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More from the front lines of “the Stupid” vis-a-vis the Coronachan “Cure”… seems that they’re all pushing the mRNA genetic ‘fix’ for this thing.. two flavors donchaknow?  95% “cure” rate…
When the hell has –anything– ever been that good that was thrown together that quickly in a lab?  I mean we’ve been ‘supposedly’ working on a ‘cancer cure’ for what?  To the tune of trillions of dollars in research and decades of time spent?  
And now you wanna tell me, that in two fucking months plus or minus, you cobbled together a ‘fix’ for what pretty much is a really bad common flu bug?
From Charles Hugh Smith’s blog HERE:
“Take 100 politicians, authorities and Big Pharma executives, give them two doses of vaccine and then have them serve 4-hour shifts in a crowded ward of severely ill Covid patients for a week, without any masks or protective gear. In other words, expose them to sustained, intimate contact with patients with severe cases of Covid, spending hours every day in a soup of virus.

If 100 people took the measles vaccine, would they hesitate to expose themselves to measles patients? No, because the measles vaccine is close to 100% effective. If the politicians and Big Pharma executives refused to participate in this trial, that would tell us all we really need to know about the effectiveness of their Covid vaccine.”

And how man.  To quote Captain Willard in “Apocalypse Now”: “Oh man… the bullshit piled up so fast in Vietnam, you needed wings to stay above it.”  Same goes for anything and everything anyone in “authority” is telling us, is going to tell us, or has even told us in the past few years.  It’s ALL Bullshit.
That’s the biggest takeaway from all this.
The complete loss of faith in any and every institutional foundation, be it corporate or governmental.
Literally the pillars have cracked, and the retards pushed ’em over, all without thinking about the long-term damage to our society.  I mean they’ve been so short sighted for so long.

Apparently no one has learned from past mistakes

Which means we as a whole are going to suffer.
We were told ‘diversity is good!’ 
Which we believed until our ‘colorful’ neighbors raped our daughters and/or robbed our house
We were told that justice is ‘fair and balanced’
And we believed THAT pile of shytte until Kyle Rittenhouse is –still- in Jail, but the guy who pulled a gun on him, who’s a prohibited person, got off scott fucking free… as well as alllll the AntiFa Creeps who’ve been released and not charged.
They lie to us, and we eat it.  
Choke it down
Mainly because we have too much to lose
But that, sadly is coming to a close
I’m getting to the point where my comfort isn’t going to matter, and jail?
Shit… I spent 10 days in county until Sapper figured out where I was, and let me tell you, I had –no issues– in there… the other fucking cons were terrified of the monster-sized former mercenary-with-a-kill-count…  hell, the Correctional Occifers didn’t want nuthin’ to do with me.
And it’s getting to the point that hey, no more taxes… free health care… shit… 3 hots and a cot?
Wifey’d be pissed
For the grandbebes to grow up free and not fully enslaved?
I’ma have to think on this hard.
So more later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Let's fill a full wing of that gulag. People who have been in presiding overseas line up to get in a USA hoosegow.

  2. Well stated, as always, thanks!

    As others have said above, there’s a crap ton of others “thinking hard” on this with you!

  3. april 19th-ish has a way of repeating itself in history. winter's over, crops are planted. good weather to take care of bidness. jus sayin.

  4. Joe Biden and the STILL tells us to UNITE and to HEAL– — as their Poster Child Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for making a lists of people they intend to destroy, treating Trump and his supporters as if they were Domestic Terrorists and wishing death to all his family. And calling us Republicans “Sycophants”…
    This is exactly what was done in the 20th century in the United States it was called a BLACKLIST denying employment to professionals believed to be Communists sympathizers. They were also denied employment because of their beliefs.

    So let me tell you now, NOW that our current President t is trying to exercise his right to question a RIGGED election, If anyone thinks with Biden’s winning that the Left intend to forgive and forget, to heal and unite, they are a fool—- people forget why they voted for Trump four years ago, and with Biden and Harris, they think that all of a sudden their going to Change the way that those animals in the streets were beating up old ladies and destroying, and upsetting a peaceful demonstration!. The Only Healing and Uniting the Left intend is for you to accept Biden’s winning and MOVE ON, forget any hope of living without them running your life, and that even if you WANTED to Unite and Heal, THEY WON’T LET YOU “UNITE” they want these riots, and Protests. They want the economy to tank .And they want you to believe that it all Trump’s fault.
    I was glued to to the TV the other night. Why? Not because I wanted to watch Dancing with the Stars, or some stupid “Funny Video” about Cats, and people falling…. No, but because of all the violence I saw in DC when the Sun when down, and Night fell that night. I saw almost every video that was posted, whether of couples and parents with children or of minorities and elderly people being attacked, and Sucker Punched, by JOE BIDEN’S SUPPORTERS. All innocent people who came to protest a Stolen Election. I watched as nobody on the left condemned this behavior. I watched as law enforcement did literally nothing to stop the violence, instead, the Mayor’s, and Governors of these States let their States, and our nation’s capital become a hellhole.
    With Antifa, marching around Shouting that “America was NEVER Great”!

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