More Enrichment and No C&C

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Tell you what… it’s only going to get more enriching all thanks to Orifice of The (p)Resident, PBUH (and +10%) The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den’s new ‘Open Borders’ policy of insuring that only the best and brightest of the Afghanis got on them thar evacuation planes.  Yep.

Then again, mebbe not.

Meet Zabihullah Mohmand
Another ‘culturally enriching’ Rape-Monster.  The vic?  18 year old girl.  In Montana.  

I’ma kinda sorta amazed that he’s in such good shape… that smirk and smarm of “I don’t give a fuck” would surely be completely wiped from his face had I been one of the Arresting Occifers.  In fact I’d insure that he’d need a permanent all-liquid diet for the next oh-so-few-years he’s got left up until one of the Aryan Brotherhood decides he needs a Haji-Skin Cigarette case or something…I mean man, it’s fucking Montana man… what the fuck happened?  That used to be a gen-you-wine-lee bad ass state full of bad ass Cowboys and shit… now?  

Yeah, the booking foto shows how much ‘kinder and gentler’ the Fuzz and Montana as a whole are when dealing with assholes like this here goatfucker.  Me?  Man, he should have ‘fallen down the stairs’ a multiplicity of times, never mind hitting his head on the door jab, falling on a nightstick or 10, and broken a few limbs and fingers while trying to get back up off the concrete.  The whole sordid bullshit story is here:

The article goes into how Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale is calling for the expulsion of all the Rapey McRapefaced Goatfuckers and Childbride Pedofucks that the current Regime cut loose in like anywhere they could to undermine any and all “Red” states…reducing the issue to pure politics per usual.  That’s all they know


Couple more stories like this and you’re going to see a network of loosely connected people start figuring out what time and where these ‘people’ (and it’s a stretch to call them that AYe?) are being ‘deposited’ like the dead-of-night doggie donut dropoffs they are… I mean let’s be honest.  It IS just like that absolute asshole of a neighbor that you have ON CAMERA taking his dog for an oh-dark-late walk, and going right up to your house, and letting Rover drop his ‘package’ off on your yard, and casually roaming off without policing up said-“gift”.  Once the intel is gathered, well, it wouldn’t be hard to arrange (pure hypothetically that is) a ‘welcome’ of suppressed rifle fire that targets the military aged males.  Groin and head shots.

“No women, no kids.”
Couple of times of a no Bag Limit Open Season on Afghani Rapey McRapefestivus Goatfuckers, and I gar-ron-damned-tee they’ll be positively begging to be sent back to Asscanishitstan.  The more the body count, the more they’ll utterly refuse to get on the bus to relocate…

See, I lived there.  Had to be around these smelly fucksticks… and yes they do stank like death… like a rotten carcass 4 weeks dead doesn’t smell as bad as an Afghan…  anyways… The only thing they understand is brute fucking force and the imposition of brute fucking force on whatever the target of the day is.  If their Imam tells them “Allah has proclaimed death to all Guinea Pigs and Gerbils!  They are all satanic and must die!”  I ab-so-loot-lee can tell you these turbaned hardheaded fucking weirdbeards would be breaking into elementary schools to kill Mr.  Lemmiwinks and the local PetSmart would see the same ‘unexplained uptick in pro-guinea pig and gerbil violence’.  Complete unquestioning belief in their religion, and by way of their Holy Rollers (the Imams) they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Hell… the lesser religious nutbags (compared to the Affys) in Iraq even knew our mollycoddling ways and worked them against us.  They knew for certain that IF they got caught, but not actually IN the process of pulling a trigger OR with the bomb IN HAND that the MOST we’d do was a minor vacation, in a air conditioned prison cell, (where MOST of his friends were anyways mind you) that they’d get three hots and a cot, maybe a bit of ‘harsh language questioning’ and then eventually, cut loose with a $10 bill for transportation and a “Don’t let us see you around here no more!” lecture.  I know. I actively assisted in the re-capture of one of these doodz who done did this, and probably kept doing it until they either won, or he fucked around, wrong place, wrong time and got greased.

Until we start utilizing barbarity against them?  It’s a zero-sum game.  To a Rape-monster like dis fukkin guy?  Prison?  After living and eking out a sub-par non-TV life in the mountains of the Hindu Kush, with only the occasional raid on another ville for loot, and a goat for sustenance and/or sexual gratification?  Yeah, US Prisons, outside of the whole potential of running into a REAL whypeepo superpreemiecysts group who, if they find out aboot him, WILL eat his liver for lunch, prison is a fucking lotto winner dream for him. 

Hence why I personally think, in this increasingly lawless environment, “The Men Who Wanted to Be Left the Fuck ALONE” are going to start to step off the porch.  And when and IF it does happen, it’s going to be beyond the worst case scenarios of the pants-wetting crybaby fuckstick lawbreakers in the District of Criminality and/or the Ministry of Propaganda all over the country…  They have no clue.

It’s going to be “The Harvest of 100/1000/10000/100000 Heads” or however many those who are angry enough to decide… I mean after all, who puts a call to stop a decentralized, non-unitary, cell like, lone wolf operation?  I mean despite ALL the fever dreams of the retards on the Ministry of Propaganda, and the breathless, witless ramblings of self-important, impotent cowards, the near-do-wells and flat out brain dead “politicians” of the UniParty who have hyped up OrangeManBad as “HitlerJunior”… fact is, most of us purely despise him AND especially his (((fambly))).  His obeisance and bowing to the (((Tribe))) and his blatant abandonment of everyone involved in the January 6th Shenanigans, nevermind ALL the ‘other’ broken promises, well, we say “Fuck that guy.”

