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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So been working -again- on getting ‘stuff’ done around here.  Took y’alls advice on the Lee resizer/decapper.  I soaked it in WD40, and then put it in a plastic bag.  Then it went into the freezer it went for an overnight.  Took it out this afternoon, put it in the vice, and hit the brass on the ass sticking out with the blowtorch.  Put the vice grips on it, and gave it a tug, and out it popped.  Well, I -did- have to whack it a bit to loosen it up… 

Wee bit of pounding Aye.

Got it out, and didn’t mushroom the top of the pin.  Now I have to wait til tomorrow to cut the brass with a Dremel and get rid of it.  We got GranBebe over and she’s in bed, so no Dremel work til she’s awake.
As you can see:

The base of the casing got chewed right the hell up.Whatever.  At least it’s off amiright?So, After getting that done, I made dinner, which was cold-cut subs, ham, turkey and bacon, on a toasted roll.  Heated up the meats and cheese as well.  Quite good… an old standby here in the Casa.  Only issue -I-had was mustard.As in “How the hell are we out of mustard?”  Damnedest thing… I literally, (I thought) that we had like 2-3 bottles of that stuff laying about.  In fact, there were so many at one point, and some of them were so old (XWife tended to buy on sale and stash as part of the prepper mindset) I had to shitcan some.  Guess I never realized just how much I had been utilizing.  Not a biggy… just surprised me.

Now then, it was time to do the ‘quiet time’ stuff… namely working on Dude’s AR-10.I was able to get almost the entire lower done but the front pivot pin.  That sumbitch is a pain.

Looking dead-sexy Aye?

I’m thinking I have to get myself one on those ‘grip wraps’.  Soft n grippy.  Got it somewhere… it adds to the standard grip quite nicely.  As you can see, Extra-thick recoil pad installed, and the buffer is that Kynshot hydraulic that everyone was talking about on the boards… Have to see when I test fire it.Now, only thing I found out new today was goin over the invoices, seems that the trigger assembly is nickel-boron, not stainless steel.  Makes sense for what I paid for it…

It breaks like -glass- when I pull it.  VERY nice addition to what’s shaping up to be a hell of a weapon.  Wifey’d kill me if I try to buy, build or do anything over-and-above that which I’ve already done… Can’t say I blame her.  TBH, I’m addicted to the build and the process.
There are definitely worse things to be into right?
So, Off to bed, it’s late and I’m tired
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  1. Off topic but have you seen Garrison Keiller editorial “A modest proposal to save the Republic ” Its on his website READ before they memory hole it.

    Are we at CHOOSE ONE:

    Work will make you free

    The IDF Vow at Masada Never Again

  2. Thanks BCE, I’m really regretting not building one of mine in FDE now. But daaamn, $150 for a buffer!?!? That thing better be the best thing since sliced bread for that price. Love the grip though, where’d that come from?

  3. You can use the collet to grip the expander pin, except sticking up instead of down. Once it’s held securely you can pull the case off the pin with pliers and then put the die back together right.

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