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Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
Got me some mail today that was highly unexpected.

People’s Liberation Army Main Field Ration #3

Beef Flied Lice.
Leastways that’s what it’s supposedly/theoretically supposed to be
Now, the reasoning for the unexpected aspect is I ordered this thing 3 jobs ago.  Like in March
To the point that I got in contact with the seller and got my money $34, back.
I mean talk about slow boat to/from China but come on

Sorry it ain’t clearer.

Dunno why but that side doesn’t want to play nice.  As you can see, it’s got the basic instructions and whatnot.  Weighs in at about a pound and a half, maybe 3/4?  The envelope is a bit tougher than the Polish MRE I reviewed a ways back, but not near as burly as the Russian all-day rat.
The Polish:

Polish Field Meal # 2, Beef and Buckwheats with Tyrolean Stew (whatever the fuck that is)

Now, yeah, this’s Polack Meal #2 (not the meal number, but the taste-test number) with the one I did a ways back being Beef with Pasta Bolognese.  And Holy. Shit.  I’ll take a Polish Beef n Pasta over ‘Murican MRE sketties and beef sauce –anyday-  Fucking only thing that sucked ass and broke teeth was the fucking crackers.
I sent some to Phil for him to gum to death as a gift.  Hope you enjoyed ’em man.
And then, Sapper got me a Rooskie MRE… now THIS fucking thing

Almost six pounds!!!!

Three full meals in it.  And enough crackers to either use as bulletproofing, or choke a goat.

The Rooskie MRE, more like “Daily Feed” is chock-a-block FULL of Rooskie goodness.

Now, granted, I want to do an ‘opening’ sort of poast, BUT
These have secondary uses.
As I said before
The fibbies and local Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo to those who don’t know Der Cherman) is going to eventually get ‘involved’ in whatever hijinks you, me and any other folks of like-minded individuals may be playing at.  
Say shooting out the power transformers that control like ALL the cities that fucked over Trump
Think Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroitistan, Chicongo and the like
Think “Metcalf Sniper Attack” sort of thing.
Google it
17 Power Stations hit with 7.62×39 (Russian ammo, meaning AKs)
Blackout central.
Starve them for power.
Now, the key here is to do this in a way that, by my screen play, is that you want them running around like chikinz with their heads cut off.  One way is to do the following:
Police up some spent 7.62x54R Russian brass.. or even 7.62x39mm brass… the guys who hit Metcalf left brass behind… however, it’s never been mentioned if the AK was actually used
They only found brass, sans fingerprints on-site
Considering just -how professional- this hit was, I’d be curious if the slugs they got matched the brass
In my ‘Umble Opinion, Rooskie x39mm does have -some- penetrating power, but not much over distance.  Seeings how quiet they’ve been about the whole thing and ‘memory holing it’ I’d wonder… b/c I’m me Aye?
See, a .30 cal bullet is a .30 cal bullet.
That’s .308., 7.62x51mm, it’s also .30-ought-06, and .300 Blackout.  LOTS of .30 boolits out there that could have done the job.  And considering, depending on the boolit used, it tends to ‘blows up’ (i.e. expands and deforms enough) it’s hard to say what  was actually used.  I know, I know… modren forensickles and shyyte, but stick with me here and don’t troll.
IF you left some Russian 7.62x54R (rimmed long assed Russian Mosin Nagant round and or Dragunov rounds) on the A.O. along with say
Chinese Ration Wrappers
Russian MRE Wrappers
Polish MRE Wrappers
(all suitably wiped down to prevent fingerpaint tracing)
The Feds and the Rest of the assholes are gonna focus on
“Was it the PLA?”
“Why the fuck do the Polacks want in on this?”
Shytte like that only helps in doing the do to them before they can undo to you.
And if’n yer worried about being traced?
Well, make sure EVERYONE you know orders some.
Too much info = info overload.
Fuck ’em.
It’s a somewhat half-assed plan, but, as the man sez when they come for you: “Prove it.”
And, then another tactic to ‘lay the pain’…
Long Distance Trucks hauling foodstuffs…

Like dis

See… the whole point to keeping it ‘civil’ right now is not to inflict casualties
We need the ‘hearts n minds’ before we put the boot up ye olde arsehole Aye?
Right now?  By me screenplay, we’re in the opening gambit
This can be done with –minimal exposure
Like say setting up 4 snipers, on the ring road of Interstate 495 outside of Washington District of Criminals… called the “D.C. Beltway”…with the mission of tagging as many food truck haulers tires as possible

