “How many right feet versus left feet do we have?”  The larger number is how many got whacked.

I’ll be curious to see what the final count is, and if we lost any troops… hopefully not.

Either way though, this’s all on Slo.
That motherfucker is responsible.  Wish they’d stop fucking with our troops, and just flat out proclaim “Jihad!” on our Leadershit and go after them directly.  Quit fucking around with ‘we the peepul’ per se, and go for the head assholes.

THAT would be entertaining, especially since the Leadershit would jump on the “They’re attacking our representative values and our institutions!   They hate our freedoms!”

Uh no goys and ghouls, they hate what you have done to them to line your own pockets.  And seeings how any and all of our Leadershit haven’t ‘represented’ -anything- “for the people” in like forever, I’m comfortable with them going directly to the White House and blowing it the fuck up with everyone in it.  And before you gas me about it, ain’t the first time the place has been razed to the ground… First time in the war on 1812… in fact, googling it… well, well, well, well… guess when it was burned?

August 24, 1814

Huh… an anniversary without nary a mention anywhere…
Guess they don’t want anyone getting any ideas

Jes’ Sayin’

The second time it was razed was after World War Two… you wouldn’t know it, but under FDR for the what? Almost 11 years and one month… (he would have had 16 years, if he’d lived, God help(ed) us I like to think…) but in that 11 years, maintenance apparently was on the ‘back burner’ so much that when Truman took over, the structural engineers realized that one good sneeze and/or fart could have literally blown the building down…

Truman moved into Blair House across the street, and the White House was literally gutted… as in the façade was propped up to keep up appearances, but the interior?  Oh yeah man… they tore it down like completely
Case in point:


So yeah, lot of people didn’t know that.
If the ‘bad guys’ ever were to blow the place up, I’m like ‘whatever’…It’s just a building, and seeings how the DotGov ceased representing the ACTUAL people of the Untied Statz, I’m like ‘we can rebuild it again… ain’t the first time, probably won’t be the last.’
Again, Jes’ Sayin’
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Yessir, you’re close.
    Hospitals are empty b/c they told workers to get the shot or quit…. so they quit!

  2. Ain’t gonna update the body count…everyone knows it now. That CS and his deep state clowns own it. Their smug shit ain’t gonna last much longer, dudes.

    “Tampa” Says it all with the Soros Jive(TM). I don’t know how you keep the barrel in Rem Oil around that fucking place.

    That ratio of deaths to PCRscam in that Paki Dr. image is .00231. That’s fucking 0.2%. There are more bodies in canals and cane fields down here on a weekend. That’s part of the reason why they burn those fields before harvest.

    And….”we got a LOT of farms here in Central Florida…” Yep; bingo. It’s the SFL also. Now, when the dashboard was up at the state site you could pick out the hispanic data. Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Glades, Hendry, parts of Lee, and up in to your central counties…Hispanics were **over 3X** the “cases” as compared so-called non-hispanics. Yep, those single family homes that have 8 beater trucks with fucking low-rider rims (in the evening)(parked on the septic fields, of course) don’t mean anything. Those white buses unloading what looks like a fat midget circus at WalMart and Dollar General, same.

  3. Dr Jane Ruby confirmed the lies two weeks ago. News in south florida ( i forget exactly where) were reporting covid wave overflow, crisis, suck factor on the news and that one hospital had so many deaths they needed a refrigerator truck. So, Dr Jane Ruby who lived an hour a way paid both hospitals a visit and talked to staff, EMTs and security. They all laughed when she told them the news story of overrun ERs. The refrigerator truck turned out to be a mobile MRI truck with A/C unit. Its all fucking lies and damned lies.

    Soldiers need to mutiny at this point. How many SLs are gonna keep sucking cock? Tell your chain to get bent, you aint following the orders of these illegitimate, crooked, fucking retards.

  4. The stupid is getting surreal. Our so called leaders in gov-mil and big business seem intent on outdoing the previous looting, screwups and gross incompetence. Most of western culture seems to have been replaced with an lsd tainted pantomime of its former self. I’m sensing a “burn it all down” pnr coming fast, hope the cosplayers livestream it…

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