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Not fuck-all going on ’round here today… Nor anywhere else that I can see.  A very surprisingly slow news week that I can tell, besides the hroo-hroo of the Prince and the Nog…  Apparently the divide on that one is ‘Murica jumping on the whole ‘bash the Royals b/c racism’ or something, while I think if the Half-Blood Princess-wannabe sets foot in Jolly Olde, she’s gonna get taken to the Tower of London for a good old fashioned haircut… about 12 inches off the top.  Of her neck.  Leastways thats the way I’d do it if I were Da King.

I mean, lets face it.THAT is just what our Oligarchs want apparently.

They want to be Kings.

They already feel that they’re our “betters” by dint of being rich, or members of the “Lucky Sperm Club”… be it by birth (like traditional Royalty) or by inheritance (like the Gettys) they, because of the fact that they have waaaaaaaaaay more money than the rest of us, that they feel better than us.

Let me disabuse them of that concept.  Leastways I’ll tell y’all my itty-bitty perspective on things.  I mean part and parcel of the failure over the long term of the Monarchies in Europe from waaaaaaay back in the day was inbreeding.  Same shit is going on Ye Olde House of Saud.  Bunch of inbred motherfuckers, literally breeding halfwits, dimwits, mental defectives and out-and-out morons.

And it’s happening here too.  In fact, look at the bloodlines (when you can trace them… they like to keep all that shit on the down-low) but case in Point: Pelosi and Newsome are related, they’re ALL interrelated.  And the newer generation?  Dumb as a box of fucking rocks, no insult intended to Rocks.  The consolidation of money and power tends to ‘keep it in the family’ as seem by the near-obvious propensity of the new “First Fambly”… Uncle Hunter seems to have fucked all the wimmenz in the fam, to include the underage ones, and if he hasn’t banged them, it’s not for a lack of trying. Then, who knows what perversions old Slo Gropey Joe has done?  I’m sure there are stories that we haven’t even had even the slightest hint of… and my rationale for that id if what we saw… the tiny glimpse of old Hunter’s antics are any indicator, that family has some serious sexual deviancy problems, top to bottom. 

Sniff any good kids there lately, ya Taterbrained Pedo?

Now, bear in mind, I personally don’t care about the Royals and all the shytte going on… one commenter was like “don’t waste your time!” and normally, I concur.  HOWEVER:  The Art of Intelligence is to be open to all sources.  What they tell you can make a wider view of what and how things are going.  I scan as much as I can, both for content here, (grist for my mill so to speak) and also to gain a wider societal view.  “Know thy Enemy” is the ancient quote.  In doing so, you can attempt to get an idea of the patterns of behavior.  Now this current hroo-hroo… part of my takeaway is just what I said before… she, the Half-Blood is a deader… they just haven’t decided on the “how/where/when” yet.  I mean this’s the Royal Family… ask Mary, Queen of Scots, and Anne Boleyn how pissing off the Sovereign worked out for them?  And those who say “But Big Country, this’s modern times, they don’t do that anymore!”


Suuuuuuuure they don’t.  Yer gonna tell me that The Queen, most beloved Monarch in like centuries doesn’t have someone in her rolodex, Former SBS, Former SAS, completely and utterly loyal to her personally, who wouldn’t mind doing “Mum” a ‘bit o’service’?  Hah.  Man, the few Brit Marines I knew in Iraq?  Fucking weird to hear the whole “God and Queen” thing… it’s foreign to us as a country and as a people, as we did ostensibly tell the Royals to LOLGFDIAF back in the day.  We don’t have that whole “being in Awe and Thrall” to the Sovereign.  Which, IMO is a good thing.

However, Methinks personally, if Bill Gates could get away with it?
That pencil-necked geek’d have a Golden Crown on his nugget faster than lightspeed and proclaim his Awesomeness to the World, and demand the usual bowing and scraping and “by your leave Sire” from us mere peasants.