Flat Tires = No Delivery
Also, once the truck is -stopped-, the proper utilized Armor Piercing Ammunition in the engine block adds to the cost…  I figure after 40-50 serious truck ‘incidents’, the truckers are gonna say “Fuck y’all AND yer food” and the cities shortly thereafter will start chewing themselves apart like a rabid wolf eating it’s own entrails.
Especially the independents.
Corporations might keep it up, but I figger after 40-50 Wally World Trucks get A) Tires blown out, and then B) Engines get blown the fuck out after the fact, the Truckers in general are going to say “Nein” “Nichts” and “Sayonnara Fuckers”
Hey, it ain’t perfect, but it’s a possible plan that’s completely independent and decentralized

I mean there’ve been “highways snipers” for years…
How many have actually been caught?
Outside of one or two, Malvo and Lee, “The D.C. Snipers”, the only one I can find is the Ohio dude who killed a bunch of people… killing folks generates a new level of policing… go for the trucks… no one cares if the trucks get killed…
The “D.C. Snipers” only got caught b/c Joe Cit-Tye-Zen was on the ball and saw something he reported…
A ghillied motherfucker with a good long gun times four?
Shooting tires first, 
Then engine blocks?
Not so much
Leave no trace
Leave no brass
Kill trucks until the food runs out
Let the Truckers strike
Because, God Knows, they sure as fuck will
At which point, they’ll have to go Full Retard

And then we can too

More Later, Comment as you will, Trolls will be shot on sight, and THANK YOU for the Birfday Wishes.  I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. If you study any amount of murder cases you learn a couple things really quickly, fist most are between people with a personal connection, second it often takes repeated offenses to have enough info for an investigation. For us that says something really obvious and easy, one; go outside your area, i.e. don't take out anyone you in your local news. Two; shoot once and go home for good, sure, we would all love to slaughter all these f'n pinkos but the fact is if every one of us put one .30 cal round to the chest of one of these SOBs and then went cold it would be over by the end of the week.

  2. Well, hypothetically of course.

    Have extensive experience with trucks and food service. All food service trucks come out of a central warehouse. (sysco, US Foods, McLane, etc). There's usually one of each "brand" per major metro area. All the trucks go in and out of those warehouses pretty much every day. (and most food service trucks refill at night. i.e. they leave the warehouse at 7pm or so and are back before most people open up. But food service just does restaurants and industrial type foods (cafeterias, etc).

    hypothetically of course, the real danger to the population is in grocery warehouses. Again, each grocery chain (wal mart, kroeger, safeway, whatever) has usually one (sometimes two, one dry, one frozen) warehouse for any major metro area. They receive truckload trucks in all day (this truck is totally full of lettuce, this truck is totally full of pampers), put it all away and then pick it all for the trucks going outbound, again usually leave night time, so the stores restock overnight. Grocery stores have ZERO backrooms. it comes in off the truck and goes right to the shelf. Even a one day malfunction in a warehouse (or weather or whatever) empties the store out. And it's all planned out weeks in advance. "one truck every day of pampers up to 1.5 trucks every day in January" (or something). It's not something that can be changed on the fly. (same reason everything ran out in march). Wouldn't take much disruption, even a minor snowstorm, to shut down pretty much all the grocery stores in the area. Inbound and outbound.

    Also fuel trucks. There are only a few refineries and/or tank farms in any one area. And those trucks go out every day, 1 to 5 trips per day filling up gas stations. A big busy truck stop for example takes 5 to 10 trucks of diesel PER DAY. A busy gas station can take 2 to 4 trucks of gasoline PER DAY. Oh sure, the refinery is all secure and they all card in and out. But full semi trucks take a while to get up to speed. Refineries are ALWAYS in industrial areas, industrial areas ALWAYS have railroad crossings. And hazmat trucks (i.e trucks full of fuel) have to stop at every RR crossing. Industrial areas don't have many houses or people in them except working folk.

    new trucks are full of complex emissions crap. all over, and nobody understands it and it breaks all the time and trucks can be down for weeks while they try and figure out and get parts and so forth. it's also very expensive. a $20,000 emissions repair can be quite common. And the truck's computer will shut it down if the emissions equipment isn't working. All big trucking companies don't have trucks to spare. Too expensive just to sit. Maybe 1 or 2 unassigned trucks per 100 working trucks. And many big companies are all slip seat (i.e. one driver drives that truck at night and one driver drives the same tractor during the day).

    most trucks and trailers of any size company do contain GPS trackers and they know where that truck/trailer is all the time. It's not 100% working but close enough. FedEx Ground probably has 50,000 trailers and they know where 49,000 plus of them are at any one time. So they are harder to steal.

  3. Or. You could go down to the "Party Central" store and buy a dozen mylar helium balloons that read Happy First Birthday and make sure they have really long metallic streamers, say 100 yards long and release them up wind of the transmissions line that feed said target cities.
    If you dial the bouyancy thing in this works well to float into that same substation shorting out all sorts of stuff.

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