Reality is, IF the ‘spark’ gets lit, there ain’t no one to put out the subsequent fire.
Especially if it’s successful. 
I mean from a purely outside POV, how much blood is enough IF you’re winning?

The answer?  

It’ll not stop til every. single. one. of. them. on. the. Left. is. dead.

There’s no leadership.
There’s no voice out there to cry “Hold!” and re-leash the Dogs of War so to speak…

It’ll keep going
and going
and going
and going
Until one side wins

And let me tell you, r/ourguys/ tend to be better armed, more angry and better trained.
You do your own maffs.

These idiots in charge?  They obviously are absolutely oblivious to these things, hence the empty retarded threats of Nukes and F-15s… they have NO IDEA what kind of beast they’re poking.  It literally is millions of heavily armed guys and gals who look, see ‘that one thing’ that finally pushes them over the edge, and they start killing
and killing
and killing

without a centralized Command and Control.  They’ll keep at it until they theyselves get kil’t OR they finally grow weary of trudging knee-deep through the blood of retards.

So, think on it…
I know I am
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Agreed BC. It’s coming and many of us can’t wait. From the local level up, they all need to go the way of the dodo. I like your full norko reference from awhile back.

  2. Matt Rosendale…CUCK. I called his office 1-2 months ago when Missoula agreed to bring this vibrant diversity to town, and told his staffer that this was a bad idea for all involved. The Pashtuns have the FATA in Pakistan, the Uzbeks have Uzbekistan, the Turkics have Turkmenistan, the Persian Tajiks have Tajikistan, the other Persians have Iran…the Hazara might be fucked but oh well. There are bordering countries where these people’s cousins live.
    The staffer assured me that they were all “thoroughly vetted,” but of course had no answer when I said “how and by whom?”
    And what do you know…you bring in Vibrant Enriching Diversity, you get Vibrantly Enriched by Diversity.
    Who wants to bet that this whore recants her story later at the behest of her fellow U of M purple haired cat ladies who meet for coffee at the Good Food Store every Tuesday?

  3. BC, best post ever on all accounts.

    I once worked in a maximum security prison, wont say where for safety reasons, its an amazing place, with amazing “rules”, i seen shit there that rivals shit I’ve seen in combat. Some days were even fun, thats all I’ll say. But yeah I hope goat fucker gets a reckoning one way or another.

    And yes, and yes on your Trump take and then some. Fuck that dude.

    Pots about to boil over. Chairs against the wall, and John has a long mustache.

    BTW, if “Rio Bravo” aint one of the best movies ever. Man, Angie Dickinson, knuckle bites…man about the only movie you ever see J.W. act like a doe in the headlights with A.D. Better times men, better times, reminiscing helps fuel the rage tank. Maybe its time to play the “de guello” song, all day till…

  4. Yep.
    So, just the other day (in SWFL), at the yard, I asked the dudes this question: “Let’s say you walk into Dollar General and there is some psycho turd getting squirrely and you’re eas’n down to yer IWB…How ya gonna tell whether it’s one of those Afganies or a run of the mill South American offloaded from a White Buss(TM)?” Their answer was “the nasty beards give ’em away.” Ok, look at the perp’s picture above…my point. Word is that they are down here in central FL, perhaps co-mingling outward. Indeed. Gonna be interesting if that shit escalates. Dudes down here don’t carry 380’s, they pack 454 casulls and think nothing of laying 25-06’s with cans across their hoods. Moar bacon grease sizing wax, bros…

  5. Being a bit of a traditionalist my thoughts lean towards pikes or pork enhanced ordnance for the mooslims, tires for the nogs, ice picks for the commies, gas for the… uhh, the cars, I need to top up the tank. Damn, almost stepped on that last one.

  6. Despity rejection of Malthusian limits, this rat in an overcrowded cage is dissatisfied with the results of the pandemic. If da’Rona had only killed half of the world pop we would still be crawling around with as many people as 1960? Maybe those guidestone guys vision isn’t so bad after all.

    We’ve all heard that same bravado, the same “we have the gunz”, and it’s painfully empty historically. Going John Wayne against the organization of the communists/socialists/globalization/Crowns forces has a shitty track record. Didn’t work for the Indian (feather or dot). Didn’t work for the Boer. Didn’t work for the lone wolf in Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, China, USSR, Cuba …… Weaver is only known because they wanted to make an example out of the family. TPTB could have just killed them all and released a “carbon monoxide kills family and one rescuer” statement.

    All of us are on a list, little more than a few holes in a punch card ready to be feed into the computer to come out with a new hole for “Deleted”. Your guns ain’t shit when even our government drops helicopters and fucktons of small arms with less effort than the neighbor’s dog left your lawn fertilized. You couldn’t empty a shipping container of AKs in an afternoon, but Antifa is waiting for that container so they can take them out for a hike in your neighborhood.

    No offense but reinforcement of the “We BAD” while getting our elections, jobs, schools, population, regulations, debt DIVERSIFIED’ (without lube prison style), is why Trump got a “fuck him and the vaccine he rode out on”.

    Rant over.

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