‘Cos that sure as shit how they view us.

A true story from the Past.  When I was a Wee Country, fair to middlin sized, DeadDad took a sabbatical from his job as Ye Learned Professor of High Learning, and took the fam on a year long ‘research’ trip to Europe.  I was, I believe ’round 12… I remember watching the first Space Shuttle mission, April 12, 1981 with Crippen and Young flying.  A really big deal at the time as we were, as part of our journey, staying in the Austria Alps, in a little town called Mondsee.  T.V.s in that A.O. at the time were psycho-crazy rare and expansive.  We watched the launch, start to finish, on a 12 inchBlack-and-White.  While there, I attended the Volkschule for about 3 months, starting on my journey of the love of travelling, especially on other people’s dime.  

That particular trip, I was in WEST Germany, SAW East Germany and the fence/wall, as well as like ALL the NATO Countries.  We couldn’t cross the border to any Warsaw Pact nations as DeadDad used to be DotMil Intelligence with like a for-real sky-high super secret squirrel clearance, and even though he had been out almost 15-20 years, his former C.O. called him (they all were a tight unit and stayed friends after the Army naturally) after the KGB had released him… apparently he tried to cross the West to East German Border, and he ‘pinged’ on their radar, so no Warsaw Pact for us… but anyways, I digress.  

The person and location we stayed at was an honest to God Countess’s house.  The title was “Gräfin” and maaaaan you knew she was a Countess.  Loong Story Short: MomUnit’s Dad, Grandpa had a best friend who was German.  His wife was the Countess’s sister, so that how the connection was for us.  We stayed for 3 months.  The town?  Mondsee was reeeeeeeally quiet back then.  GORGEOUS Bucolic isolated Lake Village in the Alps… which was also where “The Sound of Music” was filmed.  Beautiful place.  And back then, no shit?  The Countess owned like the entire town.  Her Ancestor had been granted allllllllllllll the land for crushing a Peasant Uprising under Napoleon.  No Bullshit:  This was the place I lived in as a kid for 3 months…

It’s now a cultural Arts center apparently.

That’s the view from up on the hill, looking down on the main haus and the Barn, which is now a Modern Arts Museum.  If you want to see what it looks like now as opposed when it was a normal living place, the link is  Pretty damned fancy-shmancy.  And man, you can tell.  I mean a pad like that?  In Europe?  The mortgage on a place like that is measured generationally.  And the Countess?  Man… the locals did everything but bow and courtesy in front of her.  And she saw them the same way.  What was very telling though was my re-visit in 1994 93? When I was on Active Duty?

No more mentioning the titles.

Austria had gone Socialist and apparently the title, while retained was strengstens verboten.

Now, tell that to our wannabe-Royalty.  Eventually the Left eats it’s own.  Even Oligarchs. And Royalty.  Which is what’s going on right now with the Hroo-Hroo.  Leastways on this side of the pond.  My hopes is that the backlash towards wokeism and especially Hollyweird Wokeism, a particularly virulent flavor of the Pozz as Heartiste calls it, will be slowed, if not stopped by the actions of the Halfbreed.  The Brits tend to lead the US in trends.  Music, clothing, trends in general start there and come ‘across the pond’ after about 2-3 months.  Saw it myself with Lady Gaga… British Armed Forces Radio was blaring her ass nonstop on the radio in Baghdad as the #1 hit in England.  I went on R&R and had a couple of her tracks on my MP3 player.  No one here had even heard of her.  Punk Rock in the 70’s was the same thing.

Hopefully the backlash on the Attack on the Royals will spark a big pushback against Hollyweird Woke.  Not -much- of a chance, but hey, here’s hoping.  Got a hunch if the whole bunch of them end up with a bad case of the ‘deads’ after 6-12 months, it’ll be a bit more assured that some shit’s gonna go away.

I mean if the Queen calls for someones head, the only question is “How do you want it removed your Majesty?”

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