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Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes!
Lotsa folks wanted to know more about the ‘wunderchair’ we got Pops.  The link is HERE 

And yeah, if’n you do go and buy it thru that link, I get a taste…”wetting the beak” as the mob calls it.

So, the whole “stupid games” continues.  Dunno which way it’s gonna go, BUT I’m getting even MOR prepped.  Found a Marine Reservist who was selling some MREs on Fecesbook Marketplace.  BRAND NEW MREs.  Like the inspection date is like a year from now, and we worked a deal-deal.  2 cases, $50 a piece, and when we met up, he threw me a partial case missing 2, for a freebie.  We got to talking and apparently he gets 6-8 cases a month on drill.
Guess where 3 of them are headed from here on out?
I mean for the price?  Hell yeah.  I now have a metric fuckton of the foods stashed.
Which is better than NOT having a stash.
Now, as far as “stupid”, the stores here are still good to go far as I can tell.
No shortages YET but an interesting thing was my ham.
LONG before this shit started I hit Costco, and bought me a Applewood Smoked Honey Carver ham.  Paid about $2 a pound for it.  Threw it in the deep freeze as I was gonna save it for this very occasion.  I’m a planner, and yeah I do things like getting the stuff off season and deep freezing it til needed.
Well, went out to get it out, and looked at the label.  4.5 pounds.  I paid like 10 bux for it.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the local market is selling it at like $4 a pound. On Sale.  

It’s that quiet creeping inflation that you -don’t- see until you do, so to speak.  Apparently the pork shortage is out there and real.
I figure the toilet paper dumbassery will start here eventually.  Lots of my friends all over the country said that they’re seeing ‘runs’ on that stuff again.  Vermont has no more poo-paper.  Leastways two friends in two totally different A.O.s have reported that. Opposite sides of the state that is.  New Hampshire is seeing shortages reported as well.
Chinese Curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

Now, as far as the election/selection.  Not sure how thats gonna play…HOWEVER One thing I’ve noticed is the ‘doubling down’ on the masking bullshit.  The general consensus was that post-election, IF PedoJoe really won (odds of that 5 biiiiiillyun to one) then we’d see the CoronaChan Crap slowly fade out.
Now? Not so much.  Lockdown lockdown lockdown is the mantra.
Of course, only where the Commies are holding power naturally.
I’m not sure, but a hunch sez they’re doing it b/c PedoJoe didn’t win and that the other reason is IF they keep trying to steal this shit, they want to be able to make it hard for people to have movement.  Free movement is the bane of the FedGov’s existence.  
And another tactic for y’all:  License Plates.

Now not that I’d ever encourage someone to do something illegal

Perish the thought.
BUT on Ebay, for about $200 you can get used plates from all 50 states.
Strictly for your man-cave and artsy-crafty shytte Aye?
Seeings the lockdowns are gonna start in earnest again, travelling through a state, having some “camoflage” might be the way to go.  Of course your vehicle has to be in top shape (no blown lights/bulbs etc) and you gotta make yer own registration sticker, BUT far be it that I suggest anything untoward like that.  A color printer and clear packing tape BTW does wonders.  Make sure you go to the intarwhebz to look at each states sticker and plate to make sure they’re current and appropriately colored/made/sized. 
Also make sure you are staying at the appropriate speed limits as well, and for fucks sakes, don’t change the plate out where you can be seen or on camera.  Like don’t go into the rest area and change ’em out.  Think behind a building just off the highways.  And look to make sure there’s no surveillance/security cameras.  I know, a bit of common sense goes a long way.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Common sense is always in short supply.

    Would not mind getting some mres as well

    Here in the middle we have no poo paper to be found. Also Wally looked like the horde had hit it. Rameennoodles and some other like stuff was gone

  2. Only problem I see with the plate plan is that every cruiser in my AO leaves the bar code scanner running (excop buddy). Not sure what the range on those is, but there's no longer such a thing as a casual glance at a plate. Every single car that gets a cruiser behind it, even for a moment, gets scanned.

  3. If TP is already scarce in your area (it's plentiful in mine, but I'm stocking in case) get ready. Buy up flour, yeast, any canning supplies, wax & freezer paper–think about what became made of unobtanium last time, & proceed accordingly.
    I'm waiting to see how ham goes. Here, pork is still available, although more expensive. Usually, post-Christmas, hams go on sale for about $1.99/lb, and I buy about 25 lbs or so, sliced into 1-1.25" steaks (on the smoker 'til they're falling apart, & you've got good eating!). I'm betting they either won't be there or will be at a price that isn't worth it. You folks in feral-hog-heavy states, load up!
    Hmm, I have a buddy in Alabama, & they've got lots of feral pigs….
    –Tennessee Budd

  4. The Shanghai Shivers will be an "issue" for as long as it is politically useful. It's a convenient method to keep the sheep scared and distracted. They carp on the PLANNEDEMIC to keep people's attention while they commit all manner of atrocities off screen.

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